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History of the Order of the White Moon

The Order of the White Moon began when Luna Blanca opened The White Moon School of the Feminine Divine in May of 1999. Luna was inspired when her sister became interested in Goddess Spirituality and asked for a reading list. This was the spark that ignited the creation of The White Moon School of the Feminine Divine.

In the summer of 2000 the first gathering was held. Women completed Level III, which was the highest level at the time, and initiations were held at the first gathering. In 2000 the first sister school was opened and began passing White Moon teachings face-to-face.

In 2001 the High Priestess Council was formed and a separate discussion list was created with six High Priestesses. We were beginning to grow and a vision for the future was taking form.

In 2002 the Order grew and expanded. The training was extended to include Level IV, with additional materials for High Priestesses studying for ordination. Rowen opened The Shining Crescent, which offered White Moon Teachings to men. We also held our second gathering, which then became an annual event.

In 2003 Kerritwyn opened the second affiliated order, The Rainbow Moon, which offers White Moon teachings to transgendered people and their female partners, and The Shining Crescent expanded to offer teachings to men, women, and couples. The Traditions of The Order of the White Moon were formally adopted and approved. The Order officially became a 501(c)3 non-profit religious corporation in December of 2003, thanks to the generous financial support of our members and most especially our Charter Members who embraced the vision of The Order of the White Moon.

In 2004, we began offering ordination to Level IV graduates of any Order of the White Moon affiliated school. Several High Priestesses began offering short courses and also began opening on-line schools offering White Moon teachings (www.orderwhitemoon.org/schools).

2005 was a year of change for the Order when Luna announced she would be retiring from the Order of the White Moon and retiring The White Moon School, which began our history, in May of 2006.

In 2006 we held our first election to nominate and elect our first President and other officers, forming the Board to continue the Order's work. The members worked together to create a foundation and network of sisters dedicated to supporting the mission of the order.

Since then, more High Priestesses have been ordained and opened branch schools, offering White Moon teachings for self-empowerment as the Order continues to grow and evolve.