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The Goddess Brighid: Tending Her Sacred Flame


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"Brighid of the Hearth" by Mickie Mueller



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A Level 1 Final Project For The Sacred Three Goddess School


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 “My strength and power are unlimited; my flame eternal.” ~

My Brighid Affirmation


Goddess Brighid has come to me in a very difficult time.  I have lost myself, and She has come to help me tend and keep my Sacred Fire within. This is a very raw and personal project. Please enjoy my journey with Brighid.


Brighid is the Celtic Goddess of transformation, healing, creative inspiration, and divination. Fire is Her element; however, many wells in Ireland are sacred to Brighid as well.


Brighid’s sacred fire is threefold: flame of healing, flame of creative inspiration, and flame of hearth and smithy; transformation.


Her priestesses in Her temple at Cille Dara would tend Her sacred fire for 19 days, while Brighid would tend it the 20th day (1). 


I have not tended to my own sacred fire. I have let the embers of my essence be snuffed out and controlled by others. I have let my power be taken from me quite willfully and for that, I have been ashamed.  


Brighid has sparked something in me, and I am ready for my sacred journey to myself: my essence, my flame.


 Sacred Flame painting by Moonlit Birch

(Picture of my Sacred Flame painting: Original Artwork)


The Three-Fold Fire of Brighid ~


Fire in the forge that shapes and tempers,

Fire in the cauldron that nourishes and heals, and

Fire in the head that incites and inspires.


Brighid Talisman


Brighid Talisman from Eclectic Enchantments


My 20 Day ritual to get back on track, tend your fire and honor Brighid.


What you need:


 Brighid candle (any candle large enough to last for 20 days).


Flexibility, an open heart, and courage.


Make this journey your own.  I was drawn to a dark pink candle, so I chose it to be my Brighid candle. I started with an opening to begin the journey, and after that, I let my fire, intuition, and Brighid guide me.  You do not need to light the candle for very long either, remain adaptable and forge on.  Your meditation and ritual will evolve into something healthy and nurturing for you.


 Brighid Sowing Spring

Brighid Sowing Spring by Gael Kitty


These are my 20 days:


For 20 days I tended my fire.  I lit a candle in honor of Brighid, and drew a tarot card (using the Motherpeace tarot deck) to spark my intuition and let Her guide me. These are my journal entries of those 20 days.


Day 1:  Oh Brighid, Goddess of the sacred fire, I promise to tend your flame and be open to receiving your guidance and wisdom on how to tend my own flame, for standing up for what I believe is right, my authentic self and inner wisdom. Thank you for all your guidance so far and whatever will happen in these next 20 days.  Through your fire of transformation, fire of inspiration, and fire of healing. So mote it be.


Tarot Card: Shaman of cups—In Her temple doing Her work, mask is a false identity so no one knows who She really is. She is emotional and vulnerable, sea creatures protect Her, the ocean gives Her comfort, the cauldron is Her sanctuary.


*How much I can relate to this! Starting my own work as a priestess to Brighid and my own internal cauldron!


Day 2: Today I ask Brighid to help me find my path; I feel San Francisco is the way to go.  I want to be closer to my family.  I miss and cherish them, yet I can still have my freedom.  I want to do better for my internship and better for myself.  A Master of Arts in Museum Studies! A sweeping visual came to me of herstory throughout the ages! (I felt very inspired and filled with creativity!)


Tarot card: 6 of discs (to the left)—I may not know of an outlet for what I have to give. I think it is still forming…as I heal as I heal more it becomes clearer, and I know Brighid is helping me.  The Goddess is giving me inspiration.


Day 3: I skipped a day L  I am still trying to find the balance in all of this.  I know a spiritual routine is essential, but to balance work with social life, and with the fact that it is super hard for me to wake up in the morning, is still all coming together slowly. But I am trying so… compassion, compassion, compassion!


Day 4: I am here.  I am present.  I do not need to defend my position or the way I do things.  My flame is my own and unique.  I am the only one who can extinguish my flames, and I choose not to.  My strength and power are unlimited; my flame eternal.


Tarot card: 7 of wands—High Priestess is defending her position. She is in the center holding her staff. They look like amazons.


Day 5: I feel pretty weak and pathetic.  How can I miss a guy who made me feel so inadequate sometimes?  Why do I feel I need a guy to feel whole, even though the outcome is always the same?  I never feel whole, just always insecure and crazy.  Obviously this whole being together with one guy after the other is not working and hasn’t been.  I miss home, my dad, the cold weather, my nieces and nephew, Margaret.  I want to be closer to them.  I need to make an effort to reach out to them more.  My fears hold me back.  But, I need to seek love and family within as well. Oh Goddess guide me, my heart is wounded.


Tarot Card: The Magician (on the left side)—lacking confidence; my energy and will is being held back—that is me in a nutshell right now.



Brighid Fire Enclosed


Brighid Fire Enclosed, Wren O’Neil



Day 6: I am balanced.  I love myself.  I honor and love the beauty of Gaia.  I looked at my tarot card today and my intuition was pretty good and accurate before I looked at the meaning.  This routine is actually nice.  I honor goddess within and without; I honor Brighid, Her fiery strength is helping me.  I am practicing/honing my intuition and getting to know my Motherpeace tarot cards, and this time I practiced my energy projections.  I should also practice more grounding/earth meditations and sit in silence more.  And, set a time and stick with it as much as possible.


Tarot card: Priestess of Cups—She is dreamy, intuitive, balanced and in harmony with her emotions.  She is one with the moon (full moon) and her gentleness brings her abundance and her animal guides (particularly sea creatures).  However, it was reversed and it so happens to be that I do feel rather lost and lonely, and am feeling needy and dependent on others.  I am not without hope, though, because I am trying, and taking it all upon myself, and, with help from Brighid, finding my way through the fog.


*It seems the tarot picks up on my energy and emotions and so far the cards I’ve drawn all have in common, confusion, lack of confidence, loneliness, power, ability and the lack thereof.  Hopefully in these next 20 days they will transform to more positive ones as I continue to tend my fire.


Day 7: I decide to do this when I first wake up, but I must be careful with my matches…hee hee.  I ground myself and work on energy projection, which I feel like I have a little more focus for—I only do it for about 5 to 10 minutes, but if I do it every day and it all adds up. I then try to focus on intuition skills by drawing another tarot card.  I guess I assume a reversed position is negative but I am wrong about this card.  Thank you Brighid for more focus and dedication!


Tarot Card: 5 of Discs (reversed)—her obstacles are not overriding her life and she is finding new pathways to work for her and help her.  I can definitely say that for myself! I am not settling into my old habits with relationships and am creating a spiritual routine as a new healthy habit. (Upright) She is worried about survival, money issues…I can relate to that now too, being fully independent and trying to make ends meet for the first time!


Day 8: He tries to show up on the scene again with a text message.  I am a Goddess and I know I deserve better and will not back down; I will stay strong as Brighid suggested.  A part of me is glad he caved in, possibly him feeling regret or guilt makes me feel better, even though I know that’s not nice or right.  Last night I did send him love and prayed to Goddess for him, so maybe he felt that?  Anyway, it has distracted me today.  It was hard to focus on my energy projections.  I lit up my charkas as suggested by Ellen Dugan in Natural Witchery  and grounded myself under a willow tree in my meditation.  I think I will focus on my Goddess studies today though.  I am so excited to share this project with my sisters at OWM!


Tarot Card: 8 of Discs (upright)—four women working on their crafts, being productive, sharing their work.  I am starting to find more meaning in my daily life and my Goddess path now that I am ritually focusing on it daily. It is definitely evolving and becoming more personal, meaningful and valuable to me! Thank you Goddess! I love you!


Day 9: I am sleepy!  Maybe waking up and doing this first thing in the morning is not always a good idea.  Maybe I will do it later, but it is hard to focus when my roommates are out and about and not sleeping.  I like it to be private.  Fall is coming up and I am excited.  I have a lot of crochet projects I want to do—I owe that to Brighid and her fire of inspiration!  I have blankets, and scarves, and headbands, and toys I want to do for everyone!  I will have to make a list!  I also need to focus on grad programs and make a list of those too.  I have a lot to do these days and need to prioritize very, very soon! Thank you Brighid! Continue to give me motivation!


Tarot Card: 2 of Swords (to the left)—Still not have found balance, she is learning to stand on one leg while swinging her swords—BALANCE is so key. I am seeking balance in my life and I know I am learning and growing and trying! Plant my feet firmly on the ground while still letting myself explore the sky.


Affirmation: I am balanced in all aspects of my wonderful life!


Day 10: I cannot focus right now… my thoughts turn to him, my situation; I feel lost — I should do things to help me feel better:

-Clean my room

-Make grad school list/GRE

-Letting-go ritual for Mabon

-Finish lesson 1_10

-Make fall CD

I am disappointed in myself for contacting him, but at least I told him how I felt and stood my ground.  I am looking forward to going home for a weekend before I cannot.  Today is a new day and fresh start!  Help me Brighid, to take away this heaviness on my heart.


*The next two days I focused my tarot on intense readings to help me, and comfort me through my intense feelings of withdrawal and heartbreak…they are long and I wish not to mention them.


Brighid Warrior Shield


Brighid Warrior Shield


Day 11: I feel confused, lost, and anxious, and nervous about how everything will unfold.  I should really try to live in the moment more. One day at a time and do what I need to do to keep sparking my flame, passions, loves, and joys. And I keep yawning through all of this because I feel half asleep. Maybe I need to do this at night.  I feel stuck and stagnant. So much lies before me, but I am not grasping it.


Day 12: I am in a hurry today, but I said a Goddess blessing, took a few deep breathes while gazing at the flame and drew a tarot card.


Tarot Card: ace of Swords (upright)—Very positive energy, owning your power, a butterfly guides her vision.  She takes positive action reaching her goal, mental clarity, balancing things well. Has her best interests in mind. This is very comforting! Thank you, Goddess!


Day 13: Skipped to have a night out with my roommate…Brighid would probably be okay with my decision.


Day 14: Why do I need to control everything? Looking at the flame, we have no control over fire; we just have the illusion we do. We must respect and honor its power. I have control over my thoughts and actions, but not other people or situations that there is not much I can do. I must accept that. Let go and let Goddess…Let go and let Goddess.


Tarot Cards: Judgment (left)—Unaware of implications of decisions or changes she has made.


Empress (Left)—uneasy in her body. She can’t find a channel or form for expressing her creativity or sensuality.


*Well what can I do?*


10 of Discs (reversed)—not enough support?


I don’t know how to listen to you, Goddess. I feel like I am not in tune or something is blocking me…I let go and let Goddess…let go and let Goddess………………


I think I know what sort of ritual I will do for the cycle I am in and the Full moon for the Autumn equinox.


*I plan my ritual.


Day 15: I lit up my charkas and while doing the energy projection I changed it up a  bit—I decided to make an orb of all my worries and fears while chanting, “I let go and let Goddess” over and over again.  I was trying to build up the energy in my head (which is kind of hard) and when I felt it was ready, I sent it out to the sunset and watched it explode into black dust.  I then laid down on the cliff and looked up at the stars, which made shapes of Goddesses and moons.  I am possibly preparing for the ritual I am doing this week about letting go and moving gracefully through this transitional cycle I am in.  Thank you, Brighid, for such inspiration.


Tarot cards: Ace of Wands (right)—the flames of transformation, being reborn, maybe feeling more energy than I know what to do with…not sure…I have a lot to do, but little time.


Seven of Wands (right)—defends her position adamantly?


The Energy of Creation


The Energy of Creation


Day 16: This journey has led me to let go of my worries about the future so my flame can dance bright in the moment.  And my routine always changes; I can still have the same intent everyday yet go about it differently. I am so excited for tomorrow!  This will TRULY be my first sabbat ritual and I have it all planned out.  All I need is a black tea light candle.  Who knows what is to come!?


Tarot Cards: Priestess of Discs (left)—She is meditating on her harvest for this year; taking care of her body—She is vague about what her body wants and needs to sharpen her senses…ok so yes I do need to eat better, exercise and listen to my body more…why do I feel so reluctant to do it though?


9 of Discs—She is busy with her creative energy…yes that is where my focus is…




Day 17: I don’t feel any closer to the Divine or Goddess than I did when I started. I am feeling rather negative and pessimistic. I grounded imagining myself as a tree and did some energy practice. I then asked Brighid to come to me and she said, “Stay strong! Don’t let your fire burn out!” I still feel lost and lonely and I am hoping my Mabon ritual will help me to clarify some things.


Tarot Cards: The Devil (left)—Not yet in a destructive pattern; think about what I need to hold my life together…or illusions.


Strength (reversed)—fears her power of magic. Stops herself because she might be labeled.


Have I been holding myself back on this journey? From my magic and Goddess-within?


*Reading back on this, I find it so amazing that the day I called on Brighid in my meditation,  she also came to me in the Strength card of the Motherpeace deck.


Day 18: Yesterday I did my Mabon ritual/Autumn equinox reading and it was very peaceful and nice.  I will keep my black and white candle up on my altar and light them when I need to let go and be reminded.  Today is the Harvest moon and would like to do a meditation on my harvest this year and what I need to do this year that will keep me happy and fulfilled.


Tarot card: Son of Cups—I really tried to let the images speak to me. I definitely felt the peace and harmony and being in his inner world or in his sphere of protection—since he is to the right it says he is trying to be true to himself—I will continue to do this.


I also got two hypnosis meditations on awakening your inner Goddess and body sculpting.  I want to do these several times a week hopefully. Last night before bed I was doing the Goddess one, but fell asleep so I want to try to finish it.


Day 19: Today I am feeling sad.  Maybe because these 20 days are almost over though I know I will continue to come back to my sacred place. I want to make this a habit, I might not write about it every day, but we shall see.  I feel Aphrodite is coming into my life now, which will probably be the energy I need next as I cultivate more self-love and continue my journey. Tomorrow I will celebrate Brighid and my 20 day journey with Her.  I love you, Brighid. Maybe you came into my life to help me move on, and though I am still mourning and grieving my break up, I am finally letting go.


Tarot Cards: Priestess of Wands—First thing I thought was…She is walking in her power protected by her lion and nature is blessing her. “She has the ability to direct her creative, healing and sexual energy to bring about transformation. She is direct, passionate, and loving in her action. She has a sense of purpose and the ability to go after what she wants.” Wow! I feel I am cultivating all of that now!


Temperance—too much balance? Maybe a warning of not getting caught in a routine? Maybe I am not letting myself be as social or having fun…I have been increasingly growing inward, but I want it that way. I still need balance though.


Day 20: I am celebrating! I am going out with my girls and I am free! Thank you Brighid, for guiding me on this journey. I feel hopeful and happy to have fun and show my fiery side!


Tarot card: 2 of Wands—maybe straining to activate passion or know something…well I am still learning and this journey is not over!  Blessed Be!


Reflecting back, I had a lot of ups and downs. One day I would be so content and the next I would be so lost. I know now that a spiritual routine is a creative and intuitive process.  Showing up with intent and remaining honest with yourself is so important.  I did not try to act “Zen” and I am happy for that.


*** Going through this 20 day journey, Brighid has shown me how much I have been blocking my power—either through negative thought patterns, toxic relationships, or neglecting my needs and wants. Though there is still much to do, I know my flame is lit again and I am on a new, healthier path.***


I am still on this journey and show up to Goddess everyday just as I am. And I am still learning to let go and let Goddess.


Thank you Brighid, my Flame Keeper, My High Priestess, Kerritwyn Ceannaire, and all my loving Sisters at OWM for all your love and support! I could not have done this without you all!


Brighid’s Cross


Brighid’s Cross, from Celebrate Ireland




1. Sanctuary of Brighid,