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Image used with permission::: Diana of the Hunt by Nancy Chien-Eriksen http://www.nancyart.com/



Diana, known as Goddess of the Pagans and Queen of the Witches, was worshipped in many areas, including Greece, Rome and Italy. However, in Italy, the worship of Diana appears to be indigenous and not imported from Greece or Rome. She was linked to Artemis, Hera, Hecate, Bast, and many other Goddesses, and was called upon for strength, power for spells, healing, and for helping lost souls transition peacefully; she also hears the prayers of birthing women, and assists them with their painful contractions, giving them easy births. The name "Diana" is also known as "Lucina", or "Light Bringer", and conversely, she is also considered the "Night Goddess". A "Society of Diana" existed in Italy, where women met mostly during the night to work spells and worship her with ritual and celebration. In this tradition, Diana birthed a daughter named Aradia, who taught women the gift of magick.

In the Greek/Roman traditions, Diana/Artemis is sometimes identified with the goddess Selene (Moon) and Hecate as the moon Goddess. She is also considered Goddess of nature ("Mother of animals") and fertility (and is often paired with Pan). Diana is well known for her "baths", and I call on Her while taking my ritual baths, asking to be strengthened and purified.


Boucher: Diana at the Bath




Honoring Diana:

Goddess Diana is honored when you love Her animals and Her land. Leave food for Her creatures. Take the time to clean a yard. Go into the woods and send healing energy to the Earth. Each time you honor the Earth and its creatures, you are honoring Diana.




Prayer to Diana:

You may either set up an altar to Diana, or go into the woods under a crescent moon. The following prayer is from Raven Grimassi:

"Hail and adoration unto you, O Great Diana. Hail Goddess of the Moon and of the night. You who have been since before the beginning, You who caused all things to appear, Giver and sustainer of life, adoration unto you. Hail and adoration unto you, O source of all enlightenment. I pray you to impart to me your illumination and enlighten my mind that I may perceive more clearly all things in which I endeavor, illuminate my soul, imparting your essence of purity. I reveal my inner self to you and ask that all be cleansed and purified within."





Healing for Mother Earth



Items needed:

incense: Jasmine to stimulate crown chakra, or Cinnamon to connect with Nature
smudge tools
stones: any that resonate...moonstone for Mother, agates and jaspers are good earth energy stones.
Bowl of sand or dirt
blessed water
candles: brown for earth, white for goddess, black for releasing toxins from earth.


Smudge the room and your body.
Light incense and Goddess candle.
Place the stones on your altar.
Call your circle, asking Diana to assist you in your healing work.


Hold the bowl of dirt in your hands and say, "Bless the Earth, cleanse it and heal it."

Place a few drops of blessed water on it. Place it on your altar.

Light the black candle from the Goddess candle. Visualize the earth being cleansed and healed. Send energy to the dirt in the bowl as you meditate with the black candle.

Light the brown candle from the Goddess candle. Visualize the earth as healthy and filled with life and nourishment. Continue to send energy to the bowl of dirt as you meditate.

Take the bowl of dirt outside. Raise it to the moon and feel Her sending healing energy into the dirt.

Release it back to its source.

Open the circle.


c- 5/2008 Danu Gray Wolf




Spell for Diana's Protection



Ritual tools:

Cinnamon incense
White candle for Diana, Red for courage, Purple for protection, Black for binding.
Writing tools
Safe place to burn paper: outside, in a fireplace, or in a cauldron / fire safe dish


Take a ritual bath, asking Diana to purify your body and cleanse your mind and spirit.
Light incense and Goddess candle.
Call your circle, asking Diana, Her animals, and your guides for assistance and support.
Carve your candles. On the white one, you may carve Diana's name or a Goddess symbol. On the red candle, carve "courage" or "valor" or whatever is appropriate for you. On the purple candle, carve "protection". On the black candle, carve what you are releasing or binding...this can be a name, a situation, etc. You may carve more than one thing on this candle if you have several challenges you wish to bind or release.
Light your courage and protection candles.
Speak the invocation three times, ending with "as I will it, so mote it be!":




Goddess Diana,
Mighty with both love and bow,
Protect me now
In my time of need.

I am troubled and filled with pain.
I call to you as your child.
Fill me with courage
To face my fears and be victorious.

Mother Diana,
Protectress of Her daughters,
Infuse my spirit
With purpose and valor.

As I will it,
So mote it be!





Light your binding candle.

Write your situation/challenges on your paper, being as specific as you can. List the problems, what you wish to be bound or released, and any emotions that need to be cleared or resolved.

Sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes, allowing your mind to merge with your black candle. Watch the problems go up to Diana with the heat of the flame. Then take your paper and light it from the black candle.
Burn it completely and safely.


Dismiss your circle, giving thanks to all who assisted you.

c- 6/2008 Danu Gray Wolf





Walking one's own path, courage, independence, and self-trust are gifts that Diana gives us.
While calling on Diana for assistance in magick and prayer is important, embodying Her gifts is much more precious.


D. J. Conway, Moon Magick: Myth and Magick, Crafts and Recipes, Rituals and Spells
Raven Grimassi, Ways of the Strega: Italian Witchcraft: Its Legends, Lore, & Spells (Llewellyn's World Religion & Magick Series)

Image: Diana of the Hunt by Nancy Chien-Eriksen http://www.nancyart.com/
*used with permission


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