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I walked along a path

And found a stranger there, threatening

It was dark, for mercy cried

And she appeared


I felt the breath of the lion

Before I ever saw his face

It seemed that arms were flying

The glint of metal and she was gone

So too was the stranger


Darkness clouded over my path

The way unclear, unmarked

The fence was in the way

Help! I cried and she arrived


I felt the breath of the lion

This time she lingered

To point her sword towards the path


I learned some of her art

The next town over

I fought with steel and strength

Time came to meet my foe


I came upon the crossroads

And I looked within myself

Holy spirit intuited my moves

I found the direction


In darkness cornered

I fought for freedom

I engaged  and metal flashed

I felt the lion’s breath

I looked up and she nodded


Ever protectress

Ever teacher

Ever goddess

Ever friend

Ever Durga, the warrior

Ever Durga and her lion

Laka, 1/16/06






Durga is a warrior goddess and can be called on for protection and help in setting boundaries. She is the Hindu Goddess best known for fighting the buffalo demon Mahisha.  The gods were unable to defeat Mahisha so they combined their shaktis1 and Durga was created.  She is a beautiful goddess with ten arms2.

Durga is one form of Devi who is the consort of Shiva. Other forms of Devi are Kali and Parvati.






The Lion, rice bowl, fire, yellow-colored items3. She rides a lion into battle and in much of her artwork, specifically in scenes depicting her battling Mahisha.

JBL Statues




This ritual can be done in the fall, near Durga-Puja (the hindu festival to celebrate Durga). It can also be done in a waning or dark moon as a banishing ritual to banish danger. It can also be performed any time protection is needed or boundaries need to be created.


Items needed;


Silver spoon

Yellow Candle

Yellow cloth for altar

Yellow flowers to decorate altar

Picture of Durga (or a strong warrior woman/goddess)

Pictures of lions



Bless each chakra saying “Bless me Durga, bless me with strength. Bless my (head/heart, etc.”) that ________ (fill in the blank). For example:


“Bless me Durga, bless me with strength. Bless my head that will be clear-headed in conflict.”


Light the yellow candle.

Ground & Center

Cast the circle

Call in the directions

Call in other warrior goddesses for the directions.


If there is a boundary you need help creating or an area in your life that needs protection, focus on that.


Say 3 times


“Durga, protectress and guardian, watch over ________ (person, situation, or project) with all due diligence. Take the sword of truth, the power of justice, and the light of decency to stand guard against any storms that come. So be it


Blow out the candle.

Release the directions/goddesses. Open the circle

Leave the rice on the spoon on the altar for the day as a thank you offering.


Light the yellow candle anytime you need safety.







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4 This ritual was taken from 365 goddess, September 7. It has been expanded, but the basis of the ritual, and the chant is the same.