Elizabeth was born on August 10, 1944 to Reverend McCoy “Mac” Johnson and Gladys Thayer Johnson. Elizabeth’s Father served with General MacArthur as a Naval Chaplain aboard ship during World War 11. While he was away at war, Elizabeth’s Mother moved back to her parent’s house in Statesboro, Ga. where Elizabeth was born.

Elizabeth came by her love of arts, music and spirituality naturally. Her Mother taught French and music, her Father wrote poetry and taught History Before getting the ‘call’ to the ministry, like many in his family. Her Mother’s Father was a stonemason and artist, and her Father’s Mother taught music and art at a woman’s college.

Elizabeth moved around South Georgia with her parents and her two sisters and one brother, as her Father preached at different Methodist churches. When she was 15 she did her first painting, a picture of Thais, from a tiny photograph in a book.

Thais was a Famous Greek hetaera who lived during the time of Alexander the Great and accompanied him on his campaigns. She was the lover and possibly wife of Ptolemy 1 Soter, King of Egypt. In ancient Greek society, hetaerae were Independent and influential women who were required to wear distinctive dresses and had to pay taxes. These courtesans, mainly ex-slaves and foreigners, were famous for their dances and music, as well as their physical talents. There is evidence that these women were well educated and their opinions and beliefs were respected by men. Beth started writing poems and stories about this same time she started painting.



During her maiden years, Beth went to Andrew Jr. College in Cuthbert, Ga. For two years and after that she graduated from Crandall Business College in Macon, Ga. During her 20’s she moved about the country with her family following her minister Father. Some of the places she lived were Thomasville, Macon and Brunswick, Ga. During this time in her life path she dated a lot, having a love of dancing and flirting.


Elizabeth met and married a career Marine in when she was 27 years old. They had two children, a son and a daughter, named Erik Hendrix and Kristin Maria Hendrix. Along with being a housewife, Elizabeth taught folk art and sold Paintings.

Elizabeth, Kristin and Erik



Elizabeth was married for 25 years. During the time she was living in Southern California at Camp Pendleton, Elizabeth took classes for all 3 Levels of Reiki Under Diane Stein. She also took Shamanic training under Alicia Loengas Gates, an associate of Michael Harner (who wrote “The Way of the Shaman”). Elizabeth studied on her own for many years, taking classes when an opportunity came along. After her Husband retired from the Military they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona for 2 ½ years. She was the President of the local chapter of the Decorative Painter’s Association and taught painting, did Tarot readings and Reiki for people.

Upon retiring from the USMC, her husband got a job first in Flagstaff and then they moved back to Southern California. Elizabeth was in an unhappy marriage. Although she loved Motherhood, Elizabeth has been through childhood abuse and the constant criticism, etc. wore her down. She left this abusive situation and was divorced in 1996. Moving back to Brunswick, Ga., Elizabeth taught folk art for 1 ½ years.



Elizabeth moved to Saltillo, Mississippi to be near her sister Rosemary, who lives in Batesville, Ms. Having reached the age of Crone, Elizabeth has had past abusive situations to overcome. With her Goddess studies, the love of her OWM Sisters and the help of a wonderful hypnotherapist, she is looking toward the future.

Elizabeth had a dream of being called to the ministry 2 years before she was told of Reiki and decided to take the Reiki classes. She has been a Master Reiki now since 1992. Elizabeth joined The Order of The White Moon becoming a High Priestess and Ordained Minister in 2008. She took her classes in Sisters of Celebration.

She is now teaching at The Sisters of The Rising Moon, along with HP Wahine. Elizabeth does Tarot readings for the public in her home along with Reiki Healing, both in person and long distance. She plans on continuing writing poems, short stories and rituals, eventually planning on having her own web site and getting her writings published.

I met Elizabeth while taking a 6 week class at The Mystic Eye. We were soon to become best friends. She led me to Sisters in Celebration and I bless her for this. She had faith in me and my abilities, encouraging me along my journey studies with Sisters In Celebration. Elizabeth is my friend, my mentor and my Goddess Sister. She is truly an amazing Amazon.

The following are poems and rituals written by Elizabeth Clare Johnson.


You will need:

(Optional): 1 small or tea light candle for each of the four elements. If you don't have colors you feel are the 'right' ones, just use a white candle and carve Earth, Air, Fire, and Water into it, or symbols that you associate with the elements.

Bright decorations for your altar, any stones that you associate with transformation, or that you feel will help you with it. Any goddess statues or pictures of your favorite goddesses. There are many that will aid with transformation. Isis is always a good one, and any of the goddesses associated with snakes, which symbolize wisdom and regeneration.

Incense, if it doesn't make you sneeze. Appropriate oils for dressing your candles, olive oil is always fine if you don't have others on hand.

A little bell, drum, cymbals, noise-makers for joyful celebration after the ritual.


Cast the Circle. You can do it with visualization, or raise your arms and say something like this, "Lord and Lady, Powers of Light, please aid me in my magickal workings this night." Visualize a beautiful golden circle of light, love and protection surrounding your ritual area.

Carve and dress your candles. Carve your name on your candle. On your goddess candle, you can carve her name, or just carve an ankh or another sacred symbol on it. On the black candle, carve 'transformation' and 'dissolving blocks'. Dress your candles with oil. Now, light your candles.

Then say this prayer three times, to build up energy, power and confidence:


"Like the layers of an onion
Peeled to reach sweet meat within
Like the shedding of a snake's skin
To transform to new beauty

Like the cocoon that transforms
Until a new butterfly emerges
Like the Hanged One in the Tarot
That changes through initiation

Like the sacred kundalini fire
Rising through our chakras...
So do we, Oh Goddess, ask you
Help us grow in your image

And be bathed in your Light;
Releasing what holds us back
Dancing forward in joy to the future,
Joining together in Sisterhood."

Then step back a bit from your altar, and visualize yourself stepping into a cocoon. You are safely surrounded with a warm container, you could even visualize it being soft and smooth, or furry and pebbly, whichever you like. While you are in the cocoon, you feel energies working on you, cleansing your body and your aura. It is like being in the womb of the Mother. Then in a little while, you hear voices saying, "She is ready to be reborn." And you step out of the cocoon, which crumbles before you and then disappears. Your Spirit Guides or favorite goddesses come up to you and brush off your aura, cleaning away the last pieces of the cocoon. "Blessed Be!" They say to you, and "Blessed Be and thank you!" you reply.

You open the Circle and thank the Higher Powers for being with you during your transformation, then go to the door and step out into the night. Visualize the happier and healthier new you coming into being, and say (or yell, depending on your neighbors) "So mote it be!"

When you come back into the house, you are leaving the past behind. You have transformed and so have the energies in your dwelling place. Turn on some cheerful music, bang on a drum or clang cymbals, ring bells, dance, Celebrate The New You! It is a joyous time.

© Copyright 4/7/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Amazon)


I saw you riding by on your horse
You were wearing flowers in your hair
And white birds flew, singing, overhead,
Your horse was prancing with joy
And you sang along with the birds.

Rhiannon, Rhiannon!
Your laughter rings out like bells
As the animals follow along with you,
Behind you green grass shoots come up,
Bright red apples gleam from the trees.

The young foals and newly-born animals
Come up to you to be blessed,
And the sounds of fluttering wings
Herald the fairies coming to join you.
Queen of Faeries, Otherworld Queen

Your eyes shine like the silver moon.
Lovers lay back against the trees
Watching the faeries dance and sing,
And like us, they await your blessings
Moon Goddess, Rhiannon of the Birds.

©September 7,2008
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Amazon)


This is for bringing in new positive energies and letting go of the past.

You need 3 candles: A white one, a black one, and either a pink or blue one Depending on the sex you are, or the sex of the person you are doing the spell for.

Using a white candle for spirit, a pink for a female with her name carved on it ... and an ankh for positive energy carved on it as well. (For a male, a blue candle).

Before you carve the pink or blue candle with an ankh and put their name on it, 'flip' the candle... take off the top of the candle, turn it over and burn the other side.

Use a black candle for unblocking and carve a snake on it to symbolize wisdom and releasing negativity. On the black candle, carve 'dissolve negativity' and 'let go of the past'.

The verse for this one would be,

"Lord and Lady, please
Fill my life with harmony;
Wisdom, Love, prosperity,
And joyful closeness to Thee."

The person needs to say the verse three times. When it is all done, he/she needs to open the door, visualize the spell going out into the Universe/ethers to manifest, and say, "So mote it be!" or "And so it is, Amen!"

© Copyright 9/3/07
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Amazon)

NOTE: A black candle with a snake around it is used for breaking free(shedding) unwanted conditions, situations or habits, for breaking up negativity and for protection, for transformation, breaking up obstacles. Or to honor Snake as a totem, or work with kundalini energies. That gave me the idea of just carving a snake on the black candle if a 'snake candle' isn't available.

***Feel free to use the name of your own deity(ies).


Nothing more can you do or say
To bother me in any way;
And by the power of sand and sea,
You are bound from harming me.

By the power of water and ice,
To me, you must be polite and nice.
By the power of my planets' fire,
Good luck is mine, and my desire.

By the power of air and wind
With true friends, my time I'll spend;
And by the glorious power of Spirit,
Happiness and love I will inherit.

No longer will _________
Say (or do) unkind things about me.
I have ________ as my success,
Am prosperous, and I do my best.

© Copyright /2009
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Amazon)



If the dream ever fades away,
Your rose-colored glasses may fall off;
Then you would see me for who I really am.
I don't know how you would react then,
Because you have me on a pedestal.

I am no saint, no Helen of Troy;
Only a human woman, albeit with a mind
At times torturously difficult to understand.
I can feel things that you cannot feel,
I can see things that no one else knows
Are there...

How will you feel about me then, when you
Realize how different I am from the bland
And conventional women that surround you?
A human being, yes, with ordinary quirks
And foibles, but... also a witch.

Magic runs in my veins; And despite
My outwardly conventional life, wildness
Is in my very nature. I must have time to myself;
And most of all, I must be able to worship
The Goddess in my own way.

Otherwise, I cannot be with you for long.
I have had the Call, and that runs stronger
Than any human hold on me, ever could.
Seek not to change me. It is hard to tell you
This, but you must know. Otherwise, you will
Be in peril of a broken heart...or from backlash
From my rage.

Rage if you should try to change me, or to
Keep me from the rituals that I do with my
Sister witches. I must learn and study;
And teach when there is something new
To pass on. I must heal when there is an
Opportunity; I must never be arrogant or neglect
My Sisters.

If you still want me when you know this, only
Then can we talk and plan for a future
With each other. I love you, but the wonder
And the magic of a Goddess daughter's life
Is something I will never give up; it comes

Hold me now, while you can. I do wish that
You could join me on the goddess path, even
If by another route. For this is who I am;
Everything good comes from the Goddess,
Every talent, every joyous uprise of the heart.
My soul is Hers; understand this, and then
In the human way, I can be yours.

© Copyright 1/1/06
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Amazon)

The following is a Himmelsbrief. It is a type of letter or testament Carried upon a person or hung in their home for protection against negativity and evil people. These letters came in a variety of forms, from a simple hand writing to more elaborate documents complete with art work. Most but not all of these were positive in nature but some were written with much negativity and curses. The Himmelsbrief below is written and made sacred by me for Elizabeth Clare Johnson.


Elizabeth Johnson

My dear friend, my mentor
My confidant, my teacher,
Goddess sisters
Forever we will be.

May life always be good to you,
For you have paid your dues.
Good fortune and prosperity,
Love and happiness I will it be.

Goddess Sisters
Forever we will be.

May your house always Blessed Be
No harm nor negativity
Through your door come
Protected by the Powers that Be.

Goddess Sisters
Forever we will be.
As I will it,
So Mote it Be.
© Pat Swanberg (Lady Zephyr)


American Folk Magick by Silver RavenWolf