The Order of the White Moon Presents:
By Wren
The Millennial Gaia

© Oberon Zell

Earth, holy mother, source of nature,
You feed us while we live, hold us when we die.

Everything comes from you, everything returns to you.
What else could we call you but Our Mother?

Even the gods call you that. Without you,
There is nothing. Nothing can thrive, nothing can live

without your power. Queen and goddess, I invoke you:
You are all-powerful and my needs are so small.

Give me what I ask and in exchange, I will give you
my thanks, sincere and from my deepest heart.


Bless me as I walk upon You,
Bless me as I breathe You.
Bless me as I grow by Your fare,
Bless me as I honor You.
Bless You, Mother,
Bless You.

Prayers, Magic and Divination

Prayers and invocations to our Earth Mother began when the first person placed foot on terra firma. Humanity inheritantly knew that both their beginnings and their ends were inexorably linked to Her directly through Her nourishment and Her manifestations in nature and weather. She is believed to be the First Mother, although Her name changed many times during the course of history. She was Yoruba, Isis, Mari, and She has existed before time began. In Her mythological form, “Time was one of Her children”. (Patricia Monaghan, The Goddess Path)

Every single action we take on Gaia should be considered a prayer to Her. When I water Her flowers, the action is a prayer. When I lay my hands on Her surface to feel the energy pulsating into me, that is my prayer to Her. When I gaze into Her waters, it is in praise of Her. As the Greek philosopher points out in the above prose from Patricia Monaghan’s Goddess Companion, “Nothing can live, nothing can thrive without Your power”.

How can we not do magick with Her? It is to Her elements that we call for assistance. It is one of Her many manifestations that we turn to for guidance. It is upon Her that we stand, Her ether, Her breath that we use to send our energies through. And it is Her body that we derive our energies from. It is from Her body that we gather our gems, our flowers and offerings when we pray and do magick. It is to Her Little Sister, the Moon, to whom we turn to for body guidance and for answers. The ebb and flow of our bodies is totally dependant on Her relationship to Sister Moon and Their tides as They work together. Look at the synchronicity of Their relationship to ours! It is even in Her cycles and seasons that we see the deepest meanings of growth and of being Women.

Look to Her nature for divination. It is in the specific tree that we find the messages that we need. It is in the birds that sit on our feeders that we see our answers. It is the shell that washes to shore that tells our hearts the hidden stories we need to hear. It is to Her quietest children that we turn to for spiritual guidance: Fox for his wiliness, Eagle for his Spirit, and Dolphin for his connection between the earth and the otherworlds. Each creature that She has manifested on Her surface carries a meaning, both blatant and hidden, that we can access for our answers. All the divinatory properties that we need come directly from Her womb. Her messages are hidden in our weather patterns. The same reveals her moods. Her needs are manifested by watching Her closely. Gaia is the ultimate divinatory tool. I can quietly ask a question, and by watching through my windows get the answer from, perhaps, 3 crows, or the leaves that hit my walking path. When my heart needs an answer? I can go out, pick up the rock that calls to me and hold it until the message becomes clear. All the answers to all our questions can be answered by connecting our hearts and spirits with Her, without even needing to open a book or leave our front yard.

She can be the Mother spoken of in the Gaia Hypothesis if we need Her to be, a living and breathing organism. She can be the myth of the Goddess Gaia, daughter of Chaos and wife of Uranus. She can be the Living Spirit that animates all things, giving life to trees and rocks alike. She can be, and is to me, all of these things. The Mother who nurtures humanity, and requests that we, in return, honor Her Body by loving and respecting Her as we would our birth Mothers.

“Bless me Mother, for I am Your child.”


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The Millennial Gaia © Oberon Zell

Patricia Monaghan’s The Goddess Path and Goddess Companion

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