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~ GAIA ~


A Level I Final Project


by RiverHawk


The Sacred Three Goddess School


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"Gaia, the original female Earth Spirit, gave birth to all, enables all life to exist, and generates all human blessedness with her bounty.  The daughters of Gaia encompass all divine and human female beings descended from Gaia, who exhibit in multiple ways her essential female powers - birth, nurturance, sustaining of life, transformation, joy, creativity, death, wisdom, social order, beauty, inner harmony, and more."


- "Daughters of Gaia, Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World", by Bella Vivante


Breath of Gaia by Josephine Wall, courtesy of



Gaia first appears in Greek mythology as Mother Earth - creator of all.  Homer sings, "Hail, Mother of the gods, wife of starry Heaven; freely bestow upon me for this my song substance that cheers the heart!"  Gaia emerges from Chaos and gives birth to Uranus while sleeping.  "Earth bore first of all one equal to herself, starry Heaven, so that he should cover her all about, to be a secure seat for ever for the blessed gods; and she bore the long mountains, pleasant haunts of the goddesses, the Nymphs who dwell in the mountain glens, and she bore also the undraining Sea and its furious swell, not in union of love." - "Hesoid - Theogony and Works and Days", translated by M. L. West

From this perspective, all things are sacred to Gaia - She encompasses all the seasons of the Earth, the elements, the animals and plants - She is the center of all.  She shares an affinity with all of the Mother Goddesses from other cultures - Tiamut, Danu, Asherah, Aphrodite, et al.




I have felt Gaia's call for as long as I can remember.  I love to walk in Her forests and on Her beaches.  I am strengthened by watching Her plants and flowers grow strong. 

The pictures above were taken on my morning walks with my canine companion, Samantha.  I would see Her in repose in the ridge above my town, watching over the life below.


Drawing of Gaia by RiverHawk


Ritual for Gaia


Connecting with Gaia requires no special herbs or candles, no wands or chalices.  The best way that I have found to honor Her in ritual is just by going outside and be-ing with Her.

Walk into the woods, to the beach, or to the park.  Try to find someplace where you can have some privacy.  Sit down, preferably next to a tree.

Quiet your mind for a few moments.  Feel your behind in connection with the ground, feel the solidity of Gaia beneath your feet.  Imagine your roots growing down into the Earth.  Imagine your arms are branches reaching up into the sky.

Breathe in.  Feel the strength of the tree at your back.  Feel the energy flowing through your roots; through the tree.  Breathe out.

Chant - silently if you must - "I am the Goddess, my feet are rooted...deep within the earth.  My head among the stars, my crown the Universe.  My arms are open hold eternity.  I am the tie that binds...encircling you and me.  I am the Goddess."

Feel the energy build up within you. Release it back into the sky and ground it into the Earth for the healing of all living things.  Let your arms return from the sky; pull your roots back up into your center.  Thank the tree for sharing its energy with you.

- Ritual written by RiverHawk as inspired by Starhawk; chant courtesy of Spiral Rhythms.


I also was inspired to write my own song to Gaia, which you can hear by clicking here


The lyrics are as follows:


Oh Gaia, you are my mother, my sister, my daughter.  Oh Gaia, Great Mother.  The Goddess of all the Earth.

In your ground, my feet are planted.  My arms stretch to your skies.  My soul sings with your beauty.  My heart fills with your love.

Oh Gaia, you are my mother, my sister, my daughter.  Oh Gaia, Great Mother.  The Goddess of all the Earth.

In the doe I see your gracefulness.  In the hawk I see your courage.  In the tree I see your patience.  In the ocean your strength.

Oh Gaia, you are my mother.  My sister; my daughter.  Oh Gaia, Great Mother.  The Goddess of all the Earth.


"Earth" by Erte courtesy of




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