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Green Tara, the Savior Goddess


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Green Tara by Alex Padma Samchuk  Image used with permission by artist,



There are 21 aspects to the Goddess Tara, but the two most well-known are Green Tara and White Tara.

White Tara is the most like Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of Mercy and Compassion, mature and more of a mother figure.  Green Tara is most often represented as about 16 years old, active and willing to fight for the freedom of someone who needs her aid.  She has her right foot forward, to signify her willingness to step down from her lotus and help.  She is regarded as the main Tara, that the other 20 aspects emanate from.  With her green color, she seems the most closely connected with nature.  She often wears bright striped leggings that show her playful nature, and is topless except for jewelry.  Some countries, including Tibet, believe that green includes all other colors.  So her color adds to her power. 

Her healing color, her active nature and sense of humor, are what really appeal to me.  She has seven eyes, Her normal two eyes and a third eye, as well as an eye in palms of her hands and the bottom of her feet; that means she does not miss anything that goes on in the Three Worlds.  Tara is known in China, India and Tibet.  In Japan, she is known as Kannon.   She is a female Buddha, or Bodhisattva.  She is called “Maha Tara”, Great Tara.

She helps to free her devotees from negative karma, fosters enlightenment, and saves us from our deepest fears.  Across most of Asia, Tara is regarded as the great loving mother, the ultimate divine feminine healer.  Her most common manifestation is green Tara, a beautiful green maiden goddess with a background of trees, mountains, and living green things.  She is often invoked for clarity, wisdom and especially for healing oneself, others, and the planet. 

 Tara is called the savior or protectress of all living things.  It is said that one in peril has but to utter her name to be saved by the swift and merciful intervention of the goddess.  Tara's mantra is "Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha" (pr. "Om Ta-Ray Too-Ta-Ray Too-Ray So-Ha").

Here is a story that is one way of explaining the two main aspects of Tara. The Avalokiteshvara, Buddha of compassion, was looking down from his heaven on the world of suffering beings, and he wept to see that more and more of them were in pain. From the tears streaming down his face two Taras were born, a peaceful white one from the left and a fierce green one from the right. Tara is thus also often referred to as Avalokiteshvara's consort.    (4)


“The followers of Green Tara believe that her special powers will help overcome dangers, fears, and anxieties, and that she will grant wishes. She is also believed to help one cross over from danger to safety or from suffering to happiness. Her femininity imbues her with soft and compassionate feelings, and she acts very quickly and directly as a savioress. Representing active compassion, she is particularly worshipped for her ability to overcome the most difficult situations. As the first Dalai Lama puts it, just by being called to help, she instantaneously saves the faithful from attacks by the following eight calamities:

·        lions and pride

·        wild elephants and delusions

·        forest fires and hatred

·        snakes and envy

·        robbers and fanatical views

·        prisons and avarice

·        floods and lust

·        demons and doubts “      (4)


There is something wonderful about all the aspects of Tara, but for me Green Tara is the most joyful. I wanted to express my happiness and gratitude to the goddess, and went into trance state both times when writing the following prayer-poems.  I hope that they express what dry prose perhaps could not.






Here is the Green Tara,

Towering above the trees,

Looking upon us here on Earth,

To see how we are doing.


Her beautiful eyes are open,

The eyes in her head are three,

And one of them in her forehead.

Her hands sweep from side to side

In a graceful rhythm...

The eye in each hand, looking over;

Over the actions and beauty

Of the world and the peoples in it.


Her strong, graceful feet walk on,

Each having an eye in it to see,

Each sensing and knowing all things.


Green Tara, beautiful green, lovely one,

Queen of Nature.

Green Tara, protect us and show us

The way toward the Light,

To feel our Light Within, O Mother.


Green as the trees are,

Green as the grasses

Green as some of the animals

Sparkling, clean green as in waters.

Listen to us, O Mother,

As we praise you.

Enlighten us.  We look at you in awe,

Marveling at your grace

And the depth of your compassion.


Protect our Earth, Help us

To protect the resources here.

Protect us all from evil beings.

Help us be kind and caring

And protect the innocents,

As you do, Gracious Mother.

Help us with our healings,

Adding your energies.


Grant us your happy laughter,

Let us rejoice at what we have

And make better what we can,

Appreciating the Earth's bounty.

We feel joy at your approach.

Bless us, Green Mother.



© Copyright 10/2/05

Beth Johnson

(Mystic Raven)


Savior Goddess Green Tara Used with permission from .http://www.exoticindiaart.com







Green Tara, tall and strong

Limber and Fierce in your

Protection of us,

Turn your seven eyes

Our way.


Serene but youthful

More full of laughter

than your White Self,

Turn your seven eyes

Our way.


21 aspects are many,

O goddess!

Teach us how

to understand them.


Turn your seven eyes

Our way,

O Goddess!

Turn, Turn!

We wait for you.


Dance with your

Joyful feet,

So that we

May watch you.


Heal us

and our neighbors

So that we

May see you.


Bless us

With your hands

So that we

May touch you.


Shine your green

Light upon us

So that we may

Feel your Rays.


Come down

from your Lotus

O Goddess,

We are waiting.


We feel your care

and our lives

Are brighter,

O Goddess!


Turn your seven eyes

Our way,

O Goddess!

Turn, turn!

We pray for you.





© 2005

Beth Clare Johnson

(Mystic Raven)







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