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Hathor, Queen of Heaven

by Kelly Houser

Hathor, Goddess of the royal family, the sun, dancing, the arts, music, and the sky, was worshipped in pre-dynastic times in Egypt. Her name meaning "House of Horus," associated her with the royal family, and Hathor was often seen as the counterpart to Horus, much like Isis is the counterpart to Osiris.

Hathor is a mother-goddess, also like Isis. Hathor is often depicted as a cow beaing the sun disk on its head, or as a queenly woman with cow's ears and the sun disk on her head. The horn and sun disk symbol is entirely Hathors.

Hathor symbol

The Symbol of Hathor


Hathor was worshipped by both men and women in ancient Egypt. Devotees of the Goddess were mostly dancers, musicians, and artisans. Dance and music were the sacred arts of Hathor and Hathor was thought to be the incarnation of dance. Her worshippers would often tell tales about how Hathor would cheer up Ra with her dancing. Hathor was often invoked in much the same manner as the Greek Muses were, to inspire the artist.

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The cult of Hathor was located at Dendera in upper Egypt. This is where the Temple of Hathor is located, though Hathor was worshipped throughout the country.

The Temple of Hathor at Dendura

Hathor statue

Hathor Statue at the Temple of Dendura

Hathor columns

Hathor in Relief on the Columns at Dendura


Hathor columns

Another Hathor Column at Dendura


Hathor Temple

Because Hathor was worshipped throughout the country, she had temples located at various spots, not just Dendura. The image above is of the Temple of Hathor at Timna.


Hathor Temple

The Temple of Hathor at Philae


Hathor's Ritual

Hathor is a wonderful deity to commune with. Her energy is mutable. Much like Isis, Hathor is a multi-purpose Goddess. She can be invoked for just about any reason and can be a patron deity if you desire. Her special energy is related to the arts, though. If you are feeling artistic, or want to feel artistic, try this ritual to increase creativity through Hathor's energy!


Two white spell candles

Frankencense incense and oil

A small knife to carve symbols into the candles


To begin, cast a circle in your normal manner. Call any energies that you desire, but also call Hathor as we will be pulling on her energy. Charge the white candles with your artistic intent. If you are looking for inspiration in general, or specific help with a project. Once the candles are charged, carve symbols of meaning into the wax. If you have personal power symbols or runes you are especially fond of, carve those. Perhaps there is a symbol for the project you are working on. Be sure to include the symbol of Hathor as one of your carved symbols.

When you are finished carving the candles, anoint them with the oil and pass them through the smoke of the incense. Draw on your dominant hand with the oil the symbol of Hathor. Make a short invocation to Hathor, asking for her assistance. You can write this beforehand or do it impromptu.

Drum, clap, dance, or sing for Hathor as your offering before you close the circle. She will be most pleased by this kind of offering! When you are finished, thank and release Hathor and the other energies you called, and close your circle.

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Hathor Image


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