The White Moon Gallery Presents

Goddess of Witches

by Ka Wahine Ahi

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Image courtesy of JBL Statues

Hekate has been acknowledged as the Goddess of witches, magick and spellcraft since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Witches have called on Her to empower magickal works for centuries. In Medieval times, the Church mounted a violent campaign to demonize and destroy the Goddess and Her Daughters. Hekate was not defeated. She exists in the dark, mysterious part of each of us. In order to be complete and integrated within ourselves, we need to come to know and appreciate the hidden side of our nature. We need to face the Dark Goddess Within and build a relationship with Her. She is the Guardian of our unconscious and we should allow ourselves to appreciate the beauty and strength of that secret internal realm.1

Calling on Hekate to help us fulfill our dreams, wishes and goals adds Her power to our workings. Magick is an affirmation of the Goddess Within and of our connection with Her. Ritual and spell work reaffirm and strengthen this connection. The warm, energized feeling that remains after magickal work is physical proof of Her presence and the flow of magick.2

To learn from Hekate involves spiritual sacrifice. To gain the knowledge that She can bestow, we must give up negative habits and thought processes. We should be considerate and thoughtful of our fellow inhabitants of the Earth. We need to open our minds to new ways of thinking and understanding.3

A relationship with Hekate based on respect and trust opens us to a universe in which anything and everything is possible. Our potential is limited only by our imagination!


Hekate’s Response to Invocation by a Witch
An original poem in free verse by Ka Wahine Ahi

Hail, Witch!
I have heard your entreaties. I appear here in the space between worlds you have cast.
I see the light that emanates from within and feel the fire of your passion.
Yes, you are one of my Daughters. I am pleased that you call to Me in your craft.
Your altar holds many enticing things for me.
You have dressed a black candle with My sacred herbs.
The incense delights Me and you have provided honey as a sweet offering.
I am prepared to take heed of your wishes.
I will decide if this is truly worthy of My consideration.
At this customary time during the cycle of the Moon,
With incantations, chants and the power of will,
You send your energy into the Universe to take physical form.
I hear your petition. I deem it worthy.
Your goal is noble and works kindness in your chaotic, fearful, ignorant world.
Your art, performed in My Name, will bring Me much Honor and Glory.
I am prepared to lend my Power to your magick.
I bless your endeavor and imbue it with potency to come to manifest.
It is done!
Now, you give thanks that I have joined you in your effort.
You have felt My awe-inspiring presence and supreme might.
Brightest blessings to you as well, my Daughter.
We will be together in the world between the worlds again soon.

Key Bearer to Divination

Lovely and Mysterious Moon

Image courtesy of NASA

Hekate allows us access to the wisdom of the ages and hidden, secret knowledge. She lights the way with Her torches and guides us to what we need to know. Her key opens the door to the akashic records, the archive of everything that has, is and will happen in the Universe, for us to learn and use sagely. With Her gracious assistance and our tarot decks, runes and pendulums, we can ask our questions and learn the truth.

It is quick and easy to read tarot or runes in the morning to see how the day will be.

From time to time , you may wish to connect with Hekate in a more reverential and intimate way. I suggest the following for a divination ritual:

With the awesome powers of Hekate and the Goddess Within, anything and everything is possible!


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