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L i b a n

The Sanctified Mermaid

by Nessa CrescentMoon

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Liban, Lady of the Sea

Your gracious blessings flow

I am forever bound to thee.





              A Very Brief History       Associations        Libans Charm            

  Magical Scrying Ritual         Magical Mermaid Bundle   


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A Very Brief History

A mortal woman turned mermaid. Liban was the daughter of Eochaid the Firbolg King and Etain, the captured bride of Midhir- of the the Tuatha de Danann. When a sacred well overflowed, Liban was swept away with her pet dog. She found shelter in a small cave by the Sea where she prayed to the Goddess Dana ~Mother of All~ to be transformed into a salmon so she could be free to swim with the fish near her shelter.

Goddess Dana answered her prayers to be transformed; only not completely- she was to remain a human from the waist up and a have the tail of a fish from the waist down. Her pet dog was also transformed into an Otter.  For over 300 years she lived among the waves until Beoc, a clergy man sailing for Rome heard her singing. When he stopped the ship, she rose up to ask him to deliver a message to the Bishop of Bangor. She wanted to meet with the holy men there. She was drawn from the Sea and taken to Beoc’s church, the Teo-da-Beoc. She chose her moment of ascension (death) and St. Comgall baptized her by the name of Murgen (Sea-Born). She was accounted one of the Holy Virgins, and signs and wonders (miracles) were done through her means in the Teo-da-Beoc. Many carvings and paintings of mermaids exist in the church to this day.



Liban’s Associations

Text Box: In the aspect of the Maiden, Liban is unto herself; possessing vitality, independence, wisdom and capability .She is free to dive deep within her self and roll with the waves of life.   
Liban is a female symbol of freedom and empowerment. Living authentically is her blessing to us. She is also known as the Goddess of pleasure and health.

Animals:  Otters; as they symbolize the spirit of playfulness & sharing 
Colors: blue, aqua, white
Flowers/ Herbs: Marram Grass, Sea Mayweed, Sea Campion, Sea Thrift, Rock Sea Lavender, Sea Pea
Moon phase: Waxing to Full
Minerals,  Stones etc.. : Gold, marble, aquamarine, quartz crystal 
         Mermaids are a symbol

       of the fusion of matter & spirit






Libans Charm


Draw the Vesica Pisces symbol on your left palm and say the following charm to bring on calm after an ‘emotional storm’:


“I am. And I am. And I will be as I am.”


The Vesica Pisces: The intersection of the two circles represents common ground in this charm





Sanctifying Your Inner Mermaid

~a Magickal Scrying Ritual~



Gather: 1 bowl filled to rim with sea-salt water (as used in scrying),

            1 small mirror, 1 comb, 1 quartz crystal,

            1 aquamarine gemstone, your perfume of choice,

            blue and/or green string, yarn, or ribbon [6-8 pieces cut into about 4 inch lengths].


Seclude yourself away, perhaps on a cushion on the floor, with your paraphernalia about you. Cast circle.


To begin:


While standing, hold the mirror up to your face. Look into your eyes and ask to see your Inner Mermaid.


* Set the mirror down next to the bowl.

* Take up your perfume and spritz a bit into the water and set it next to the mirror.

* Swirl the water clockwise with you finger… dot some of the water on each chakra point.

* Sit down and then take up the comb and begin to comb your hair while gazing into the bowl of water.

  [This is your time to gather your thoughts, think of what you would like to possess. Do you wish to

   possess high self-esteem? Do you wish for wisdom and capability? Maybe you already own these…

   what else does your Inner Mermaid wish for?]

* Lay down the comb and pick up a length of ribbon.

* Tie a piece to your hair… bind it to you; tie it into your core, your Inner Mermaid.

* See yourself doing this in your reflection.

* After you have finished tying one, some, or all of the ribbons in your hair, pick up the stones.

      * Place the aquamarine in your left hand for receiving knowledge from your Inner Mermaid; and the

        quartz crystal in your right for balance. Quartz was believed by the ancients to be ‘petrified water’.

* Ground yourself, and close your eyes and relax for a few moments.

                 Your intent à   “I have seen my Inner Mermaid. I am She. Show me what I am meant to see.”

  Open them and gaze in a relaxed manner into the bowl. Blink as you normally would, you do not need to stare,   

  but you do need to stay relaxed. If you're feeling any eye strain, look away from the bowl then go back to gazing again.   

  Remember your visions and jot them down in your journal later.

* After you feel finished scrying, place both hands into the water and release the stones into the water.

* Center and open circle.

* You may wish to set aside the stones and the ribbon for use in the Mermaid Bundle Spell that follows.




Magickal Mermaid Bundle

The following poem, written by Irene Young is the foundation for this spell. You may notice that the shape is that of a fish! Some items you may recognize, or may have set aside if you performed the ritual- you may use them in this spell if you like.


The objects you will gather symbolize many aspects that will assist in accessing Liban’s Mermaid Energy. These include health, abundance, resilience, freedom, expression and protection, pleasure.

The intent of this spell is for VITALITY. Vitality is the energy and strength of the mind and body.

Gather: A circle of fabric (about the size of a CD) & a length of ribbon that you will use to tie it closed.

            A small bowl of water, small amount of sea salt, 1 aquamarine stone, 1 clear quartz crystal stone,

            1 of the ties from your hair (if you did the ritual—if not then you may use a few strands of your hair),

            1 mermaid charm (if you do not have one, you can clip a picture from a magazine, or print one out from online),

            1 small shell, 1 silver coin.


* Cast circle if you choose.

* As you recite the poem aloud, placing the items in the center of the fabric circle.

* When you are finished, take a deep breath and blow onto the objects your intent.

* Gather edges of the fabric into a bundle and tied closed. Place on your altar.

* Add 3 pinches of salt to the water and stir with your finger, flick water on your bundle 3 times saying the following:


 “I am a Vital Woman. VITALITY is Mine always.

 Vitality is the Energy and the Strength of My mind and My body.

 This is My will, My will be done.”

* Ground, open circle and cleanup.


A mermaid dives deep.

She is not afraid of

what may be buried at the

bottom of her fluid heart.

She is not frozen in fear

Watching from the dunes.

Instead a mermaid swims the waters

where she bathes in her own

self love.


To be a sea-maid, one must breathe

with the wisdom that freedom

is not walking on the shore, but

touching bottom with faith

that one rebounds to fresh waters,

through open eyes, with clear lungs,

a willing heart, and a new skin

to breath out the old,

and in the daring.


A mermaid knows

memory is both

a chain that binds,

and the key that frees;


the truth that heals

in the name of The Mother,

The Daughter, and The Holy Self.



Copyright 1999 Irene Young




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