Morgan LeFay as Goddess of Magick
by Banshee

Morgan LeFay, the half sister of King Arthur, was possibly once a goddess of the Glastonbury Tor. The Glastonbury Tor is a sacred pagan site that was traditionally thought of as a gateway to the Otherworld. Morgan is also a sea witch, associated with places of water and a triple goddess figure, reigning over all three aspects of a woman's life. In magick, Morgan is compatible with water/wish magick, passing over rituals, spirit contact, music magick, faery magick, and croning rituals. Morgan can also help to teach us the destructive nature of gossip and bigotry.

'Morgen' by Stuart Littlejohn

Morgan LeFay Ritual to Stop Gossip

by Banshee

You will need the following supplies for this ritual:

  • 2 black spell candles
  • 2 white spell candles
  • Banishing incense and oil. This could be a blended oil for this purpose or a single scent, such as Rosemary, Frankincense, eucalyptus, or majoram.

Begin with a ritual bath to cleanse the body and to start focusing the mind. Visualize your intent to banish the negative energy, gossip in this case, that surrounds you.

Cast a circle, light the incense, and invoke Morgan LeFay. State your purpose of banishing gossip, either as a bad habit or as gossip directed at you. Visualize your intent and charge the black candles with that intent. Carve protection symbols in the candles if you like. After charging, anoint the candles with the oil, working from the middle out to banish. Ask Morgan to bless your endeavor and grant your magickal request.

Then charge the white candles with the intent of attracting positive energy and compassion. Carve any positive magickal symbols that seem appropriate into the candles. Anoint the candles with oil again, this time working from the ends inward to attract positivity. Again, ask Morgan to bless your purpose.

Wrap up the ritual by singing or chanting thanks to Morgan. Release any excess energy, thank and release Morgan, and close the circle.

Prayer to End Prejudice

modified version of Sasha Lovejoy original.

O Morgan Le Fay, help us to understand that prejudice only causes strife and suffering. Please, help us end prejudice. Help us overcome violence and oppression. Give us the knowledge to understand that we are all interrelated, we are all your children, and that in order to survive in this world we must come together in peace and harmony.

Blessed Be.

Morgan Le Fay, Queen of Avalon

by Anthony Frederick Sandys



Celtic Myth & Magick by Edain McCoy

The Wiccan Prayer Book by Mark Ventimiglia

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