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Maiden of Spring - Underworld Queen - Guide of Souls

Beth Clare Johnson (Mystic Amazon)
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Greek Persephone is a goddess of many aspects. As Kore (the maiden), she is the goddess of youth and spring, and also the corn and grain goddess. What most people know about her though, is the story of how she came to be married to Hades, the king of the Underworld and renamed as Persephone.

Kore’s mother was Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, and her father was Zeus, the king of the gods. One day while she was out picking flowers, she was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld to become his queen. Hades and Zeus had decided this together, but Demeter had no idea where her daughter was. She became so distraught looking for her that she did not tend to the harvest, and the crops died and winter came over the land. Most did not know where her daughter was, but Hecate found out and told Demeter. Hecate led Demeter to the Underworld to see Kore/Persephone. Demeter wanted her daughter back for good, but Hades wanted her to stay his queen. It was brought before Zeus, King of the Gods, to judge. He found out that Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds, and said that meant that she had to spend part of the year in the Underworld, but could spend the rest with her mother. When Persephone comes up from the Underworld, the world blooms again and it is Spring. This is one way that the Greeks and Romans explained the changes in seasons.

In her job as Queen of the Underworld, Persephone is a Psychopomp. A psychopomp is a guide to souls. She shows the new souls that come there, how to find their way to the place where they need to be. Psychopomps are also sometimes referred to as guides in dreams, helping a person navigate their subconscious and find their way, working through emotionally what they need to. Hermes and Hecate are also psychopomps. Persephone is one to pray to when you or a loved one is ill. She is very caring and will respond. She will also help your loved ones when they are passing over to the Other Side.


The Celebration of Kore


You will need:

A place either inside or outside for a small Circle
Flowers for a head garland (this can be silk flowers
or other kinds)*
Cymbals, rattles, mariachis, some sort of noise makers
Seeds to be blessed and planted later
Incense, if inside

*Make flower leis for your head. Either with real flowers, silk flowers, or flowers
made from poster paper, colored and glittered and glued onto ribbons to tie
into circlets or headbands.

When you are ready, first cast the Circle.

Then stand in a circle, making noises to call to the goddess of Spring to come up
from the Underworld. Here is a chant to say after making the noise to call to her.

Hail Kore! We welcome you,
Strewing flowers across your path,
Seeing each petal take root
And grow again as you pass by.

Hail, Daughter of Demeter!
We thank you for leaving your dark throne
So that the seedlings will sprout
And young animals be born.

You have left the cares of the Underworld
To bring us sunlight and soft rains.
Now fairies once again flutter their wings,
And dance with elves in the meadow.

The grass is now like green velvet
And branches are full of budding flowers;
Your mother smiles with joy again,
As cold Winter takes his leave.

Hail Kore! We welcome you.
We have brought seeds to you
To bless before their planting,
And hearts to be gladdened with the Spring.

Then put on some music and dance around in the Circle holding hands, visualizing
Kore coming up into the center of the circle with flowers in her hair, dancing
with you. Visualize her putting her hands on each of your heads in turn, with
blessings, and allow joy to come into your hearts.

When you are through, open the Circle.

© Copyright 2/25/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Raven)























Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti


You will need:

One Candle for the Grieving Person;
Or if there are friends and families grieving,
1 Pink Candle representing all the women
& 1 Blue Candle representing all the Men

One Candle for Persephone, Dark Red or Dark Purple

One White Candle for the Person(s) Passing Over

One Black Candle to Remove Obstacles & Negativity

Cast the Circle:

Light the Candles and Invoke the Goddess Persephone.
If you choose to carve the candles or use oils on them,
do this before starting the invocation.

Persephone, Hecate and Hermes/Mercury are Psychopomps.
They help guide the dead to their final afterlife or
resting place. We will be invoking Persephone to help
guide the deceased, and to comfort the grieving.
Psychopomps also help guide people through their dreams,
and so will help the grieving in that way as well.

Say the following invocation three times, gradually building
up power and strength:



Hail, Persephone-Kore!
I welcome you and your energies;
Queen of the Underworld,
Priestess-Daughter of the Spring.

Hail, Daughter of Demeter!
We thank you for guiding those who pass on
Along with Hecate and her torches,
Showing them the way they must take.

Hail, Psychopomp!
You lead the dead to their final home,
And guide those who dream
Through the labyrinth of their subconscious.

Oh, beautiful and many-faceted!
We invoke you to help us deal
Either with our own grief or that of friends
Of those who cross the river Styx.

Comforting Queen, Persephone!
Please lend us your energies to heal
Those who grieve and need to find their way
In this World and in the Next.

© Copyright 4/17/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Raven

When you are through with the ritual, dismiss your Circle
and thank those you have asked to help you. Then if needed,
have a bit to eat and drink to ground you, and pour a little
of your drink and leave a little food outside as an offering.




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