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 Psyche is an ancient Greek Goddess who guides and inspires us in the effort to remember our own Divinity. Our own psyches are a mirror of our own inner Goddess. We are Divine. Psyche did not start out as a Goddess When we study the myth of Psyche, we are reminded that life takes us into dark places as well as light. She can teach us what it means to be Human and Divine.




Psyche’s Story             

The Most Pleasant and Delectable Tale of the Marriage of Cupid and Psyche is contained in The Golden Ass written by the Roman Lucius Apuleius in 160 AD.  This is a brief version of this story:


Psyche was the youngest daughter of an king. Her beauty was such that men would worship her instead of Aphrodite. Out of jealousy for Psyche Aphrodite sent her son Cupid to shoot one of his arrows of love at Psyche so that she would fall in love with a real monster of a guy. Cupid accidentally pricked himself with his own arrow and fell in love with Psyche. It came to pass that Aphrodite’s praises were not sung and love did not abound.

Psyche’s father consulted an oracle said that Psyche must be wedded to a monster on the top of a mountain. Psyche then was led to the mountain and abandoned there.  Cupid, instead telling  Aphrodite that he was in love with Psyche called the winds of Zephyrus to sweep her down the mountain, and into a palace where her every wish was taken care of by invisible hands.

Cupid visited her during the night in the palace bedroom, never allowing Psyche to see him; but Psyche was alone in the palace by day.

Although they were satisfied with the relationship they had; she was lonely for her family and asked her husband to allow her sisters to visit. Cupid consented and warned Psyche of her sisters' treachery: their purpose was to persuade her to look upon his face; if she did so, she would never see him again. He also told her that she was pregnant with their child.

The sisters arrived and began hassling Psyche for details on her husband. They were amazed and jealous at the magnificence of her home, her jewelry, and her clothing. Psyche could not answer the many questions her sisters had for her, for Psyche had never seen her husband and she had no idea where his riches came from. She explained that she had never laid eyes upon the man who loved her in the dark.

Her sisters told her that her she was foolish; that this husband of hers was hiding something, he probably was a monster! Psyche was distressed by this that she forgot Cupid’s warning and took her sisters' advice. They had advised her to hide a sharp knife and a lamp, and while he slept she would be able to see if he was a monster. In the event that he was evil she should use the knife to kill him.

By following the bad advice of her sisters, Psyche found that her lover was the beautiful God Cupid. Mesmerized by Cupids beauty, she gazed at his lovely wings and forgot the knife and caressed the bow and quiver that lay at the foot of their bed; she pricked a finger on one of the arrows. Desire rushed through her, and as she bent to kiss her lover, a drop of hot oil from the lamp fell on his shoulder.

 In that moment he realized that she had seen him, Cupid leapt out of bed and attempted to fly away at once; Psyche caught hold of his leg and was pulled upward with him, her strength gave out and she fell to the earth. Cupid the left her there in the valley alone and he flew to his mother, Aphrodite. Psyche was devastated.

Upon discovering Cupids love for Psyche, and hearing Cupid’s tale Aphrodite was so enraged that she had Psyche brought to her. Psyche suffered the wrath of Aphrodite, who challenged her in many ways. Psyche’s tasks symbolize our own pathways that take us on a journey of growth to transformation.




Task 1- Sorting the Seeds--- Psyche was placed in a room full of assorted grains and told to sort them by nightfall, which she did with the aid of an army of ants.


Task 2- Gathering the Fleece--- Psyche was ordered to gather Golden Fleece from the solar rams. She accomplished this by following the advice of a whispering reed, to wait until the sheep were asleep and then gathering the fleece caught on the thorns.


Task 3- Collecting the Waters – Psyche was commanded to bring a container of water from the dangerous waters of the Styx to Cupid’s mother. Psyche did this with the aid of the Eagle who flew to the Waterfall with the container.

Task 4- Retrieving Persephone’s Potion --- She was ordered to descend into Hades and return with a box containing Persephone's beauty potion.     

…Psyche knew she was close to the end of her journey, her tasks almost completed. As she reached the surface she thought about how much she needed the beauty potion before her reunion with Cupid. When she opened the box a huge cloud of sleep mist whooshed out and Psyche fell to the ground.  Cupid flew to Psyche's rescue. He put sleep back into the box and Psyche awoke and completed her final task. Cupid then appealed to Zeus, who agreed to make Psyche immortal, Aphrodite was satisfied. It was with great ceremony that Psyche was married to Cupid, shortly there after; a daughter was born to them, who we refer to as Pleasure (Voluptas/ Bliss/Joy).


 ”Through the process of meeting the challenges of her tasks and integrating her experiences Psyche grows from an innocent young girl into a mature goddess. Psyche is a rich reminder of our imperative to grow; she reminds us that the process of life takes us into dark places as well as light, just as the butterfly emerges from the dark chrysalis into the light.” ~ Michael Babcock.


Empowerment Exercise

This can be used in ritual to redirect the focus inward, where our true source of power resides.

For Yourself



Know yourself now,

How you are now,

What you think now,

What you believe now.


You may be different,

You may think differently,

and may believe differently

in the future.


You can recall the past

 Recall who you were

What you thought

What you believed

Recall that past and remember that it can not be changed

Think of the journey instead.


Tell me…Now

Who you are now

what you think of now

and what you believe now



“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Excersise : 1. Write in your journal who you are, what you think, and what you believe right now.

                  2. Read what you write out loud to yourself, let it sink in.

                  3. Don’t look back until you feel the need, until you feel something has changed.

                  4. Repeat this process as needed throughout your lifetime. This is the journey of you.


“I sometimes get the feeling

that truth changes from moment to moment

…it’s interesting how it changes as we learn and grow”




Connecting with the Goddess Psyche


Blank paper & crayons

1 candle (your choice of color) [lighter+ candle holder]

Quartz crystals [1 or more]

A pin or a knife [or something] in which to carve symbols into the candle.

Oil of any scent, to dress the candle.



*    Prepare sacred space.

*    Perform your self blessing [ please use the oil if you like].

*    Sit in your sacred space and carve any Psyche’s symbols onto the candle, along with symbols that are special to you    [your name, your sigil, etc…]

*    Dress candle with the oil.

*    Light your candle and connect with Psyche by inviting her into your sacred space.

*    Once you feel her presence, being to draw on the blank paper.

*    This drawing is an offering to Psyche [without & within]; whatever you are inspired to do- just let it come out on the paper.

*    When you are finished drawing, thank Psyche for the connection, tell her of your gift to honor her presence in your life.

*    The drawing, place the drawing on your altar or wherever you feel the best place for it is.

*    You may let the candle finish, or you can light it later to reconnect.





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