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The Goddess Tara


Peace Whitehorse

A Level I Final Project for the Sacred Three Goddess School

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Tara is probably the most ancient Goddess still worshipped in modern times.

Worship of Tara is older than human memory.

Although She is primarily seen as a Hindu Goddess, there are references to Tara around the world.

Tara governs the Underworld, the Earth and the Heavens, birth, death and regeneration, love and war, the seasons, all that lives and grows, the Moon cycles, and creation.


Tara is Known As:

She Who Brings Forth Life, She Who Is The Embodiment Of Wisdom, The Great Compassionate Mother, The Star Of Heaven, Mother Of All The Buddhas, The Faithful One, The Fierce Protectress, Arya Tara, Jetsun Dolma, Mother Of Liberation, Mahatara, Tara of the Seven Eyes, Goddess of Compassion, One Who Saves, and the Protectress of Navigation and Earthly Travel.


Tara in Buddhism

There are many faces of the Buddhist Goddess Tara.  The most well known are:

·      White Tara - known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-Fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra. As White Tara, She rose from a lotus blooming in the lake that formed from the first tear of compassion of great bodhisattva Avalokiteswara (whose human incarnation is the Dalai Lama), and is considered his consort.

·      Green Tara - known for the activity of compassion, the consort of the Dhyani Buddha Amogasiddhi, She is incarnated in all good women.

There are also many other facets to the Goddess Tara in Buddhism:

·      Red Tara - a fierce aspect associated with drawing all good things.

·      Black Tara - associated with power.

·      Yellow Tara - associated with wealth and prosperity.

·      Blue Tara - associated with the transmutation of anger.

·      Some schools of Buddhism recognize 21 Taras.

Tara Around the World

The oldest reference to the Goddess Tara is in a Finnish tale that speaks of the Tar, or the Wise Women.

A version of the Goddess Tara exists in nearly every culture.

Tara is the name of a great Celtic Goddess.

In South America, She is known as Tarahumara.

The Latin word, Terra, echoes her name, and means Earth.

It is said that Tara will take as many forms on earth as there are needs of the people.


Tara Ritual by Peace Whitehorse

PURPOSE:  To bring Peace and Protection to Mother Earth.  Use when there is discord in your life or when you are concerned about the safety of Mother Earth.

WHEN TO DO:  On a Saturday, during the Waxing Gibbous Moon.

NEEDED: Altar set up with candles for the four directions and a silver one for the Goddess.  Also any pink or green stones.  Orange flower.  Bowl of water.  Cloth.  Sea salt.

METHOD: Cleanse the area and take a ritual bath,  Set up Altar with candles, flowers, stones and cloth, water and salt, and any other tools you use in ritual.

          Cast your circle and call the quarters.  Light the quarter candles.

          Call the Goddess:

Great Goddess Tara,

Goddess of Peace and Protection,

We beseech you,

Bring Peace to the World

Protect our Mother Earth.

Replace aggression with tolerance.

Help us cherish our differences.

Show us how to love our Mother,

How not to cause Her harm.

Help us take care of our Mother

As our Mother takes care of us.

Great Goddess Tara,

We beseech you,

Bring Peace to the World.

Protect our Mother Earth.

          Light the Goddess candle.

          Mix some sea salt in with the water, stirring three times deosil.

          Take the bowl of salt water and cleanse the stones. 

          Dry the stones with the cloth.

          Repeat with each cleansing:

Great Goddess Tara

We beseech you,

Bring Peace to the World.

Protect our Mother Earth.


I pledge to do my part

to replace aggression with tolerance

and help to cherish our differences.

I pledge to love our Mother and not to cause Her harm,

and to take care of Her as She takes care of me.

          Meditate on how you might do this.

          Release the Goddess.

Great Goddess Tara,

Go if You must, stay if You will,

You are always welcome here.

          Dismiss the quarters and take up the circle.

My Tara Ritual Altar

Tara altar


Sacred to Tara

STONE: Diamond, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, emerald, or any pink or green stones


FLOWERS: Lotus blossom, orange flowers, jonquils

ANIMALS: Owl, raven, sow, mare

INCENSE: Rose or musk

COLOR: All colors, but especially white and green

OTHER: Rainbow

Tara shrine

Details of my Tara Shrine

Tara shrine

The sow and the owl are both sacred to Tara, as are pink stones and orange flowers.

Tara shrine

Pink and green stones are sacred to Tara.  Her colors are white and green.  The altar cloth is white satin and the backdrop is a natural green fabric. 



The above original drawing by Peace Whitehorse is a simple representation of some of the things that are sacred to, or represent, Tara.  The lotus, the owl, the scent of jonquils and the rainbow are all sacred to her.  The seven eyes, the third eye and the star represent her.

The Goddess Tara Vowed:

"There are many who wish to gain enlightenment
in a man's form,
And there are few who wish to work
for the welfare of living beings
in a female form.  

Therefore may I, in a female body,
work for the welfare of all beings,
until such time as all humanity has found its fullness."


Tara's Meaning For Us

Tara has many gifts to share with women today.  She embodies the great feminine strengths of caring and compassion, the ability to endure stressful and terrifying situations, acts of creation and the source of nurturance and protection.

Green Tara is reported to have guided and protected refugees fleeing the Chinese occupation of Tibet.  

White Tara embodies Inner Peace and Spiritual Acceptance.

Tara keeps us centered and reminds us of our oneness with all creation.

Tara guides and protects us as we navigate our inner selves.