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Three Faces of Brigid

Celtic Goddess, Voudou Loa and Saint


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Celtic Goddess

The Goddess Brigid is a powerful deity whose influence and worship has extended through eons and spatially across the continent of Europe, eventually landing and settling in Ireland. She is a triple Goddess, and is worshipped as Goddess of fire, of healing, and of poetry and inspiration.


It is appropriate to call on Brigid in times of pain and sickness, of creative expression, fertility and pregnancy, and of divination. She is associated with scrying by firelight.




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Invocation to Brigid

By Erin Dragonsong


Star-eyed, Dawn-crowned, I am the torch bearer of eternal light, Daughter of the Morning, holding sunrise in one hand and the hearth fire in the other — offering life and civilisation. It is I who carry the torch of the Sun above the darkened hills; I who thrust the quenchless flame above the horizons of the sea.

I am the guardian of the future, watcher over destinies. In the hallowed gardens of the soul, I appear white-robed and radiant.

I walk in sorrow among the pains of the world and let them bathe My heart, then suddenly beholding the radiance of the Earth, break into songs of joy and laughter. In coloured tones of beauty, I call your heart to grief, exultation, and serenity.

In My dark pools of flame-kissed wells, those with eyes may see all things.

Honey-mouthed inspiration of song and story, sweeter My voice than the sweetest lute, to those who can hear Me. My breath is a flame and the flame is music.

My secret name is fire;

My inmost soul is radiant air;

My cloak is the verdant mysterious Earth;

the sacred waters are My star-dressed womb.

I am the Shepherdess, whistling to call you home; the Promise made that will be kept.

I have put songs and music on the wind before ever the bells of the chapels were rung in the West or heard in the East.

And I have been a breath in your heart.

And the day has its feet to it that will see Me coming into the hearts of men and women like a flame upon dry grass, like a flame of wind in a great wood.

Open the eyes and ears of your heart, and meet Me at the eternal flame!



Voodoo Loa of the Dead, Maman Brigitte


Maman Brigitte | Mythology wiki | Fandom

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Indentured servants of English, Irish and Scottish descent, during the centuries of British colonization, brought their traditions and sometimes actual poppets of Brigid with them as they crossed the ocean. Brigid gradually became assimilated into the religions of Haitian Voudon and New Orleans Voodoo. Brigid became one of the loa, which are the entities worshipped by practitioners of Voudon and Voodoo, namely those who were captured and enslaved on the African continent. She became known as Maman Brigitte, white consort of Baron Samedi, a powerful loa of death. Maman Brigitte is portrayed with red hair and white skin, and is a powerful loa of death and cemeteries.


Maman Brigitte is sometimes hidden behind representations of Mary Magdalene, as often happens with Voudon and Voodoo. She particularly respects those who respect the dead, and helps trapped lost souls and spirits.


To connect with Maman Brigitte, offer her pepper infused rum, black and purple candles and black roosters. In return she will offer you powerful protection, strong healing or fertility powers. She is especially powerful for dealing with matters of women needing protection from men. One way to invoke her protection is to go to a cemetery and locate the grave of the oldest female there, and call on Maman Brigitte. Offer her some hot spiced rum and invoke her powers.


One thing to keep in mind when working with the loa is that they take our connection with them very seriously. It would not do to approach Maman Brigitte frivolously, or without an appropriate offering. Once the petition has been made, it’s important to honor her when the request has been fulfilled, and back away from her respectfully. The loa can become possessive of those who approach them.

Maman Brigitte - Wikipedia

Maman Brigitte’s Magickal Symbol


St. Brigid of Kildare


St. Brigid of Kildare is revered as one of Ireland’s patron saints. Historically, a nun took the name of the Goddess Brigid. She is said to have been an early Christian nun, an abbess and a founder of several monasteries of nuns. Many of the stories surrounding St. Brigid parallel the lore of Goddess Brigid, and her feast day aligns with Imbolc, when devotees of the Goddess Brigid celebrate Her.


Prayer to Saint Brigid




You were a woman of peace.

You brought harmony where

there was conflict.

You brought light to the darkness.

You brought hope to the downcast.

May the mantle of your peace cover

those who are troubled and anxious,

and may peace be firmly rooted

in our hearts and in our world.

Inspire us to act justly and

to reverence all God has made.

Brigid, you were a voice for

the wounded and the weary.

Strengthen what is weak within us.

Calm us into a quietness

that heals and listens.

May we grow each day into greater

wholeness in mind, body and spirit.


(prayer courtesy of Catholic Faith Store)






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