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Created by Sea Dragon

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The archeological and literary evidence of Tiamat is the oldest known. It dates back to 2000 B.C.E. from Sumer and Babylon. However, the evidence and story of Tiamat is already slanted toward the emerging patriarchal culture. The popular story of Tiamat is a negative commentary on the feminine divine and nature, which requires restraint, destruction, and restructuring.

In the Babylonian epic Enuma Elish, Tiamat is the Mother-Goddess of the saltwater and through the sacred marriage to Aspu, who is the sweet water; they bring forth all creation in chaos and have numerous children. At the time of the writing of the Enuma Elish, Babylon was already patriarchal and so the Great Mother Goddess Tiamat required a consort for creation. The victors write history and this epic tale reflects this.

Tiamat Image

Attributes of Tiamat include, saltwater, creation, and motherhood. Through history she has been associated with Sea Dragons, however, the Enuma Elish doesn’t depict this. It simply describes her as having hindquarters, legs, an udder, a neck, a head, and eyes. Statuary of Tiamat is typical of Mother Goddess figures as female with breasts. The Sea Dragon association may have developed from association with chaos.

In the interest of the divine feminine history needs to be rewritten back to herstory, told not in the interest of the patriarchy, but rather in the interest of human beings. Zechariah Sitchin, in his book The God Wars, tells the story of Tiamat from the perspective that Tiamat was a planet found by another group of beings from space. These beings created humans and were seen as gods. They began to war amongst themselves for domination, eventually causing part of the planet Tiamat (Mother of Earth the Water Planet) to be partially destroyed creating a large crater in the pacific basin and the asteroid belt in the space between Earth and Venus. It is interesting to note that one of Tiamat’s children is called Ea. This has some consistency as well with the Enuma Elish in that part of Tiamat forms the Earth and part forms a necklace in the heavens and holds up the sky.

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Interpretation of the past comes form the writer and so taking creative license, here is Tiamat’s herstory, keeping to the archeological evidence only and allowing for positive perception of the divine feminine, and so creating a positive reality.

Tiamat is the Mother Goddess, Mother of Earth and all life. Tiamat is associated with salt water where life was first found and flourished. Tiamat is the all powerful and protective Sea Dragon defending her young and protecting them from all harm. She breaths fire to warm her children and give them life-giving waters. She created the earth and sky from her waters and bore all life from them as well. All creation is hers and all rituals of creation are hers as well.

Today, Tiamat’s most popular form is in the Dungeons and Dragons game as a powerful multi-headed dragon. Tiamat remains powerful, fierce, and feminine. A good perception for modern women as well.

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In designing a ritual for Tiamat, it needed to celebrate triumph instead of defeat under patriarchy. So the purpose of this ritual is to celebrate women’s ability to overcome and hold onto their power.

Colors for Tiamat will be blue and green to represent the waters of creation.
Saltwater as that is Tiamat’s main element.
Sea Dragon figurines to honor Tiamat’s power and beauty.
Blue and Green Candles.
Dragon’s Blood incense.
Music by Tiamat Lyrics from the album Sumerian Cry, once again to honor her.
Tiamat, Mother of All, Undefeated despite history’s words. Tiamat, Mother Goddess, We honor your herstory as all life continues through you. Tiamat, Sea Dragon, Goddess, You protect us all as your creation. Tiamat, At one with all Goddess Women, We accept our power in the creation of our lives.

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One last note, within the ritual for my own growth and wisdom, I asked Tiamat to be one of my matron Goddesses and along with Hecate’s wheel, I put a Sea Dragon patch on my jean vest as a symbol of this choice in my path spiritually.





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