White Moon Gallery Presents:
by Wren





We Art Goddess
By Wren
We began as a the Priestess who faced Her people and brought the men She chose forward to be embraced by Her sacred Prostitutes in honor of Her sensuality and Holiness.

We continued, hidden, as the Jewish bride who slipped away during the night to gather with others in a tent to celebrate the powers of menarche.

We were the factory worker who stood in front of a building, rallying her women co-workers to demand equal rights in the work place.

We were the Women of color who took rightful places at the front of the buses, trains and eating places of our “free” nation.

We are the Woman who lifted her veil on a city street in the Far East , and bowed silent as She was stoned to death for Her audacity.

We are Budapest , We are Shekinah, We are Monaghan.

We are Persephone, we are the Morrigan, We are Kuan Yin, We are Kali.

We are the Nurturer, We are the Warriors.

We are the Priestesses who again stand, facing our people, bringing them back into the Light of the day, and again into the Dark sacredness of our nights.

We are the Feminine Face of G-D.

We Art Goddess.
“Sweat standing beaded on Our brows
Heads turned to each other, eyes met as we bow
Knowing the Secret that kept us apart from
The others that knew naught of our rites
In the darkness.

A Sisterhood with no real name but
A difference shared that somewhere in
Out hearts we knew would again
Be brought before the man-made rules of governments
And churches.

We prepared the Way for Our Daughters as
We kneaded flat breads for Shabbat, as
We stood in food lines for commodities to feed
Our own, when the wars left us alone with our victory gardens.

We prepared the Way for Our Daughters as
We waited tables to pay for our tuition in order to
Learn more than our Mothers had been able to
Before us.

And now We can stand again,
Lighting candles as We call down
Transcendence to become
Immanence within Us.
For We Art Goddess.”
Pictures on Batik:

Mother Jones, Early Activist and Union leader for Women
Z. Budapest
Shekinah Mountainwater
Diane Stein
Rosa Parks
Rosie the Riveter
Unknown Iranian Woman
Mothers with children during Depression
WWII Women Factory
Early African American Quilt gathering
Janis Joplin

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