The White Moon Gallery Presents
by Andromeda

Origination is Greek Goddess
Color: White
Element: Fire
Her stone is the moon stone as having "once been believed that she is older than originally known and could be a pre-Hellenic Moon Goddess".
The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines By, Patricia Monaghan
Name Meaning:
~"A person who needs to feel safe, rescued and secure."
The complete book of Magical names By, Phoenix McFarland
~Andromeda was also known as "ruler of men" as well as "human sacrifice".
~Also known as The Chained Woman, The Ethiopian Princess.

In Greek mythology, Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopeia and Cepheus,
the king of Ethiopia. Andromeda's mother claimed that they were more
beautiful than the sea nymphs, the Nereids.

The Nereids felt insulted by this and complained to the sea god Poseidon. Poseidon threatened to send a flood and a sea monster to destroy the kingdom of Ethiopia. The king was advised by the oracle to sacrifice his daughter. Andromeda was chained to a sea-cliff to be devoured by the sea monster.

Perseus, the nephew of the king of the city of Argos noticed her as he was sailing by and immediately fell in love with her. He promised to rescue Andromeda if her parents would allow him to marry her. Cassiopeia and Cepheus accepted. Perseus killed the monster and freed Andromeda.

Andromeda insisted that their wedding be celebrated. Unfortunately, her parents had forgotten their promise to Perseus. After the marriage, Andromeda left her country to live with Perseus who later became the king of Tiryns and Mycenae. The goddess Athena placed the image of Andromeda among the stars as a reward for keeping her parents' promise.

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  M31, The Great Galaxy in Andromeda

Andromeda is a "V" shaped constellation best viewed in Autumn if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. It was one of the earliest constellations to be recognized. Andromeda lies near the celestial north pole, so only a few in the Southern Hemisphere can see this strangely shaped constellation in the spring.

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Setting our Fears Free and Honoring Andromeda

White Candle
2 Silver Candles
Sea Salt
A small piece of cheap chain, easily broken and of no value to you.

Bring your circle up as you normally would and create your sacred space.Ground and meditate for a moment on the task at hand.

Tonight we are honoring Andromeda and setting our pasts free with her. Once you have completed your moments of silence, light your candles. Silver, White, Silver.

Welcome Andromeda to your circle. Place your water in front of you and sprinkle the Sea Salt in while you say: Goddess of Chains, I honor you on this night and remind you of your strength and power.

Pick up the chain. Hold it over the water and say: This is the symbol of the chains that hold you, I wash my fears away and the waves that have crashed upon you. Placing the chain in the salt water.

Finally remove the chain and state with confidence as you break the chain apart: I set my fears free. I will not longer be afraid. I set you free Andromeda to help guide me. May peace and harmony find thee.

Take a moment to focus your energy on sending these fears away. Let the energy flow away in a large ball and farther and farther away.

Thank Andromeda for her attendance on this night. Close your circle. Take the salt water and make this your offering to Andromeda. Place this in a place of honor for her till it is gone.


Self Dedication Ritual: Rite to Andromeda

(I wrote this ritual as my self dedication ritual for Week 13, but also for my final project.)

Black Candle
Purple Candle
White Candle
Rose Water
Birch Tree Branch

I would begin with a cleaning of myself. A warm shower and washing with Eucalyptus and Citrus wash.
For this ritual I will be nude and before the ritual I would prepare my altar with offerings of salt and
rose water before a full length mirror.

I would begin with casting my circle with my birch tree branch. Creating my sacred space. Once this is completed, I will light my sage and ask that the herb clean mybody, mind and spirit. For I am about to enter my journey as clear and open as I can.

I will then light the black candle. Say:

"I am lighting this candle in honor of the person I want to leave behind."

Then light the purple candle. Say:

"I am lighting this candle as a middle group for the person I am traveling to become."

Finally light the white candle. Say:

"This is the candle to honor Andromeda, the name sake I desire to take."

I would meditate on the question. What is the level of my commitment? From here I would read out loud:

Wingspans reaching into eternity.
Andromeda filling my lungs till all I can do is breathe.
Andromeda is within and without.
Now Andromeda is with and without---you.
May Andromeda grant you bright blessings along the path. May She charge and
uphold you along the way. May Her love be a warm light guiding you ever

So mote it be.

I would open my circle and let the candles burn in Her honor till they can burn no more.

Copyright 2005 The Order of the White Moon

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