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Original Painting

I am Aradia, the avatar of the moon. I incarnated as a woman and walk among you. I have seen your poverty, your desperate lives, your need for love and food. I shared your misery for a long lifetime, and when I departed from your world, I left my instructions about what you should do when you need more advice and more power...

It was the Queen of the Moon who sent me, because there was so much pain and slavery among you. Diana despises slavery as the death of the soul. Freedom is the teaching she imparted to me, and by me to you, the freedom to live our lives according to her golden rule, "Do as thou wilt and harm none." This is the only rule you need...

I am Aradia, the first teacher and avatar. Welcome to magic, my children, my witches, welcome to the Full Moon's light. (1)

La Bella Pelegrina (The Beautiful Pilgrim)

Aradia de Toscano was born August 13, 1313 in Volterra, Italy.(4) Her mother was the Goddess Diana (2,3,4,5,6). Some refer to her father as Apollo, Lucifer (6), Dianus (3,4), or deny her father all together (2,5). She lived with the peasant slaves who had escaped into the hills and forests near Nemi, Italy. She taught the Old Religion and preached freedom (3,4).

Her fame spread to the Church and she was arrested for heresy and placed in prison. There she was tortured and sentenced to death. On the day the priests were to meet with her she was not found in her cell. She was later seen teaching the Old Religion to her people again. When later trapped by soldiers and priests, knowing there was no escape, she said, "I rebuke you, and I cast you out from the people because you teach punishment and shame to those who would free themselves from the slavery and the Church. These symbols and apparel of authority which you bear serve only to hide the nakedness in which we are all equal. You say that you serve your God, but you serve only your own fears and restrictions."(3)

She was arrested for heresy and treason. Again she was sentenced to death, and again she escaped. She returned to her followers and picked several upon whom to bestow her final teachings. She taught the Ages of past, Age of the Mother and Age of the Father. The current Age was the Age of the Son to be followed by the Age of the Daughter. Lastly she gave her people the Covenant of Aradia.(3) From Italy it is believed she traveled East, since persecution of witches had begun in the West.(4)

The persecution of witches did not occur in Italy until the mid to late 1300's. This is later than the rest of Europe. It was documented in 1508 by Bernardo Rategno, an Italian Inquisitor, that an increase of the "witches sects" begun approximately in 1350. This would correspond with the time Aradia would have been in Italy teaching the Old Religion.(4)

Queen of Witches:

Aradia is a teacher, teacher of the Old Religion (3,4). She is also protectress of witches (2,6). She is an intellectual Goddess with the fire of an Amazon burning within her. Her color is yellow and her element is air (5). She is a moon Goddess (5), more specifically associated with the waxing moon cycle. Her symbol is the red garter (6). Aradia is the founder of the Strega Tradition (3,4,6). She has the spirit of the Maiden, the ability to nurture, as does the Mother, and the wisdom of the Crone.

The Spirit of Aradia
(The Teachings)

Daughter of Moon and Sun:

Protection Chant
by Arteal

Aradia, I wish to remain free
to practice the magick
that you once taught me.
Be with me now in my time of need.
Cast your Amazon spirit upon me!

Aradia & the Moon
Sacred Source


This ritual is to be done at the start of a new project, beginning a new spiritual path, returning to school, pursuing a new intellectual journey, or starting a new job. The theme is 'entering the unknown.' It is to be performed on the New, Waxing, or Full Moon. Your guide for this ritual will be the Goddess Aradia. This will be a quiet meditative ritual. You will need a drawing of the Spirit of Aradia (shown above) and a candle to represent your new endeavor.

Prepare for ritual as you traditionally do. Cast your circle and call the corners/elements. Sit comfortably before your altar. State the purpose of the ritual. Begin to focus on your new endeavor, what is it and what it means to you. Light your candle. Begin to stare at the Spirit of Aradia. Quiet your mind, relax your body, and breathe deeply. As you relax, close your eyes. Your body and mind are now relaxed.  You are standing in front of a large hedge row. It is at least twice as tall as you are and reaches out miles in either direction. You see an opening and enter. You walk until you either have to make a left or a right. Which way do you go? You begin to realize what you have entered.  It is a labyrinth. Somehow you know the way to the center and locate it without anxiety or alarm. In the center there is a young woman. You immediately realize who she is.  She is Aradia. What does she look like? As she begins to approach you, what does she say? Is it related to your new endeavor? Now is the time to address any concerns or fears you may have about this new endeavor. Share with her freely and honestly. What does she have to say about your concerns? If you have no concerns or anxieties then share your joys and hopes for your endeavor. When you are done sharing and have listened to all Aradia has had to say, give her a gift. Does she give you anything? You find your way out of the labyrinth easily and return to your circle.

Spend some time thinking about your meeting with Aradia. Was it what you expected? Spend as much time as you need in the circle. Perhaps you wish to sit quietly, give thanks to the Goddess, hum, or chant. Ground energy and open the circle. Do not forget to give thanks to all who were present.

from Sacred Source

The Covenant of Aradia

• Observe the times of the Treguenda, for therein is the foundation of the powers of Stregheria.
• When good is done to you, then do good to another. If someone wishes to repay you for a kindness, then bind them to go out of their way to help three others; then this shall clear the debt.
• Do not use the arts of Stregheria to appear powerful among others. Do not lower the standards of the Art and thereby bring contempt upon the Old Ways.
• Do not take the life of anything unless it is to preserve life, yours or another's.
• Do not give your word of honor lightly, for you are bound by your words and by your oaths.
• Do not bow before any authority over you unless it is of the gods. Instead, cooperate with others but do not be a slave and always preserve your honor. Give respect to others and expect respect in return.
• Teach all who appear worthy and aid the continuance of the Old Religion.
• Do not belittle another's religious beliefs, but simply state your own truths. Strive to be at peace with those who differ.
• Do not purposely cause harm to another, unless it is to prevent true harm to yourself or another.
• Strive to be compassionate to others, and be aware of the hearts and minds of those around you.
• Be true to your own understanding and turn away from those things which oppose the good in you, or are harmful to you.
• Hold reverence to all within Nature. Destroy nothing, scar nothing, and waste nothing; live in harmony with Nature, for the ways of Nature are our own ways.
• Remain open in your heart and in your mind to the Great Ones who created all that is, and to your brothers and sisters alike.(3,4)

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