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Goddess of the Milky Way

James Wappel Studios

Created by Bianca

Come into My Silver Web

I am the change that transforms

I’ll spin you a silent silken shroud

A tomb from which to be born.

Arainrhod’s Shrine

Her Role

Sacred Source

Arianrhod is the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. She embodies the Mother and is forever a Virgin. She can birth children but is by no means obligated to any man. She represents silver, wheels and a sheaf of wheat.

She is the Goddess of Moon, Fertility and Fate. Her name literally means "Silver Wheel". She is the Goddess of reincarnation and over sees the dead between their incarnations and protects us between as we leave this life and move into the next life. The ancient astrologers in Wales took their forecasting from the Moon’s position and her relationship to the stars ‘Arianrhod’, as we know as the "Milky Way." Her spirit has an eternal quality, no beginning and no end. A lady of destiny. She symbolizes dreams and prophecy.

Her Story

Arainrod is a Welsh Goddess that was conceived in the writing of a medieval story called Mabinogion. She lived in the palace in the heavens known as Caer Arianrhod (Aurora Borealis). Her story begins with Gwydion who is the counselor to Math the King. The only way he could stay alive was to have his feet resting on the lap of a virgin at all times. The only exception was when he went into battle. During a battle the virgin who held his feet was raped so there was a need for a replacement. In order for Gwydion to get back in good graces with the King he suggested Arainrhod as a substitute. To test her virginity she was asked to step over the King’s magick wand. As she did she gave birth to a child. Feeling humiliated she ran away and as she did she dropped something. The first child has lost to the sea. It turns out what she had dropped was another child that had been kept secret from her. When this was known to her she was angry and placed three curses on the child. Gwydion worked hard to break the curses. The final curse was that the child have no human wife. King Math and Gwydion worked magick to make a woman out of flowers to be his wife. The third curse was broken. She felt humiliated by King Math, thwarted by her son and forsaken by her brother. With that she retreated to her castle Caer Arianrhod.

< Arianrhod’s Message for Women of Today

Courtney Davis

When you look into the sky at night and see the vastness of space filled with millions of stars that defines our universe know that we all come from the same cosmic dust. Everything originated from there and we are directly connected to her through time and space. Arianrhod’s presence gives us our sense of eternity and our timeless journey through the process of living, dying and being reborn. Our mother the moon is her voice that translates the wisdom, courage and independence all women need to stand on their own. Our sense of well being is not defined by men or the laws of men. Men can not have power over us as long as we know who we are and what we need to do for ourselves. We are not a possession to be owned.

Arianrhod reminds us that our soul is eternal and forever learning and growing through each incarnation. Life gives us many challenges to work through and we are exactly where we should be at all times. The Silver Wheel that is Arianrhod is our home amongst the stars.

There are those difficult times in life when we need to feel safe and protected and this is what Arianrhod stands for. She is there to help us through the process of changing whatever is getting in our way of growing. She reminds us to be gentle with our selves as we continue our souls journey.

Ritual for Arainrhod

Each year there is a Festival on December 2nd to celebrate Arianrhod. I thought I would create a ritual keeping in mind the time of year and it’s Astrological influence. This falls in the sign of Sagittarius. With this in mind I am reminded that the Archer’s arrow is aimed directly towards the heaven’s which is her home in the stars. Always striving for a higher purpose in this life from the previous one. One guiding principle of this energy is clear insight and the joy that is associated with living a life that is aware of a higher purpose. This fits very well with her aspect of the protector of the soul as it awaits a new birth.

Offerings for Arianrhod are silver coins, candles of green and silver. Use twelve votive candles and place them in a circle around you. Each one representing the signs of the Zodiac. Take a wand, a silver kitchen utensil or a shaft of wheat to use as a conductor for energy. Burn incense of your choice.

Place a circular silver object (coin, plate or anything that to you represents a silver wheel) in front of you on the floor. Ground yourself and cast your circle.

Spin your silver object and focus your attention on the light that is reflected from your candles onto this object.

How are you evolving and what do you want to bring into your life right now that will bring you a greater sense of purpose and joy.
When this picture is clear hold your wand or whatever you have chosen high in the air.

Feel the life giving energies of Arianrhod flowing down through this conductor into your fingers, hand, arm and filling up your entire body. When the energy has manifested within you rest your wand in your lap and meditate on the areas of your body that have been opened up. Hopefully this ritual can get you in touch with some area of your life that needs special attention in order to grow. Open your circle and blow out your candles

Poem for Arianrhod

From behind the Moon she appears
Her gown shimmering brightly
Each thread of her Garment
Woven from the Silver threads of time

Silver Lady of the Moon
Spin your web of Dreams
Hold me gently in your arms
And rock me fast to sleep

Mother Arianrhod
Create a web for me
a place in between the world’s
when life set’s me free

As we lay sleeping
Dreaming of what went before
She guards our Soul
and protects our Spirit

Mother Arianrhod
Create a web for me
a place in between the world’s
when life set’s me free

Since time began she’s Mothered us all
In the Meantime of the Soul
Her web protects us
Cosmic Mother of us All

Mother Arianrhod
Create a web for me
a place in between the world’s
when life set’s me free


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Courtney Davis

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