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Goddess of the Forest


Independent Ė Self-reliant Ė Untamable Ė Free


A Level II Final Project for The Sacred Three Goddess School Created by Adept Autumn Faol Dream Weaver


(©2019. All original material in this work is under copyright protection and is the intellectual property of the author.)



Getting to know Artemis

(pronounced Are Ė Ti Ė Mis)

Her Birth

The birth of Artemis begins much like a Shakespearian classic filled with love, jealousy and deception.Her Mother Leto was favored by Zeus and after some time Leto became pregnant with twins.However, Zeus didnít marry Leto, but he chose to marry his sister Hera, while Leto still was pregnant.

Zeusís new wife Hera was angrily jealous of Leto and fearful of the twin Gods she would give birth to. So, she tried her best to get rid them. First, she forced Leto out of Olympia to wander alone.None of the other Gods were willing to help her due to their fear and or loyalty to Hera. Then Hera sent Python the serpent, to hunt Leto down and kill her to prevent her from giving birth.

However, Zeus felt sorry for Leto and set a North Wind called Boreas to help carry her to the sea where she came upon a barren island called Delos.This is where Leto gave birth to Artemis and her twin brother Apollo.Artemis was born first and then according to Greek Mythology, nine days later she helped her mother deliver her twin brother Apollo.


Her Youth

Greek Mythology tells us that Zeus sent for Artemis on her 3rd birthday and asked her what she would like.Below were a few of her requests:

         Silver bow

         Remain a virgin forever and not to belong to anyone but herself

         50 Ocean Nymphs to sing for her

         20 Wood Nymphs to hunt with her

         Pack of hounds

         To have more names then her twin brother Apollo


With these gifts granted and a few more, Artemis became the Goddess of many different aspects.


She is known as the Goddess of:

         The hunt



         The Moon


She is also known as:

         Protector of the Wilderness

         Protector of Animals

         Protector of Children and Woman


Her Powers

Artemis was also gifted with some amazing powers:

         Ability to change and shapeshift into animals

         Ability to change other humans into animals

         Heal or kill mortals instantly

         Perfect aim with her bow




         Look any age she wants (this is my favorite)



Animals Sacred to Her



         Buzzard Hawk



         Guinea Fowl



Plants and Herbs Sacred to Her

         Cypress Tree


         Artemisia or wormwood

         Silver Fir






See the source image†† ††††† Image result for Mugwort Artemisia Vulgaris†††††††††††† See the source image

Cypress ††††††††† ††††††††††Mugwort†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††Cedar Swamp in the Everglades


Crystals associated with Her



         Dendritic Quartz




A Call to Artemis

Written by Autumn -Faol

When working with Artemis I place the following herbs and berries on the alter:

Elderberries, Motherwort, White oak bark and Sandalwood oil


Artemis wild and free

Teach me

Artemis wild and free

Guide me

Sister of the Forest

Keeper of the Woods

Share with me your gift

Protector and communicator to the animals and trees

Bless me, let your moon shine upon me

This is my will, harm to none, so mote it be


A Call to Deer

I call to deer gentle and pure

Show me the path to heal and be cured

I call on deer gentle and kind

Show me the path to heal that is mine

I follow your lead wherever you guide

I honor your gifts you share at this time


I painted this during my frequent deer interactions while working with Artemis.After the car accident (mentioned below) I was afraid of the hidden deer surrounding the woods we live in, that at any moment while I was driving one of them could plow into my car, so I was searching for the beauty of deer again.I found a similar print on Etsy by Frank Donoto whose shop is called The Mind Blossom.The print spoke to me and reminded me of the beauty and peacefulness of Deer.It made me think of Artemis and her wild forest.I found much healing while I was painting it.I added the triple moon as a reflection of Artemis.










Temple of Artemis in Ephesus

Ephesus was an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia which is known today as Turkey





Interesting add ons:

While working on this project I had a few unique deer encounters.It started when I told my daughter she had a lot of deer energy one day when she was leaving for school.She has a very peaceful presence.That day two does arrived and began to eat some old pumpkins I left outside.I was working on my Artemis project when I noticed them coming into the yard. They stayed for about an hour.They didnít run off when I went outside to film them.









The second encounter was not so peaceful when a Buck came ran out of the woods one night and hit me and my daughter on my driver side.Physically we were okay, although a bit shaken up, sadly my car didnít feel very well after and incurred $8K in damage. The Buck thankfully was okay, he left a hoof print on the hood of my car and walked away.


In addition to this it felt like every time I went on social media there would be pictures or videos of deer.Two that I affected me the most was a video circulating on Facebook of a huge Buck roaming the inside of a beautiful church nosing around at the alter and there was another video of a location that had hundreds of deer just laying around.Everywhere I turned I seemed to be inundated with deer energy.Iím not sure what it all means other than deer was here to make it self known, one way or another, but it was very interesting none the less.











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