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AsherahThe Canaanite Goddess Asherah is one of the earliest known Goddesses, with references to Her going as far back into the Old Testament of our modern day bible, and even before that era of civilization as well. (references to Asherah date back as far as 3500-500 BC). Known by many names, including Astarte, Inanna and Anahita; Asherah was considered to be the Great Queen of Heaven and Earth. She was the bride of Baal and some even say the Bride of Yahweh. There are accounts that once Yahweh conquered Baal, son of El; he took Asherah as his prize to be his own.

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Her special gifts include a great capacity for kindness and love with special influences as an oracular Goddess: she had a natural talent, gifted with foreseeing the future. As those who follow in her footsteps are well aware, not everyone likes nor appreciates those who are able to divine, and She is therefore also a Goddess with special affinity for those faced with great trials and overwhelming odds. Calling out to the King of Her time to save Her people trapped in ancient Persia, she is a Goddess who represents moral strength, Kindness wielded with a Golden stick.

Because She is such a strong and passionate individual with strong moral fiber, Asherah is often called upon during planting season:- She rewards those who work hard and have good intentions with an abundant harvest. Trees are sacred to Asherah. This writer must Thank Asherah for her Grace. As a professional reader, when I first began reading, before I even knew who Asherah was and had been gifted with Her namesake; I used to lay my cards out in the traditional Kabbalah "tree of life" formation. I've always gone around hugging trees for no "reason" and I have collected stray branches for years, much the same way other people collect matches or stamps.  It seems Asherah knew I was Her Own Child long before I did! Considering that I am also Jewish and Lebanese in heritage, it seems truly fitting to have been given Her name in this lifetime. Blessings and all Thanks to Asherah, Queen of Heaven and Earth!

Asherah goes through the natural stages of the Goddess within Her own lifetime, going from young girl to blossoming into the flowering of Her womanhood, to the Wise lady of our later years. As Queen of Heaven, She must find a suitable consort; not just anyone will do. This Goddess was rich and self-assured in her sexuality as she grew older, indeed many depictions of asherah demonstrate her holding her ample bosom: she was said to have suckled Kings and even The Gods themselves... yet because She holds the title Queen of Heaven and Earth, she is also called upon to pass great tests put upon Her. She must complete various Shamanic journeys into the dark below, and it is through passing these tests that Asherah, rather like the Phoenix that must die and burn to be reborn stronger, comes into Her own and is able to rule effectively. It is said that once the patriarch time of kings came into full affect, She and all the temples dedicated to Her worship were destroyed.   Asherah was banished and spent many years trying to gain the freedom of those loyal to Her.


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The great Goddess Asherah came to me that night
We spoke for hours until dark became light
All that had happened, Asherah had known
For she had waited to come until I was alone.
Asherah showed me, all that was right
Her essence overshadowed me with the Truth's Light
As Asherah opened her mouth to speak
The darkness receded, illusions became weak.
She spoke of the ages, now long past
She spoke of the future, coming so fast
Together we saw, what we knew to be true
The mortals had died but the sky remained blue.
We spoke of what could have been
and dreamt of what should have been
But it wasn't to be.
We sat there together, sitting so near
Yet even together, we could not shed a single tear.
I finally spoke as the end drew near
We knew of this fate, we saw it so clear
Conceit and self centeredness had caused this to be
All this destruction because one couldn't see.
Then in a moment, Asherah rose to leave my place
A funny thing happened, I saw a smile on her face
And in that final moment, she turned to say
We will start again tomorrow, for it is a brand new day.
A wonderful prayer and ritual to Asherah found in 365 Goddess is actually quite reminiscent of The Prayer of Saint Francis of Azzizi.

" Lady, make me an instrument of kindness and mercy, let my words be gentle and true, my actions motivated by insight and fairness. Where there is prejudice, let me be the bearer of tolerance. Where there is uncertainty, let me share your vision. Where there is disharmony, let me sow love. Amen."


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