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the Goddess Becuma

created by Qu'aryn Teal Moon

The story of Becuma is one of love and jealousy. It is a story of lessons learned and of a woman's perseverance. Becuma is a goddess for anyone who has the normal problems associated with living in a blended household. In these days of second (or more) marriages, Becuma is a Goddess who reflects our reality because she learned to make the best of her mistakes.

Her Story:
Becuma came from the land of Faery. After a while she chose to leave her husband and fell in love with another. And so she was banished to the earth where she met and married Conn of the Hundred. His wife had recently died, so this was a second marriage for him, also. Things between Becuma and Conn were well, but she was jealous of her stepson, Art. So to prevent problems between them, she had Conn send Art on a one year quest.

Jessica Galbreth's "Becuma"

Becuma's story is also a tale of trials and survival. Becuma, having come from the Land of Faery, was stripped of most of her faery powers, but she retained much of her memory of the land. She ruled with Conn over Tara, so she still kept her connections to the Faery there. After Art returned from his quest, she challenged him to a game a chess. Each of them lost a game which resulted in tests for both of them, but when Art returned from his seemingly impossible quest he became king of the land. Since he was now king Becuma was once again driven away from her home. At the end of the story Becuma was banished from Ireland and as James Stephens puts it, “she went to Sasana and she became a queen in that country, and it was she who fostered the rage against the Holy Land which has not ceased to this day.” James Stephen's version of Becuma of the White Skin can be read at the Celtic Folklore site. (editor note: Link no longer active)

Throughout her trials Becuma dealt with her circumstances and apparently even thrived in spite of them. The word sasana means “teachings of the Buddha”, so Becuma has connections to Buddhism in general which makes Her a good choice for helping to blend Buddhist or Zen meditations in your daily practice.

D. J. Conway says in magick and ritual “Let Becuma teach you lessons about unnecessary jealousy, and use Her energies as you would any Goddess of sovereignty.”

Jessica Galbreth's "Drawing Down the Moon"


Two types of rituals in which Becuma can be called upon are rituals for jealousy and rituals for harmony at home.

To perform a ritual choose from amongst the following correspondences for candle colors, incense, gemstones, tarot cards and herbs to have at your altar:

Jealousy (to control or release):
Choose from any of the following combinations of colors, herbs, gems, essential oils and tarot cards to use for a spell on jealousy:

Colors: green (for jealousy), white (for the absence of negative feelings)
Herbs: Valerian, Apple, Honeysuckle
Gemstones: Jade, Amethyst, Topaz, Moonstone
Essential Oils: Lavendar, Chamomile, Lemonbalm (or any other calming oil)
Tarot cards: The Lovers, Three of Cups
Moon phase: Waning (to release negative emotions)

Harmony at home:
Choose from any of the following combinations of colors, herbs, gems, essential oils and tarot cards to use for a spell on harmony at home:

Colors: pink, blue, white
Herbs: Gardenia, Lavendar, Morning glory, Olive, Pennyroyal, Vervain, Violet
Gemstones: Blue Agate, Amethyst, Coral, Malachite, Obsidian, Sapphire
Essential Oils: Lavendar, Chamomile, Lemonbalm (or any other calming oil)
Tarot cards: Emperor, Empress, Ten of Cups
Moon phase: Full (to help foster harmony)

To perform a ritual, take a cleansing bath. Prepare your altar with the appropriate herbs, candles and tarot cards and open the circle by inviting the four directions and asking Becuma to join you for Her guidance. Light your chosen candles and/or incense.

For a jealousy spell, you want to perform it at sunrise, since that is the best time to release guilt and jealous feelings. Holding a piece of jade chant: "Green green, jealousy's dragon, hie thee away from me, flee from me to your lair, leave me, my body, and my soul in the peace you found me."

Peace and harmony spells should be performed at sunset. Peace and harmony can be helped by using the appropriate number of strings to represent each person in your family and tying them together in a knotted rope while chanting;

Jessica Galbreth's "Gothic Faery"

“Harmony stay in this place.
Let chaos never show it’s face.
Keep it bound and grant your peace.
As I will, so mote it be!”
(from Dorothy Morrison’s “Everyday Magic”)

Ask Becuma to help you with your problems and to watch over you in your life that you may always thrive in spite of what problems may arise.

You may want to meditate now on the problem by visualizing the solution that you would like to see.

When you are finished, remember to thank Becuma for her help and open the circle by thanking the four directions and any others you invited to join you in your circle.

Blow out your candles and feel the peace which has entered your life.

Sacred to Her:

Red satin smock

Green cloak with gold fringe

Bronze sandals

Original Poem:

Becuma's Story
by Qu'Aryn Teal Moon

You were born blessed in the Faery Realm,
Becuma, with your skin so white.
As we go through our own journeys;
Bless us with your thoughts tonight.

You longed for experiences on other shores;
So left in your cloak of green.
You traveled with your head held high;
You went to sights unseen.

You found love on the other shore,
But with your love came pain.
You kept your pride while living there,
Even though you lost the game.

So once again you left your home,
To travel to distant lands.
You took all that life gave you
And made magic from its strands.

Becuma with your skin so white,
Bless us with your thoughts tonight.

That we may understand what makes,
A life of good from our mistakes.

Let us learn from what you tell,
That our lives too will turn out well.

Blessed Be!

Jessica Galbreth's "White Witch"



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Internet Sites:

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