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Historical Myth.

Blodeuwedd is a Welsh Dark/Death Goddess. She was made out of 9 flowers by two male magicians, Gwydion and Math, to be thebride of Llew. Blodeuwedd wanted to marry another man named Goronwyn. She had him spear Llew. Gywdion saved him by turning him into an eagle and then turned Blodeuwedd into an owl as punishment.

Once a love Goddess, Blodeuwedd is now a Goddess of Death and Wisdom. She is also an older aspect of another Goddess, The White lady, accordingto Maria Gimbutus. Robert Graves speaks of the White Goddess in his poem. Prayers to Blodeuwedd would center around the death of someone, a change in your life, and the naming and healing of your shadow side. As any Dark Goddess, Blodeuwedd transforms you.

Here is an example of a prayer for someone crossing over to the other side:
Light a white candle and say, 
"Blodeuwedd guide the soul of (name of person) in your gentle embrace,  
your wings wrapped protectively around him/her,  
the wheel of life turns blessings during the warm blanket of death."

Associations & Symbols.

The phase of the moon that represents Blodeuwedd is the dark moon. It is a time for going within yourself. The cold winter wind carries her name across the land. Her colors are white and black. They symbolize the light that is beyond death.

Belladonna and Henbane are herbs associated with her. They can be used in magick spells. (A word of caution about these herbs. They are extremely deadly if ingested and should only be used by one who has studied them.) Belladonna was used in ancient times, it was said, to make one fly. Astral projection can be done by using this oil placed on the third eye.

Here is a magick spell for ending something in your life 
and bringing about change. 
On the night of the dark moon, gather these items:
white candle, black candle, Belladonna incense, 
picture of an owl, paper, pen, cauldron, lighter

cast a circle
light the Belladonna incense
write down on a piece of paper what you want to get rid of

As you light the black candle say, 
"Blodeuwedd, I ask you to help me (what your purpose is)."
Light the paper and put it in the cauldron. 
See this gone from your life.

"As things must die, so does (what your purpsoe is). 
Blodeuwedd carry away on your wings (what your purpose is)."

Light the white candle and say, 
"White Lady, Owl of Transformation, bring change to my life."

Write down what you want changed in your life. 
Light the paper and put in cauldron. 
See this change already have happened.

Say, "It is done. Thank you Blodeuwedd. So mote it be!"

The time of year assciated with Blodeuwedd is Samhain (more commonly known as All Hallows Eve). She would be honored on this night by lighting fires and casting personal objects and wishes onto the flames. It is a night when the veils are the thinnest bewteen this world and the spirit world. On Samhain, food was set out as an offering for the spirits. "InWales, a mash of 9 sorts was made. It contained potatoes, carrots, turnips, peas, parsnips, leeks, pepper, salt and milk" (Kondratiev). It is interesting that just as the mash was made out of 9 elements, Blodeuwedd was made of 9 flowers.

On Samhain night, say this prayer to Blodeuwedd
"Dark night sheds
light is born
Blodeuwedd show me my shadow
so I may heal and transform." 

Then meditate and do a form of divination. 

Blodeuwedd's lesson is to help us face our fears and transform. 
To help us understand death as a part of life.

Andy Harmer
used with permission


Here is a poem I wrote in honor of Blodeuwedd, The White Lady,
who appeared to me last summer in a dream.

White lady of the dark
silent in flight
let out a primal scream
in the dreamworld you did come to me
the sister world of death
at the bottom of the lake
my eyes saw you
swimming down to you
hand reaching out to me
third time down underwater
I reach your death grasp
warm embrace your wings give me
your soul sheds its skin
to be born anew
Blodeuwedd turn the wheel of life you do
once again we meet
in this timeless dance of mystery


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