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Celtic Cross

Her Prayers and Magick

The Goddess Brid (Pronounced - breed) is the great mother Goddess of Ireland. No matter which version of her name that you speak, Bridget, Brigit, Bride, Breo Saighead, Brigindo, Brigan, Brigantia, Brigantis, or even Biddy, she will hear your voice calling to her.

When one opens her heart to the Goddess Brid, a woman can expect to be flooded with inspiration. She was with me before I was born. As a child, I wrote poetry, danced freely to music, and was comforted with a wonder of nature. As a teen, I drew labyrinths and instinctively found protection in a spiritual ring of fire. Even though I was blind to her presence, she has patiently guided me through my life like the understanding Mother that she is.

Brid has many symbols that can be used for magickal or prayer purposes. Her animals include the swan, a white cow with red ears, the wolf, the snake, and the vulture. She is associated with the cauldron, springs, and wells. Milk and blackberries are her sacred foods. Brid can be seen in flames and the hearth of your home.

Her even armed cross is one of the most ancient and powerful symbols. White is her color and the number nineteen is her number. She has long been connected with the trefoil, shamrock, triquerta, and any solar signs. She is a Goddess that you can call upon for almost anything. Brid is the Goddess of fire, the sun, poetry, crafting, inspiration, healing, midwifery, divination, smithcraft, fertility, animal magick, music, protection, and creativity. Here are a few ways that you may connect with her for magick and prayers.

Irish Prayer to the Goddess

Brid, gold-red woman,
Brid, flame and honeycomb,
Brid, sun of womanhood
Brid, lead me home.

You are a branch in blossom.
You are a sheltering dome.
You are my bright precious freedom.
Brid, lead me home.

Prayer Beads for Brid

Count out and use nineteen Howlite beads. Nineteen is a scared number to Brid. Howlite was chosen for its ability to facilitate awareness and encourage emotional expression; this is helpful for artists of any type. White is also Brid's color and they look like milk, which is one of her symbols. As the beads are put onto a braided natural thread, pray to Brid and concentrate on her aspects. Bring the ends together and tie them to a single symbol. For Brid you could use a sun, an even armed cross, a triquerta, a trefoil, or anything that feels right to you. It is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand. If you prefer something larger, do the same with three sets of nineteen in accordance with her triple Goddess aspect.

The Shield of Brid

a prayer for protection

This shield is said to protect one for natural and unnatural disasters.

Every day, every night
That I praise the Goddess,
I know I shall be safe:
I shall not be chased,
I shall not be caught,
I shall not be harmed.
Fire, sun, and moon
Cannot burn me. Not
Lake nor stream nor sea
Can drown me. Fairy
Arrow cannot pierce me.
I am safe, safe, safe,
Singing her praises.

A Spell for Healing

Take a green candle and carve nineteen even armed crosses into it. Light the candle for a few minutes every day for nineteen days. Or you may leave the candle lit for nineteen minutes.

To Help with a Craft Project

Say a prayer to Brid before starting your project and ask for her guidance while working on it. Then be sure to thank her when the craft project is complete. This is especially helpful to women who stitch.

To Honor Brid in Your Home

An effective way to honor the Goddess Brid in your home is to keep a white prayer candle lit whenever you are home. Ask for her guidance and protection for your home and family, especially your children.

If you are painting a wall in your home, use the new color to paint one of her symbols on your wall while saying a prayer to her. Perhaps to thank her for all the wonderful gifts that she has bestowed upon you. Then paint the wall over with the new color. It will not be visible, but energies and honor will remain.

Another great thing you can do is place one of her symbols over your hearth or stove. It would be best if it were something handmade or made of natural materials.

Fix a blackberry cobbler and serve it to your loved ones with vanilla ice cream.

The best way, of course, is to simply open your door and ask Brid in.

A Ritual for Inspiration

Fill your tub with very warm water and add herbs or bath salts of your choice. Carve Brid's symbols into a white candle. Light the white candle and turn off the other lights. While in the bath water, focus on the flame while asking for Brid's inspiration.


Write the inspirational need that you have on a piece of paper. Focus clearly on your intent and need. Place the paper in a cauldron and burn it. Burn it until it is nothing but ashes. Later, in the light of the sun, walk outside and send the ashes upon the wind whispering your thanks to Brid.


The Great Mother Goddess Brid was the largest source of inspiration and information. My artwork appears here as the background pattern -- it is the name Brid surrounded by a labyrinth type drawing. It is one single line drawn from the end of Brid. This was done with mediation and prayer.

I used information from the following books:
365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco
The Goddess Companion by Patricia Monaghan
Celtic Myth & Magick by Edain McCoy
Love is in the Earth by Melody

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