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Queen of the River Goddesses

Created by Tranquillity Fearn

Coventina is a Celtic river goddess known for healing. She is also associated with renewal, abundance, new beginnings, life cycles, inspiration, childbirth, wishes and prophecy. There are shines to her at Carrawburgh, along Hadrian's Wall. In worship to her coins and other objects were tossed into the wells as offerings for sympathetic magick. These wells represent the earth womb, where the Celts felt her power could be most strongly felt. Her symbols are the cauldron, cup, water, coins, broaches and wells. The moon that corresponds to her is the Reed Moon and her aspect is divination. A lot of the information on her has been lost, even so it known that she was looked upon as the queen of the river Goddesses. From Scotland comes her association with the underworld, where she was the Goddess of featherless flying creatures which could pass to the Otherworld. Being a river goddess she is connected the ebb and flow of time.

Coventina image by Jessica Galbreth
view her art at

She is depicted as a water nymph pouring out water from a vessel. A bas relief shows her as three nymphs pouring out water of jars.
There is also an assoication of her to "The Lady of the Lake" from the story of King Arthur found at

For personal clarity resite this chant from 365 Goddess : A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess
by Patricia Telesco


Coventina, keep my magic pure;
within my spirit let goodness endure.

The Star from the Tranquil-Willow Tarot Deck
by Rowen Saille & Tranquillity Fearn

When using Coventina in ritual you can use the tarot cards of the Star and Judgement to represent her with decks that show a woman pouring water out of a jar. The Star is a good representation as shown by the picture from the Tranquil-Willow deck.

Wish Ritual to Coventina
written by Tranquillity Fearn

Body of water such as fountain or even a bowl of water.

Cast your circle as you would normal do. Surround yourself with a protective circle of light. Feel the calm peace and protection of the circle. Close your eyes and picture yourself walking down to river where Coventina's Shrine is. You are carrying your offering to Coventina. There is something you wish to ask of Coventina. Think of what this is. You are now at Coventina's Shrine. Here you see a well and an altar to her. Say the following chant three times:

Coventina, Goddess of the River;
This I call to you.
I give now this offering;
For the magick that you do.

Toss in your offering to Coventina into the well (fountain or bowl of water).

For a guided healing mediation using Coventina please check out Goddess Meditations
by Barbara Ardinger


365 Goddess : A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess by Patricia Telesco
Exploring Celtic Druidism by Sirona Knight
Celtic Myth & Magick by Edain McCoy

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