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(Dana, Anu, Anann, Danand, DNIESTR, DNIPER, Dôn (Wales), Danuvius (Roman), Duna (Hungarian), Donau (German)

A Level III Final Project for The Sacred Three Goddess School by Priestess Melita Moon

 (©2017. All original material in this work is under copyright protection and is the intellectual property of the author.)


Original Poetry

Danu, Mother Goddess
Life giver, mother of all
You give us life
We honour you
Through the elements that came from you
We breathe your air
We drink and bask in your water
We dance on your earth
We are in awe of your transformational spirit of fire
Queen Mother, giver of life
You bless us as your children
We have all that we need
We honour you
And give our thanks for all that you have bestowed upon us
We are always blessed
Guide us as your children
And work through us for the greatest good.

- Melita Moon


Mythic History

Danu is considered to be one of the oldest deities of Celtic mythology although there is little known about her.  She is the Mother of the Irish Gods and Goddesses, the Faery people and the Tuatha de Dannan, which means "people of the Goddess Danu", the first tribe that lived in Ireland.  She was their Protectress. 

Irish legend says that the Tuatha de Danann are the fairy folk; the fairies, pixies and brownies who inhabit the mounds, or Sidhe, of the Irish countryside.  Others say, that upon closer examination the Tuatha de Dannan were actually a people who inhabited Ireland in times long past. 

Most of Danu's myths and stories have been long forgotten.  Danu is thought to have married Bilé and was the mother of Dagda, the chief leader of the Tuatha Dé Danann.  In other myths, she is known as the daughter or the lover of Dagda.   Her other children may have included Nuadfa, Dian Cécht, Ogma, Airmid, Etan, Miach, Cian/Kian, Sawan and Goibhnui.

The oldest records about the Goddess were found in the Irish Lebor Gabala, from 1,000 C.E.  Her name means knowledge, wisdom, teacher, wealth, and abundance.  Her name is connected to water (particularly rivers) and could mean 'the flowing one'.  She also has a connection to the Fairy Hills.  In some writings, she is renowned for suckling Godlets (juvenile Gods).

Danu is the Goddess of fertility and abundance, associated with agriculture and cultivation.  She is considered to be an Earth Goddess, the Goddess of Wisdom and Wind, and also wields the magic of Divine Flow.

The symbols of the Goddess Mother were Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Amber, Rivers, Crowns, Fish, Gold, Holy Stones, Horses, Moon, Sea, Seagulls and Wind.



by Storm Phoenix

Ritual purpose:  Meeting the Goddess Danu and gaining wisdom

Items needed:  A blue altar cloth (to represent her flowing waters)
A glass bowl full of water
River stones enough to circle the bowl
Four white candles
Journal and pen 

Before ritual: Take a nice long bath if you can add a touch of Amber oil to the water. 
Perform a self blessing.
Dress in clean cloths and create your alter to Danu using the items above

Ritual body:  Cast Circle by visualizing a white light of protection in your sacred space. Ground and centre.  Sit quietly in your space, and breathe deeply.  Try to imagine a shining Goddess, tall and proud with ivory skin and blue green eyes.  She wears a flowing robe of watery blue silk and sliver.  She wears a silver of spirals on her head, and holds a great silver Basin from which all waters of life flow. 

With each deep breath you take, you begin to see a swirl of mist forming a trail.  Start to walk towards it.  There is a cave in front of you, go into it. You walk down a long winding stairway. On the other side there is a beautiful tall waterfall with its crystal clear water shining in the moon light. As you walk toward it, you see the river split into a fork. There is a nice mossy ground between the two streams; it invites you to sit and enjoy the sounds of the water flowing.  As you sit down you see a great deal of fish in the stream. The stream is so clear and you are thirsty.  You hear a voice say “Drink my child.”  Do what you are asked. Once you drink your fill, think about the goddess.  If you wish to meet her now, raise your arms up high:

“Lady Danu! Mother of the gods and of the Tuatha De Danann, Great lady of the flowing waters, Spirit of the rivers, mistress of the fertile lands, Giver of Abundant harvest. Join me here, I ask you to be here."

Watch as the mist begins to swirl around you.  When the mist clears you see a beautiful woman in front of you.  She smiles. Say hello.  Give her a gift.  Sit for a while and listen. What does the Goddess Danu have to tell you?  Stay as long as you like in this magical place.  She sits with you and wants to hear your woes, your questions.  Listen for her answers. She is a loving mother. 

Chant or sing to her. Sway like you are being rocked by the sea.  Let your heart and soul be cleansed by her healing waters. 
It is time to say good bye to the Goddess.  Thank her. Walk back through the mist.  Find yourself back in your sacred space, safe and sound.

Ground yourself, open your circle and go in peace knowing you can visit the great mother anytime you need her. 

Chant/Song to use:

The river is flowing,
Flowing and growing,
The river is flowing,
Down to the sea.
Mother earth carry me,
Your child I have always been,
Mother earth carry me,
Down to the sea.
-Author unknown





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