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Durga: Means the Invincible One

Other names known by: Mother Parvati, Kali/Haali, Devi, Uma, Shakti, Bhawani, Sati, Basanti, Mahishasurmardini, and most likely others yet undiscovered.

Durgas Children: Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesh.

Hindu mythology teaches that a buffalo demon named Mahish had threatened the Gods right out of Heaven and established his dominion in its place.  This caused a constant threat to the existence of the universe.  Due to this threat, all the Gods approached Shiva for his assistance.  Shiva advised them to release their spiritual powers (Shakti) and when they did this, the Goddess Durga was born fully-grown and full of rage.  The Shaktis of the Gods had emerged in female form in the Goddess Durga.  The Gods praised Durga and gave their divine gifts to her.  The Devatas also gave energy to Durga in the form of her various limbs and also the best jewelry and deadly weapons.  Durga was therefore beautiful, multi-faceted, and a strong warrior.  Durga represented supreme beauty and deadly power at the same time.  The myth continues and we learn that Durga set off on the back of a lion and she destroyed the lesser demons in a great battle.  Seeing this, Mahish, the demon buffalo, charged onto the battlefield.  This angered Durgas lion companion and the lion attached the demon buffalo Mahish.  Durga saw this and jumped on Mahish pushing him to the ground with her left leg.  Durga then grasped his head with her hand and pierced him with her sharp spear, which was held in another of her ten hands.  Durga then used her bright sword to behead Mahish.  After Mahishs death, the Gods returned to Heaven as well as the sages of the earth.  The all sang praises to the Goddess Durga and all the Gods in Heaven and also the humans on earth worshiped Durga.

Durga is considered to also be an eternal mother who resolves the hardships of those who are devoted to her.

Hindu mythology also teaches that Durga is a fierce form of Devi, the all-powerful mother Goddess.  

Durga Puja
Durga Puja is a festival full of tension between calm spirituality and ecstatic sensuality; which are the twin poles of Hindu religious worship.  Durga Puja is celebrated all over India with different festivities and rituals.  Durga Puja is celebrated in the autumn for 5-9 days. (September and October)  The mother Goddess Durga arrives to earth in the beauty of autumn, days full of mellow beauty and festivity.  Durga is everywhere.  The roaring wind, thrashing waves of the ocean, the beautiful autumn earth, the twinkling stars in the sky…She is seen in many forms and in many ways.

Creating a Shrine or Altar to Durga:

You can enjoy this altar on a daily basis or set it up during the autumn as a shrine to Durga Puja.  These are merely my suggestions only; feel free to tap into the spirt of the Goddess Durga in what she wishes you to do to make you shrine to her you very own.

Colors: Yellow and other colors that may inspire the fiery aspect of Durga. (red, orange) Also colors of autumn.  Or other colors you feel inspired to use in Durgas honor.

     Animal: Lion

Statute, Drawing, or other image of the Goddess Durga.

Candles:  Red, Yellow, Orange.  White is also appropriate as a substitute for the colored candles.

Remember that Durga is a warrior Goddess but in her other forms she is also Mother Goddess who helps her devotees.  She really does watch over all areas of life and one of her aspects/names will be appropriate.  Take time to meditate and decide what facet of Durga you need in your life.

Once your altar or shrine is constructed.  Bless it and cleanse it and celebrate a dedication of the altar.  

Prayer of Dedication of
personal altar to Durga:

“Durga, Goddess of Protection, known by many names, one being the Great Mother Parvati.  Hear my prayer.  May this sacred space be in your honor and may it be pleasing unto you.  Power, love, wisdom, strength and beauty.  Watch over me, oh great Goddess Durga.  Hear My prayer!”

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