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I am Epona (Ey-PONE-ah) known as the Goddess of Horses. My worship began with the Celtic Gauls and spread throughout Europe, the British Isles, Spain, France and Germany. Although you may only associate me with horses, there are many other attributes I possess. Please, let me tell you my story.
My father, Phoulonious Stellos, was a mortal man who disliked women and chose instead to mate with my mother. She was a beautiful divine mare. When she gave birth to me, she named me Epona, which means Goddess of Horses. Because of my unique parentage, I have the ability to reveal myself as either human or mare.

Horses were extremely important to the Celts of my time not only because they were hard to come by but also for their beauty, speed and bravery. I often ride upon a white horse which to the Celtic peoples depicted a spiritual significance as well as showing my high position among the other Celtic deities. My deep love and connection to horses provides them with protection, nurturing and healing. However, they aren't the only animals I am fond of. All animals hold a special place in my heart, particularly dogs, ravens, serpents and geese.

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Fertility is another aspect held sacred to me. Look for me in rivers and sacred waters. I bear wheat, baskets of fruit and cornucopias. I also hold the key to the Underworld with my horses as messengers between the worlds. At night you will find me present in your unconscious mind through dreams both good or bad. My Irish name is Mare  which many believe was the origin of the word "nightmare".
I have been called on by those defending themselves in times of war. In Sacred Marriage rites, it is I who was the bride granting sovereignty of the land and people to the reigning king.
To the Romans, I was known as Her Epona Regina, Epona August, and was often evoked as a triplicate the Eponae. I have the distinguished privilege of being the only Celtic deity to be adopted by the Romans in my Celtic form. I believe I won them over due to my relationship with horses and protection during battle. They often constructed altars in their stables with statues of me covered in rose garland. The Romans love for me inspired them to dedicate a temple in Rome to me as well as a festival on December 18th in my honor.
Your scholars have discovered numerous statues and shrines dedicated to me including hundreds found in France alone. One of the most amazing human depictions reported to be in my honor is the White Horse of Uffington. This is a 360 foot long chalk carving of a horse in Berkshire, England. Some believe making a wish while standing in the eye of this amazing monument will surely make the wish come true.
I truly hope you have enjoyed my story and will visit with me often. As you look throughout this wonderful world of yours I will be there, in the animals, the rivers, the fertility of the land and even in your dreams. I look forward to meeting again!
Things Sacred to Epona

Animals: horses (particularly mares and foals), dogs, birds, ravens, geese
Colors: black, white and blue
Festival date: December 18th
Food: oats, carrots, apples
Gemstones: azurite
Herbs: purslane, vervaine, coltsfoot
Other symbols: cornucopia, basket of fruit, keys
Related goddesses:
Mare in Ireland
Bubona in Scotland
Lady Godiva in England
Horsa by the Anglo-Saxons
Other horse associated goddesses taken from Epona's myth: Macha, Edain, Rhiannon, and Maeve
Call upon Epona for:
1. Protection and healing (particularly for animals)
2. To become fertile in mind, body and spirit
3. For dream enhancement and recall
4. To banish nightmares in children
5. To enhance pathworking and divination
6. To teach women the power of sovereignty
7. To teach women to be whole and complete within themselves
Healing Ritual for Epona
From: The Book of Goddesses by Roni Jay
Epona is a goddess of healing, so compose a four or five word expression of the healing you want her to bring about, for you or someone else. Write this down in the center of a sheet of paper, and roll the paper up into a scroll. Now close your eyes.
Begin to chant the words you have written. As you do so, visualize yourself standing in a green valley: in one hand you hold the scroll, and in the other a black velvet pouch. In front of you is a steep hill, and as you watch, a horse and rider appear on the brow of the hill. As they come down the hill toward you, you recognize Epona. When she reaches you, she takes the black pouch from your hand.
Still chanting, visualize Epona starting to ride up the hill behind you. You realize that the black pouch contains the illness, and you watch as she takes it away up the hill, faster and faster, until she, and the sickness, disappear over the horizon. Stop chanting and open your eyes. Tie the scroll with a white ribbon  and put it somewhere safe until the sickness has passed.

Epona is Your Name
by Willow Myst
Roses adorn your altar
The Romans respect your claim to fame
You possess great strength and beauty
Epona is your name
Beauty and grace surround you
But it is not that I am aware
It is what is found deep inside you
The way you show all that you care
As women you teach us many things
Within to be complete and whole
You help us discover through our dreams
To connect to our very souls
Fertility, abundance and healing
Are some gifts you do possess
Bestowing sovereignty upon the kings
To this I can attest
I call upon your gifts to me
Bring me your strengths the same
And I send my love and devotion to you
Epona is your name.

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