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Carrie Westfall

The Goddess Freyja calls upon us women to stand up and love ourselves. She wishes for us to put on our spiritual falcon cloaks and fly into new areas of our feminine consciousness. Our beautiful lady Freyja urges us to keep our spiritual sword at ready to defend our mind, body, and spirits against all limitations. For we are Freyja's daughters and we must respect ourselves as such.

Freyja is the Great Goddess of the Nordic Tradition. She is the Goddess of sexuality, power, beauty and magick. Freyja is the Queen and Commander of the Valkyries. Some of her other attributes are said to be devotion, strength, the sun, the moon, love, luck, protection, passion, eroticism and animals.

She is the Vanir Goddess of great power and magickal knowledge. The matriarchal Vanir were the peaceful agricultural deities of the Norse peoples before the Aesir (patriarchal) deities conquered the Vanir. Freyja was the greatest of the Vanir and the only one to survive the war with the Aesir.

Freyja is said to be the Goddess who taught women-kind magick. Her secret female-only teaching was called Seidr. This is an extremely powerful form of magick and spirituality, perhaps even Shamanic. Unfortunately, many of these teachings were lost when women would not share their powerful knowledge with males. Seidr was labeled evil and most of Freyja's teachings were destroyed.

With unsurpassed beauty, Freyja is said to appear driving a chariot pulled by two gray cats. She cries tears of gold when sad. Friday is her day since it is named in her honor. Her number is thirteen, so when Friday happens to land on the thirteenth, it is considered especially good for Freyja's followers.

Freyja has some magickal items that she is known to use. She always wears her necklace of amber called Brisingamen, a gift from four dwarfs (a possible reference to the four elements). It is said that when she appears wearing nothing but her Brisingamen, she is utterly irresistible to anyone. Freyja also has a falcon cloak (or skin) that she uses to shape-shift into a bird to travel into any of the nine worlds.

She inspires all sacred poetry, love, beauty, animals, sex, enchantments, witchcraft, wealth, trances, wisdom, magick, writing, and protection.

Daisy is Freyja's sacred flower and strawberries are her sacred fruit.

The cat and sow are Freyja's sacred animals. She has also been associated with the bear, falcon, horse, hare, raven, and the swan.

Herbs that are connected with Freyja are cowslip, daisy, mistletoe, primrose, and the strawberry.

Her sacred stone is Amber.

Kris Waldherr

~~~~~~~~SPELLS - SONGS - RECIPES ~~~~~~~~

**Protection for Cats**

Since one of Freyja's sacred animals is the cat, she will provide protection for your favorite kitties. All you have to do is ask and she will be glad to watch over them.

**Love Life Pick-Me-Up**

Share strawberries and chocolate with your lover. For a more passionate activity, feed the strawberries to each other.

If you are wanting love to come into your life, eat strawberries for breakfast to internalize self-love. This will open you up to the natural love opportunities that will come into your life.

**The Mirror, The Cat and The Moon Love Spell**

This spell is best when performed on Beltane Eve. Coax your cat to a small body of water, like a pond or a stream. You'll need a mirror, silk scarf, a white candle, and matches.

When you reach the water's edge, light the candle and hold it up to the moon and chant the following:

"Lovely Freyja, Queen of the Moon. Bring my true love to me by the end of June."

As the moon rises, let your cat study its reflection in the mirror for a little while. Then turn your back to the water and hold the mirror so that it reflects the moon and the moon's reflection on the water. Place the scarf over your face. Count the number of moons that appear in the mirror. If there are only two, a year must pass before you are wed. But if there are more, that is the number of months before nuptials will occur.

If your cat has strong magick, your true love's face will appear in the mirror, just for an instant.

**To Bring the Essence of Freyja Into Your Life**

The Goddess wants us to love ourselves. Wear gold clothing and amber jewelry and call upon Freyja to bring loving energies into your life.

Hrana Janto
A Scandinavian song 
to the Goddess

In fall Freyja left us
Traveling southward.
Now she returns again,
Bringing soft words.

Out of her golden hair
Spring flowers fall
Tumbling like melodies,
Sounding the call.

Chaste through the winter
Women now pine,
Wanting their lovers home
Sharing the wine.

**Freyja's Slushie**

1 Cup of sliced Strawberries
1 Cup of Crushed Ice
Honey to Taste
A sprig of fresh mint
Put all ingredients into an ice crushing blender and blend. Serve right away.

~~~~~~~~Art Project~~~~~~~~

I planted a garden in honor of the Goddess Freyja. I used daisies and a daisy bush. Primroses were nowhere to be found in the area at this time, they may be added later. A blue mirror ball was placed there to represent her powerful magick. The dragonflies represent spiritual swords.

I want to thank the beautiful and lovely Goddess Freyja for her inspiration, support, and guidance. It is her belief in me that made this page possible.



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