The White Moon Gallery Presents
Freyja: Lady of Magic, Sexuality and Battle
created by Heathwitch


Freyja by Lisa Iris
"Freyja", courtesy of Lisa Iris

Come, Ride My Chariot!
Be bold! Be valiant! Taste the adventure!
Ride My chariot and feel the thrill
Of love, of passion, of desire -

Be bold! Be valiant! Taste the adventure!
Take up My helm and feel the rush
Of battle, of war, of loss -

Be bold! Be valiant! Taste the adventure!
Dance the Seidh and feel the power
Of trance, of knowledge, of magic -

Hush now, and with a cat's purr
May you know My loving touch
Listen quietly, hear My horn
Feel My amber tears fall
Drift in consciousness
And shift beyond your shape

Come, ride My chariot!
All you need do is take My hand...

Freyja: She Who Shines
Freyja (Freya, Freyia)[1] is the Norse Goddess of magic, sexuality and battle[2]. She rides a chariot pulled by two cats -- thought to be the ancestors of the Norwegian Forest Cat -- which befits Her title as "Mistress of Cats"[3]. As Goddess of battle, She is thought to be leader of the Valkyries, the women who roam the battlefields and pick the most heroic from those slain and take them to Valhalla. As a warrior-woman, Freyja carries a helm, shield, spear, throwing knives and other weaponry.

Though She does have a fierce side, Freyja is not all about battle and bloodshed, though She does rule over these aspects as well as related areas such as death and strategy. In Her other role of Lady of Magic, Freyja is the mistress of Seidh -- a form of ecstatic trancework with roots in Norse shamanism[4]. She also rules over spellcraft, Runes, shapeshifting, trance, witchcraft, and enchantments[5]. Though a bright Goddess, Freyja has hidden shadows -- Her own husband, r, mysteriously disappeared. When Freyja weeps, her tears are of gold but they turn to amber as they hit the ocean.

Norwegian Forest Cat
A Norwegian Forest Cat - with thanks to
the UK's Norwegian Forest Cat Club


Freyja: Love, Beauty and Sex
Freyja is perhaps best known for Her attributes as Lady of Love, Beauty and Sexuality. She is often called upon to aid women in these areas, and She offers teachings in the art of sacred sexuality, passion, love and desire[6]. For those who have problems expressing of their own sexuality or embracing their own beauty, then Freyja is a empowering and inspirational Goddess with which to work. As She also rules over elements such as personal power and courage, She is especially good for those with low self-confidence or self-esteem. Freyja's colours are black, red, and green. Her special stone is amber and She rules over the element of Fire. Her animals are the cat, horse and falcon[7], [8], [9].


Freyja: A Meditation

Selket (from the Egytian Museum)
"Freya" by Hrana Janto


Before you begin, make sure your phone is switched off and you are somewhere where you will not be disturbed -- a dark room is best. If you wish to light candles, you may do so, and if you want to burn an incense choose something light , floral and romantic like rose or lavender.

Make yourself comfortable by sitting in a straight-backed chair or lying on the floor. If you need to use a cushion to support your head, neck, small of the back or knees, that's okay.

When you're ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Hold it for four, release for four, pause. Breathe in for four, hold it for four, release for four. Repeat twice more, then continue breathing at a rate that is comfortable for you.

Picture yourself on a high hilltop, with the sun beating down on your skin. You are naked, but you do not feel ashamed of this -- rather, there is an intense power working its way through your blood and your bones, making you feel vibrant and alive. You lift your face to the sun and raise your arms, soaking in the sunlight.

From behind you there is the sound of running paws and you turn to see a chariot racing up the hillside towards you. It is being pulled by two enormous cats and the woman inside the chariot is beautiful -- Her hair is the colour of sunlight, Her skin pale and creamy. The chariot comes to a stop beside you and the woman steps out. You can now see that She is as naked as you are, and you realise that this is the Goddess Freyja.

Freyja gives you a bright smile and hugs you close; Her touch is gentle and loving, with a hard edge beneath the surface. You correctly determine that She is a Goddess who enjoys life, but who does not let others overpower Her.

"Come fly with me," Freyja says, and a pair of enormous falcon's wings sprout from Her back. They lift Her into the air and She reaches down a hand to you. "Come fly," She repeats.

You take Freyja's hand, and feel your back tingle as your own wings shoot forth and carry you into the air. Freyja pulls you higher to rise with Her into the clouds and beyond, into the brilliant blue sky. Your wings match Hers for speed and dexterity, and together you soar and curve and dance in the thermals.

Freyja releases your hand and encourages you to fly on your own. As you explore the wonders of your own flight you can feel the strength and confidence sing through your soul as you realise that you are strong and beautiful and capable of anything.

"Don't forget My lessons," Freyja calls to you. "You can do anything, be anything, you wish to be. Whenever you think yourself too ugly, too unskilled, less able, too unsure -- call on Me. I shall come to you."

She swoops around you and you can see Her adoration at being whole and free. She comes close to you, looks you right in the eye, and asks, "So what is stopping you, right now? What is stopping you from being who you are, who you want to be?"

You pause, thinking, as your wings beat the air, and then you answer Freyja's question. In return, She may give you some advice, or ask you further questions that are as sharp and accurate as a spear in battle and yet as heart-rending as a lost lover's touch. Listen to what Freyja has to say, for to hear Her words is to listen to the wingbeats of your own heart.

After a time, Freyja hugs you close again and you feel yourself become light and weightless. Your wings disappear, but you do not feel afraid. Thank Freyja for your time, and, if you feel it is appropriate, ask Her what you can give Her as an offering when you return to the mortal world. Remember Her reply.

You slide from Freyja's arms and descend, slowly and gently, like a feather floating in the air. Darkness cradles you and you feel calm and safe. Inhale deeply and let the breath out, becoming more aware of your surroundings as you do so. Repeat twice more, then open your eyes and return to your room. Welcome back!

Make a note of your journey, and Freyja's words, in your Book of Shadows or magical journal. [10]


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