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by Auralia Pendragon

"Free, peace." Frigga was the Goddess for whom Friday was named. In mythology she was the Norse equivalent to the 'Cosmic Mother' The Anglo Saxons knew her as Frig and the ancient Germans knew her as the Celts she was known as Danu, Brigantia, in Greece she was the primordial Goddess Eurynome, later re-invented as Aphrodite. Frigga's function was as the Goddess of time, weather, married and motherly love, marriage, sexuality, parenthood and the bestower of children...Frigga was often depicted as white or dark clouds depending on her mood... ("> [no longer active])

Too, "Frigga is depicted as tall and elegant, usually with a bunch of keys hanging from her belt. She often wears long robes that she can make light and dark at will...Frigga knows everyone's fate, but she will not disclose it and will not alter it. (The Book of Goddesses p 26)

"Woden's wife and the most powerful of the Goddesses, [Frigga's] primary domain seems to be the household. This domain of hers is not that of the household we think of today however, for Northern European women were fully their husband's equals and often the most vital decisions in household affairs were made by the woman. . . she is a figure of immense wisdom... Frigga plays the role of Asgardr's noble queen and as such bears the responsibility of any noble wife. This role meant advising her husband and making many decisions herself. It was usually women who played the role of fripwebba or 'peace-weaver' the one who makes and maintains peace. This one was very necessary in ancient Northern Europe, making Frige a very important Goddess in the elimination of strife." (

December 20th and January 12th are sacred to Frigga and May 30th is known as Frigga's Day. Also, Fridays are named after her (Frigga's Day)

"I am Frigga, Goddess of Marriage and Motherhood,
Keeper of the hearth, weaver of community.
Take pride in the holy work of feeding your family,
and caring for your home.
Even scrubbing can be sacred work deserving,
my blessing.
Your home shelters the people within,
allowing for a bond which spills out,
into the greater community.
Know that what you harbor in your home,
effects the whole world.
Celebrate your service as a caretaker,
and feel pride as a provider.
Your home is a temple.
Your family divine.

Frigga's element is Earth, her color is green, her form of divination - the Runes. Frigga helps develop the ability to feel clearly to sense messages and information. She is associated with Crystal healing and her stones are Actinolite, Aventurine, Chysocolla, and Emerald.

Her crafts are cooking, housekeeping, and ointments. ([no longer active])

This is an anointing oil that has to do with claiming. It can mean claiming your womanhood, claiming your power, and intelligence, claiming abundance, health, or courage, perhaps claiming as your own Frigga's attributes.

"Choose an object that represents creativity to you. This could be a pen if you are a writer or poet, a paintbrush if you are an artist, or a cook book if you are a chef.

*Create sacred space. Prepare an aromatherapy anointing oil of Jasmine. (four drops of the essential oil in one teaspoon of jojoba or olive oil.) Place your chosen object in the area. *Anoint your first, second and fourth energy center.

*Speak out loud an affirmation or blessing of what you are claiming...

* Allow an image or feeling to come to you that represents the creative energy that you are claiming. Anoint your first, Second, and Fourth energy centers again, imagining that you are placing the image or feeling into your being, completely. Then affirm, 'this is true and complete now'

*close the sacred space and give thanks. (Aromatherapy and Anointing Oils by Joni Keim Loughran and Ruah Bull pp124-125)

Ritual for Good Fortune

"Frigga is usually depicted wearing a bunch of keys on her belt so you will need a key to symbolize her. You should use one that you do not have any other use for - perhaps from a previous house, or an old one you have found in a second hand store. Choose a key made of a shiny metal such as steel or brass, rather than a dull one such as iron, and clean and polish it as much as possible so that it is clean and shiny.

Stand just inside your front door, facing into the house, and hold the key in front of you. Say: 'Frigga put your good fortune into this key so that it will always bless me.' Now walk around each room of your house, holding the key in front of you as you do so. Touch any special objects in your home with the key, such as your bed for the fortune of your relationship, your telephone for fortune with your friends, your computer for fortune with your work or study, and so on. When you have completed the ritual, hang the key from a hook over the front door, and always keep it clean and shiny." (The Book of the Goddess by Roni Jay p. 103)

Ritual for Frigga
Protection from Danger

"This ritual will invoke Frigga's protection on you all year round. It entails planting seeds in your yard or in a window box or plant pot if you do not have a yard. The best seeds to use are fever few...since these symbolize protection, and they are also easy to grow. However you can choose any flowering plant if you wish.

Dig the soil carefully, and make sure it is free from weeds. Then sow the seeds in the shape of the Nordic Rune for protection (like a capital Y with a central upstroke continued from the top. so that the symbol has three prongs pointing upward) as you sprinkle the seeds on the ground say:' As these seeds grow tall and strong, protect us for the whole year long'

Look after your seedlings carefully, thinning and weeding any that grow outside the rune shape. Eventually the plants will grow to bushy to see the shape clearly, but it will still be there. AT the end of the fall, collect some of the seeds so that you can repeat the ritual the following year, but do not dig up the plants until you are ready to re-sow in the spring." (The Book of Goddesses Roni Jay p.104)

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