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Level II Project by Sea Dragon
Adept in the Sisters of the Rising Moon School

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hecate image on coin

Hecate is a crone aspect of the Goddess and is associated with the Moon, Magick, the Underworld, Decisions, Crossroads and so many other things throughout her herstory. But this is not about her origins but her workings and associations.

hecate statue

Hecate is often prayed to for guidance, wisdom, choices, and a no nonsense approach to decisions.

Hecate, Crone, Wise One.
Please guide me to a good choice that will bring the best possible outcome to all.
Hecate, Crone, Wise One.
Please teach me to be wise as you are wise, assertive as you are assertive.
Hecate, Crone, Wise One.
Please show me my own power so I may have confidence and knowing.
Thank you Dear Hecate, Crone, Wise One.

Original Prayer by Sea Dragon


hecate on amphora

Her symbols are crossroads, black dogs, including hellhounds, and cauldrons to name a few. Hecate is often seen with, and pictured with a companion black dog and this may relate back to her days in Greece when she got the connection to the underworld from helping Demeter find Persephone and the hell hounds were at her command. Crossroads symbolize decisions and choices and Hecate is often turned to for her wisdom and a straightforward approach to this. In my own life when Hecate has come to me, with or without an invitation she has been very forthright. One time I was being resistant on a Shamanic Journey as it had left my planned path and Hecate very clearly told me to open my eyes and stop seeing what I expected to see. She has always been so in my personal experiences with her. Her symbol of a cauldron is both about being a crone and magick. The cauldron has always been a source of nourishment, divination, and female power. Hecate exhibits all of these. On that same Shamanic Journey where Hecate spoke to me she also gifted me with a cauldron, encouraging me to accept myself as I was including being a magickal person. The cauldron is now one of my symbols as well and has been very empowering.


hecate on another amphora

Hecate’s magick is enormous. She is often called upon as was discussed at crossroads as the crossroads themselves are about making choices. She has also been associated with legal and court wisdom or justice. Here is a spell to seek justice and truth with Hecate’s assistance.

Hecate, shed light on the truth
I count on you to not hold back
Hecate, Open the doors to justice
I count on you not to hold back
Hecate, create and accountable outcome
I count on you not to hold back

As you chant this, visualize the truth, not the outcome you may want. In your visualization surround the issue with blue light for truth and healing. Light blue candles and use lapis lazuli and turquoise stones on your altar.

Original Spell By Sea Dragon


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