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Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Wealth, and Beauty. She is an extremely beautiful Goddess born from the churning milk of the ocean. Lakshmi is from the Sanskrit word Laksme; this meals "goal". She represents the goal of life, which is spiritual and worldly prosperity. (Prosperity meaning to be able to provide for you and your loved ones while living on this plane of existence, not greed.)

In her images, she is depicted as a beautiful woman with four arms as she is sitting or standing on a lotus. Her front two hands indicate her blessings upon the physical world and her back to hands represent spiritual blessings. Lakshmi is often seen with coins flowing from her left hand to show that she provides prosperity to her devotees. She is most often dressed in red with fine gold embroidery.


Coins bearing her image


Her colors are red, pink, gold, and orange. Lakshmi enjoys the scents of sandalwood and jasmine. The mantra for Lakshmi is Srim. Placing brightly colored flowers in your home or on your altar is very pleasing to her.

Diwali is the festival of Lakshmi; it is believed that she can bring peace and prosperity to everyone. This festival is celebrated over most of India and celebrated sometime at the end of October or early November. People light their houses with clay oil lamps and festive lighting. They clean and decorate their homes. This is also the time to buy new clothing and jewelry.

If you desire Lakshmi's blessing in your life, try this small ritual. Decorate your altar in her colors and some bright flowers. Place your need in the center. (Employment ads for a job, picture of a house for a home, etc.) Light a white candle, and call for Lakshmi to guide you to your need.

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