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Original Drawing by Aquilla

The Great Awakener

They tried to tame me,
They tried to control me,
They feared my power,
But I cannot be controlled.
My fire still burns within each of you.

I am the serpent
Wrapped around the tree of life.
Eve was cursed for listening to me.

I am her awakening.

I am the flame of desire
That will forever burn.
Wild and wondrous
I am freedom.


The origins of Lilith are hard to pinpoint as she transforms from a fertility goddess to a demon.

Lilith is best known by the Hebrew faith as a succubus (demon woman) she hunts men and drains their life with a kiss. She was the first wife of Adam but because she refused to submit to him she was relegated as a demon. And Eve took her place.

Different Versions of Lilith

Sumerians: Lilith was known as a fertility/agricultural goddess.

Mesopotamian: She was a fertility goddess who protects children and helps harvest food.

Ancient Greece: She was the dark moon.

Arabic and Hebrew Faiths: She was known as a succubus (demon woman) that hunts men and drains their life with a kiss.

There is an interesting Sumerian version that tells the story of two sky gods, Ninlil (South wWnd) and Enlil (King of Gods and Lord of the Wind). They were married. But one story describes how Ninlil was raped by Enlil and he was punished by being sent to the Underworld and Ninlil followed him and gave birth to mankind. Lilith has been described as the mother of humanity.

As the Sumerian version changed to the Babylonian version, Ninlil became Lilitu which then was known as Lilith.

Some scholars say that Enilil and Nilil are the Babylonian origin of Adam and Lilith or Adam and Eve. Lilith and Eve two aspects of the same psyche.

Sumerian Version

There is another beautiful Sumerian Version of Lilith.

She was born from fire and as she was born she burnt all the earth, when she realized she had burnt all the vegetation she cried her tears caused a great flood. Her tears made the land fertile, she took great care of her people. Until one day a prince pursued her, but Lilith rejected him, he became angry and vowed to win her over. He disguised himself as a woman to fool her but Lilith’s friend the lion and owl both warned her of the princess intention. The lions were her guards and the owls were her wings when she turned into a bird. Lilith managed to fool the prince, the prince was shocked that Lilith knew of his intentions. He than requested one wish and that was for Lilith to give him a kiss on the lips Lilith gave him a kiss and her kiss was the kiss of death. Lilith then realized that she could never love a man as her kiss brought only death.

Ink drawing courtesy of Michael Brack

Astrological Version of Lilith
In astrology there is what is known as Black Moon Lilith. This is not a planet or asteroid as such but an abstract geometrical point. She is part of the Earth/Moon system. The Sun gives life to the Earth and fuels the central core fire hence Black Moon Lilith is the deep heart of the fire that feeds and sustains our bodies.


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