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Artwork by Selina Fenech

By Lady Felina SunFox

The Goddess Oya is a very colorful and important personage. She is feared by many and avoided because of her awesome power. Oya is the Queen Of The Winds Of Change. (One) Oya is many things to many different cultures. She is One Of The Seven African Powers. She is a Mother Deity in the Yourubun belief; she is a Goddess in The Voudoun belief.

Oya is the female warrior, Spirit Of The Wind, Storm, Thunder, and Magic. She is the primeval Mother of Chaos, using her machete or sword of truth; she cuts through stagnation and clears the way for new growth. She is the wild woman. She is also Queen of The Market Place, a shrewd businesswoman, and is adept with horses. (Two) Oya is a renowned psychic and is said to guard the souls of the dead and have begun their new journey. She is believed to be a beautiful, fiery woman who guards the cemetery gates. She is closely associated with death, but she is not death. She represents every breath of air, and, is more closely related to rebirth. Unfortunately, things must die before they can be reborn and progress. She is said to be both the seed of life and the seed of death. (Three) Oya is also the Goddess of Women’s Righteous Anger. Oya is the Mother of the Mind. She can impart genius, restore memory, or slap you with insanity. (One)

Her Story Oya came to be along the banks of the Niger River whom she presides over. This is the home of the Yorubun people, many of whom, along with members of other African tribes were brought to the New World by slave traders over four centuries ago. The Yorubun people brought with them a very colorful mythology of their religion, known in Cuba as Lucumi and in Brazil as Macuba and Candomble. (Four) In America, Oya found her home among the Voudoun people, mostly in and around New Orleans; there she is often called Brigitt. Oya is often assimilated through Saints Barbara and Catherine. Oya?s history is one filled with intrigue and action. She is one of The Seven African Orisha?s. The others are: Ellegua, Oshun, Yemaya, Obatala, Chango, and Ogun. Yemaya is said to be Oya?s Mother.
Oya Through My Eyes By LFSFE 2004

The Legend Of How Oya Found SunFox
By Lady Felina SunFox The Enchantress
Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, SunFox made a journey to the Land Of The Goddesses. This particular day, SunFox was feeling extremely sorry for herself. She could be heard all through The Land, crying:

Artwork By Francisco Santos
"Oh, Oya, I cry for you, searching beyond the veil.
My needs for you shown in the tears coursing down my face,
to my heart like The River Niger,
filling the Sacred Veil with a torrent
of tears. "Alone"! "I am so alone"! "Does anyone want me"?

Smoke and mist swirling
Winds Blowing
Lightening Whirling

"There"! You with the tears?
"What you cry for girl?"
"You Mama's baby?"
"Need milk from Breast?"
I no feel sorry?

Nine Skirts Twirl
Winds and Gales whirl
Lightening cracks and swirls

Ya know you are my girl"!
Oya take you
Make you or break you, Child!
"We dance together now"
"I no feel sorry"
"You are me!
Together WE be?
Step into your power now!
Ride The Winds Of Change
With Me
We work the Sacred Gris-Gris!
And, Girl
Bring some of that eggplant,
I be hungry?!

Winds Of Change blow
Rainbow Grows
This is really so
Just ask SunFox,
She knows
And, this is how the Legend goes!

Some of Oya’s Favorite Things
Oya loves color! Her favorite shades are: Red, purple, brown, and orange The animals that correspond with her are the goat, sheep, locust, and horses. Copper is her Mineral. To please Oya, leave her offerings of eggplant, Red wine, plums, and grapes. The planet that she relates best too is Uranus, and she loves The Dark Of The Moon. The library, and the study are where she likes to be when inside the house. Oya’s best day of the week is Wednesday (One, Four)

Relative to Oya
The River Niger, and The Amazon are Oya’s rivers. She is The Wind. Her symbol is the Thunderbolt. Saint Catherine, Our Lady Of Candelaria, and Saint Teresa are her corresponding Saints. (One) Some of the herbs that Oya is related to are, Yerba Garro, Yucca, Palo Caja, and Baria. A few other herbs are Witches Grass and Copal. Her Sacred Places are Cemeteries and Burial Grounds. Her weapons are her swords and a Horsetail Switch. (Four).

Artwork by Be Who You Are

A Ritual For Oya To Bring About Swift Change
~By Lady Felina SunFox The Enchantress~ @all rights reserved 2004
The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

Things needed:
Goats Milk
Chalice or cup
Copper tray
Nine pennies
Orange Candle
Priestess Staff, Stang, or Walking Stick (Optional)

Spell to be done on Wednesday at 9PM during The Dark Of The Moon
Wear Red or Purple skirt or dress, no pants
Cast your circle Widdershins, Call in the Quarters

Stand facing East with your left hand holding your staff, raise up your arm and say: "Hail Hekua Oya! I ask of you to please come and join with me inside my Sacred Circle! I call upon your swift winds of change to blow through my life and assist me in making the changes that I need. (Be specific) You are The East Wind, Your breath is my breath and I invoke you to come inside me that I may do this thing that I must do swiftly for the best outcome. I offer you your favorite Goat Milk and am paying you with respect with these nine pennies.

Lean staff alongside of altar, place the goats milk already in the chalice on your altar where the copper tray is, around that add the nine shiny pennies. Stop and feel Oya within and around you, you may feel a breeze, this is Oya's way of letting you know that she is with you. Continue, "Oya oh Great Sister, I know you are with me and hear my plea for help! I give thanks for you and all that you have come to help me with!" (Light orange candle) "These are my gifts to you, for seven days I will pay you with Goats Milk and nine pennies, for Seven days I am you and you are me, when the candle burns out, it is done, Oh Great One"

Focus on finished results. Pick up rattle off altar and chant; "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, I am a Witches Daughter Oya is me and I am she", (Or a chant that you are comfortable with. Just make sure that you give Oya her respect!) Shake the rattle and dance in and around your circle really letting go and feeling the power rise within you, seeing your outcome. When you feel that you have done what you can to honor Oya, and have coned up your energy for your intent, stop and release the energy with your arms wide and your head thrown back to the sky, Make sure that you are focusing on the intent as you do this. Say, "Thank you Oya for coming my way and assisting me tonight. I am very grateful to you! Hail and Farewell for now? Thank the gatekeepers and dismiss them, making sure that you have closed all portals. Pick up your circle Deosil. It is done! HO!"

When the candle has burned through in seven days, place it inside a brown paper bag, take it outside and crack it hard against the side of the house, envisioning your desired results as you do. Dig a hole in the west corner of your back yard, place the bag with the glass, add the pennies and pour the remaining, sour goats milk over all. Cover with Earth and walk away. Forget about it.

Do not forget to ground after working with Oya each and every time. She is a very strong Deity and deserves to be shown a lot of respect.


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