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created by Bianca

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Seals on IceI am sure that some of us as little girls, at one time or another, heard the story of beautiful women that lived beneath the sea. Women who had one large fin on her lower body and the other half a gorgeous face with long flowing hair. They used their beauty to seduce men and lure they out to sea and ultimately to their demise. I really believed there were such things as Mermaids  or at least I wanted to.

When I heard Sedna’s story I was struck by it in several ways, which I hope to explore in this piece about her. One thing that separates her from other Goddesses is she is a modern day Goddess, not ancient. Her domain is cold and bleak but her existence was vital to the people living on land close to the North Pole. The Inuit people of North America, Greenland, Northern Russia and Scandinavia are very familiar with her tale. Without her, life would have been nearly impossible. Until recent times, the Unuit people were totally dependent on fishing and hunting for their survival. And that’s where Sedna comes in.

Title 2
It begins with a beautiful young girl being raised by her father. She was born with a strong will, desperately wanting to have some control over her destiny. Her father was not interested in what Sedna wanted for herself. He felt he knew what was best for his daughter and he would make decisions for her.

They lived in a small village and life was not easy. There weren’t any creature comforts as we know them. People worked hard just to keep themselves alive. One day her father decided that it was time for Sedna to take a husband and it was going to be someone he chose for her. Many suitors came, however, Sedna was not happy with a single one. Then one day in spring she was visited by a man that Sedna found truly handsome and was immediately attracted to. The only problem was he was a fullmar (bird) disguised as a man. He sang comforting love songs to her which pulled at her heart and she could not resist him. She fell in love and moved far away with him. It didn’t take long before her fate was sealed and it does not have a very happy ending. She found herself living among dead fish carcasses, sleeping on a hard walrus hide and eating nothing but raw fish. Sedna was trapped and wanted desperately for her father to come and save her. She sang him a song to draw him to her. When the snow finally melted her father decided to pay a visit.

He took his boat and paddled quite a long distance across the sea to find her. When he arrived he was appalled by the conditions she was living in. They got in her father’s boat and headed back towards home. The Birdman was extremely upset that she was leaving him so he used his great wings to create a furious storm that threatened their lives. Her father was terrified for his life so he made a decision to sacrifice his daughter to save his own life. With two of them in the boat, it was sure to capsize. He then tried to throw Sedna overboard into the icy water below but she grabbed hold to the sides of the boat as she went into the freezing water. What happened next is horrible and very sad. He grabbed his knife and cut Sedna’s fingers off one by one until she was no longer able to hold on. She sank deep within the sea.

As she lay beneath the water she focused on her attention on how life had disappointed her. The people she trusted had betrayed her. She felt powerless and afraid. This realization expanded her consciousness and something changed within her. She was transformed into the mystical being known to us as Sedna. Mother of the Sea and ruler over all of life within the sea. Her fingers became seals, whales, and polar bears. Her nails became whalebone. The ocean was filled with new life. All the people benefited from Sedna’s vision and they were
 provided ample food. She was a victim no longer!

Title 3
Orca Whale
To remind us that we can release our victim consciousness when we choose to release the situations and relationships that keep us from becoming more. We have all been affected by something that has left us feeling less than good enough. Parents that weren’t there for us. Patriarchal institutions that have little or no regard for women and children’s rights. Being discriminated against for our sexual preferences and last but not least, the color of our skin.

Whatever our circumstances have been, Sedna encourages all of us to take back our power. Decide how you want to be treated and do that for yourself. If someone in your life is keeping you down, it may be time to cut the cord and let that relationship go. We do create our world, our reality. I believe Sedna’s role can be seen today as the protector and guardian of the sea and all her life forms. Her life brought new life to the sea so others could live. Today, however, man has raped and desecrated her domain. The water is polluted and dangerously in jeopardy. The food supply is less and less. Our helpless baby seals are slaughtered so the rich can feel good about themselves. This is not what Sedna stands for. Life given is a blessing, not a commodity. Together, we can use our voices to make a better world for the helpless creatures of our seas.

Title 5

Be gentle with yourself as you heal old wounds.
Sedna enters our life for it is never too soon.
Let go of the chains around your heart.
Let go of the people that tear at your life.
No longer a victim you are whole on your own.
The scars that were showing
are washed away clean.
Someone has just arrived.
Who is that radiant creature?
Well, its you!
Healed and beautifully new!



Items to gather:
Shells, stones, coral, pictures of sea mammals or statues
Sea Salt
Bowl of cold water
Green or blue altar cloth
Green and blue candles
Essential Oil of your choosing

Intention of this Ritual:
To reclaim our power and create the life we really want

Add Sea salt to your water bowl
Cast your circle and sit comfortably within
Call on the four quarters for assistance
Adorn your candles with essential oil and light candles
Call on Sedna’s energy to invoke positive change
Close your eyes and meditate on how we have felt powerless and victimized in our livesVisualize how we would look and feel if we no longer carried that around with us. With victimhood there is also mounds of anger. Imagine how good it would feel not to be consumed with rage. Would we start taking better care of ourselves? Our bodies reflect what’s going on inside.
When you have the picture in your mind of how this all looks and feels, slowly lay your fingers on the sides of the bowl and say out loud...

I release the things that keep me stuck

from deep within, I let it go.
I let it flow, pour out my fingers
to be released in the water below.
Sedna Mirror

    Source: Tamzin's Gallery

Write down your feelings about the ritual. Is there one thing that became very clear for you?

Now close your circle. Thank Sedna, the Elements and anyone else who joined you. Blow out your candles. Take the water bowl outside with you. Find a place where you can release the water and at the same time saying: I am releasing the parts of me that no longer serve my higher self. Cover it with something from your ritual table. Maybe a stone or shell.    

Source:  Cal Tech

Astronomy & Astrology
New Planetoid Discovered Astronomers named

NASA describes the discovery of Sedna as a "Planet-like Body, orbiting our Sun, on the fringes of Our Solar System. She was found on November 2003. Sedna is 8 billion miles from Earth. That makes her three times farther away than Pluto. One thing that’s distinctive is her size and the reddish color of the planet. Sedna resides in the coldest region of our solar system. Sedna is probably a huge ball of ice. The ice is red because of the chemicals in it. For these reasons, this planetoid was given the name Sedna. Sedna will get brighter and closer for the next 72 years before she begins her 11,000-year trip to the end of our solar system and back again.

The last time Sedna was as close to the Sun as she is now, the Earth was just coming out of the last ice age. As one NASA representative put it, "the next time Sedna returns, the world might again be a completely different place.”
Some people in the astrological community have begun to place importance in her discovery that signifies we are living in the Age of the Victim. So I would like to think that her presence is an opportunity for each of us to do whatever it takes to heal so that future generations can experience their full potential. Each person having a healthy self esteem and a generous spirit. We can change the collective conscious, one person at a time and like Sedna start creating a world that is abundant for all!


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