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Sherry ~ The Mystical Goddess

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Sedna, an Inuit Sea Goddess and Queen of the Eskimo Underworld, lives at the bottom of the cold ocean. She is the goddess of the sea and she is the one who provides animals for the hunters, but only when she feels generous. When she is angry, and this is often, the hunters can’t find food; and the people go hungry.  You can listen to a brief audio version of the story of Sedna Here are the Credits:  Story retold by Mary Mahoney Audio version performed by Cam Culham.  Basically (in my words) at the behest of her father, Sedna felt pressure to get married and a smooth talking imposter promised her the moon and stars but when poor Sedna arrived at her new home it was a nightmare and the man turned out to be an evil bird.  Sedna cried for her father who did come to rescue her but when attacked by her husband Sedna’s father three his daughter overboard out of fear for his life.  As Sedna clung helplessly to the side of the boat her father chopper her fingers off which floated out to sea becoming the whales and other Marine life to which mankind can live.

Even in today’s Inuit culture (Nunavut) “The blessings of Sedna are still sought by the people of the North, who know it is She (Sedna) who sustains them.” As a current Nunavut fishing tradition Before hunts, Inuit shamans ritually served both Sedna and Qailertetang (Sedna’s underwater companion) on behalf of their people, recognizing the immense sacrifice humans ask of these two powerful sea-mothers.” The Inuit practiced a form of shamanism based on animist principles. Among the Canadian Inuit, the shaman was known as an Angakkuq. The Angakkug (Shaman)is responsible for appeasing the Sea Woman so that she would release marine animals so that the community not suffer scarcity. It is said that only the Shaman can look upon Sedna, calming her by combing her knotted hair as she can no longer do it without fingers.

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The Myth of the Goddess Sedna is far reaching so much so that a heavenly object discovered on November 13th 2003 (10:42 pm) was named after her.  This Planet is believed to be half ice, half rock and the second reddest body in Solar system behind Mars.  Per Valkyrie Astrology This Planet is different from others as “She does not make her home in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter; Sedna's domain is beyond the Kuiper Belt, in what astronomers believe is the Inner Oört Cloud, from which comets are believed to originate.  Sedna is about 1000 miles in diameter, which is very large for an Oört Cloud object.   “Sedna moves so slowly that her influence extends beyond the generational effect of the outer planets such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.”  Supposedly there are distinct current day parallels and synchronicities in Astrology that line up with the story of Sedna that could be affecting your chart. Consult an Astrologer to see how Sedna may be affecting your natal chart especially if you were born between 1965 and 1968. 


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Sedna can also be contacted through Meditations such as the one offered by Heddy Johannesen. “Prepare yourself by lighting a dark blue candle. Dark blue represents the watery depths of the ocean. The Element of Water symbolizes the power of intuition and the inner self. Burn jasmine incense, which corresponds with Water. Cover your altar with a dark blue altar cloth to represent the Element of Water. Place a few seashells and a lapis lazuli gemstone on your altar. Lapis lazuli aids a person in conscious attunement to the psychic self. Sit, relax, and make sure you will not be disturbed. Take three deep breaths to cleanse your mind, body and spirit then return to a normal rhythm of breathing, avoiding shallow breathing. With each in breath, inhale positive energy and on each exhale, release negativity; draw in relaxation and release tension; inhale harmony and exhale discord. Know that the Universe will absorb and neutralize all the negativity you release. Perform the meditation in the evening on a Full Moon. Assemble and place your altar facing the West quarter. Perform the rite on a Monday or Wednesday night. The Water element flows from the Full Moon. Place a bowl of salt water on the altar. Be sure to make a small offering to Sedna to gain her favor. As you meditate, visualize that you are swimming deep in the ocean. Bring a comb with you to comb Sedna’s hair. When you meet Sedna, comfort her. Be open to any messages you may receive.”

Here is a song about my Beautiful Goddess Sedna of the Deep Seas known by so many names: Sanna, Arnaqquassaaq, Arnaa, Nerrivik, Nuliajuk, Arnapkapfaaluk, Takánakapsâluk, Mother of the Deep, Mother of the Sea, Mistress of the Sea, Big Bad Woman, Table, Inuit Goddess of the Sea.  



Attached is my Invocation to Sedna for True Love & My Altar dedicated to the Goddess Sedna who supplies all Human Borrowers with the Bounty of the Sea so Womankind will not go hungry.  I am offering containers of water and things representing the sea such as Sea Shells I collected from my trips to the ocean and other Blue Items as well as Tarot Cards that represent love, dreams and intuition. I also used blue stones & crystals to further appease the Sea Goddess so she will grant my wish.  If you can stand near a body of water or the Ocean this Invocation works best. Use this invocation and offerings to Sedna for not only True Love but any other need or situation you may have that the Goddess can supply for you. Be sure to clean altar first.

Original Invocation for True Love by Sherry the Mystical Goddess:

Beautiful Goddess Sedna Queen of the Blue Seas

I call upon you as supplier of all my needs!

Goddess from Below please visit me in my sleep

Tap into my Dreams and speak to my Intuition

so I can get the information I seek.

I want true love just as you did

I really want to Know just who my life partner is.

With Love and gratitude and you always in my heart

I know my wish will be granted so from thee now I shall part.

By the powers of the Goddesses in the North, South, East and West

My will is done for the Highest and Best.

And So It Is!

Original Altar Photos by Sherry the Mystical Goddess: with & without flash altar1 altar2

Sigil for Goddess Sedna Supplier of Needs by Sherry the Mystical Goddess sigil



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