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Tanith "Serpent Lady" is the Phoenician Goddess of Carthage. She is the Great Mother to her people and consort of Ba'al-Hammon, Father God of vegetation and the sky.
Tanith is the goddess of fertility and of the heavens, including the stars and the moon, she is known as the Queen of Heaven. Her name is very similar to the Egyptian Goddess Tanetu, Goddess of light, and form of Hathor. It is speculated that Tanith is the later form of Asherah, or alternate forms of Astarte and Artemis.

Her symbols are the Triangle and Circle, representing her robe and head, the Palm tree (Mediterranean tree of life), and the caduceus - a vertical line with waves. Another of her symbols, often called a caduceus, is a vertical line with wavy lines radiating from it, which represents the Tree of life surrounded by serpents.
The Romans associated her with Juno and  represented her with wings and a zodiac around her head holding the sun and moon, calling her Dea Caelestis, which is Latin for "Heavenly Goddess."
Tanith really is the Queen of Heaven, Mother of us all.





Interesting Facts:


  • Tanith, as a star Goddess, had an Oracle that was said to match if not extend the Oracle of Delphi

  • Depicted all aspects of a woman, including the warrior

  • Her symbol is found all over the ruins of Carthage

  • Though she was a fertility Goddess, for thousands of years it was thought that her people offered her children as a sacrifice

  • Across from the ruins of her Temple, is the Children's cemetery, named "The Tophet" or Biblical word for Hell, However, science shows that the cemetery was used for children that died of natural causes and were put across from the temple to bring them "Home."

  • She is the Mother of all things, and can be called upon to aide anyone for any reason.

  • Her Worship was Spread from Carthage to Spain

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In a Roman legend, Hannibal, General of Carthage, raided a temple of Juno near Crotona, a city in southern Italy founded by the Greeks. This temple was famous for having a column of solid gold; Hannibal, to test the story, broke pieces off the column. Finding that it was most certainly gold, he decided he would take it as bait. That night, however, he dreamt that the Goddess Tanith warned him not to despoil the temple, telling him that She'd destroy his remaining eye if he did.


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You will need-

white or yellow candle
Incense as an Offering
image of Tanith or a palm tree
cauldron or safe container to burn in
piece of paper
pencil or pen with colored ink
altar of small altar-like table
a full moon
good intent!

Set your sights on what you want to accomplish this evening. Remember, Tanith is the Mother Goddess and listens to your prayers, whatever they may be. And Please make sure you are not near Anything Flammable.

Meditate on your life and what positive things you want to attract, what challenges you would like to take on, where peace is needed. Set your intent on what you want, make sure it's for your own well being and not just for mostly monetary gain (you might not like how it turns out if that's the case!).
Write down your goal or intention on a piece of paper and set it on the altar.
Begin to create your sacred space with the salt, for it represents the earth and will ground as well as protect.
Raise positive energy within your body and begin to feel the excitement course through your veins.
Light your candle and incense as an offering. Think about what you want, how you would like to gain it, and why you
want it.
Invoke Tanith, and talk to her like a daughter would to a mother over a morning cup of Coffee. Let her know what you want and why you want it.
Take your piece of paper with your intent written on it and place it over the candle SAFELY letting it catch flame, and place it in your cauldron.
Wave the incense over the cauldron, place a little bit of salt in the cauldron, sprinkle water over the flame with your finger tips so as not to put it out, and envision your intent soaring out to space and circling the Moon and Stars until it finally finds the ever knowing Hands of the Mother, then being taken by the serpent on her arm and gently coiled into nothing.
Meditate for a bit knowing that you have given your intent to Tanith, the Moon, The stars, and the Elements.
Thank her, give her your love, feel the live she has for you, and close the ritual and circle.


Maiden, Mother and Crone; D.J. Conway
The Once and Future Goddess; Elinor Gadon

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