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The Veelas
by Medussa

The Veelas, also known as the Vily; the Eastern European name for "the Goddess of energy moving through the earth as nature" They were an ancient Kith long before the Sidhe rose to dominance over western Kithain. They live mostly in Eastern mountains and forests. They were born from the primordial worship of the Great Mother in Her warrior aspect.

The Veelas are the most beautiful women but not human; they are tall and strong, with moon bright skin and white golden hair that fans out behind them, even when there is no wind. They have flashing eyes of grey or pale blue, their voices are low and musical. But do not be mistaken, they are warrior huntresses and very protective of their terrain. They are great shape-shifters able to change into animals such as snakes, swans, falcons and horses. They love to play and dance and if contacted with a great respect they may grant you health, wealth and abundant crops. But if an intruder should show disrespect they would dance the offender to death

The Veelas prowled the land from Scythia in the south to the Capland in the north sharing dominion with their cousins the Valkyries. They enjoy their most satisfying relationships with trolls. The Veelas are extremely given over to honor and battle.

When in battle a Veela can target a specific victim by pointing at them or calling out their name. She then engages in a contest of will power and if victorious spins a point of glamour...her opponent is immediately overwhelmed with horrific images detailing precisely when, how, and where they are to die. If the victim survives this, images imported will haunt him in the form of nightmares, possible derangement and spawning of nervosa.

Sadly, the numbers of Veelas declined dramatically, their freeholds devoured by the banality and numbing force of human disbelief and of course modern warfare of mass slaughter. The few remaining flocked to Concordia and the blast of woman's right movement empowered the Veelas who have been on an upswing ever since; becoming heavenly involved in efforts to improve the lot of women across the world. The Veelas inspire awe in women and a certain spavined feeling in the men who are sure of their superiority for no better reason then their sex.

Drawing by Medussa

As you can clearly see here, the Veelas are very powerful and strong beings, but they are also frail when it comes to their mate. They bond with their kithain soulmate for life, but this can be their greatest weakness. For if their mate ever breaks the bond between them, the Veela would age overnight due to Her fairie soul.


Their Favorite colors are white and silver
The planet they are associated with is Venus
The second day of August is a sacred day for the Veelas, and all the fairy folk, do not harvest any plants nor clean with water, on this day.

Ritual by Medussa

If you should want to meet a Veelas, for healing, wealth or for any other reason, be warned... They are wild and their integrity strong and unusual, you must be careful. However, if you approach one correctly, she can be an honorable, powerful and delightful friend and ally.

First you will need a gift to bring them, some honey or dimes or even sweet bread. Dress in white or wear something silver. Bring a piece of white cloth with you to deposit your gift on.

Go to a secluded forest or mountain. With great respect walk calmly to a tree that seems to call for you. Cast your circle, at this point you can sit, kneel or stand, which ever position you feel is right. Place your right hand on the tree and say: "Greetings (name the tree) I have come to meet with a Veela, please send a message to Her that I come with the outmost respect."

Sit, kneel or stand, close your eyes and focus on the darkness of the minds eye (the darkness that is automatically there when you close your eyes). See that darkness filled with a glowing silvery white light. Feel the magic start to swirl around you, bathing you in its beauty and its magic. Enjoy this moment, drink in the magic for a minute, let it cleanse you. Into that glowing mist call out for a Veela. Don't demand a visit, for we do not control them. Invite Her with warmth, courtesy and good will. You will soon feel Her presence, greet her with dignity. Ask Her name and her need of you. Don't make an agreement lightly with the Veela. They take commitment very seriously. Visit with Her and if you like, ask of her something you need. In return give her the gift you have brought (deposit the gift at the foot of the tree on the white piece of cloth you brought).

Once you have befriended a Veela, she will be at your side forever, so be sure to visit Her in this matter again and again. For now, say Farwell. Open your circle and leave without taking anything back of what you brought with you.

Be sure to ground after doing this ritual, to make your mind concentrate on the physical things.

Blessed be


Drawing and ritual are original works by Medussa
Picture taken from
Some information taken from Anna Sophia Marashinsky's " The Goddess Oracle"
365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco

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