Yemaya is considered the Mother Goddess in African Belief. Mama Watta, as she is also known presided over the Ogun River that she called home. Her breasts are full and large from birthing so many creations. It is said that Yemaya gave birth to all the world's water.

Petition Yemaya if you are a woman. You may pray to her with matters of the home, fertility, family, and love. In her kind state, Yemaya is the giver of life, so if you are seeking to have a child, pray to Yemaya. Yemaya is also a fierce protectress of women so if you or one of your daughters are in danger, ask Yemaya for protection. Yemaya is also the very essence of femininity. Her emotions then are feminine as well. She is very distressed over the situation of her beloved Earth Mother, so pray to her for the Healing of Mother Earth.
Image from African Orishas
When you call to Yemaya for help, always do so with the utmost respect, and only do so if you expect to be helped and are ready to be helped. Because of her fierce love for her daughter's and her connections with the waters, she is very sensitive, and just like any mother is with her daughter, Yemaya is ferocious when it comes to keeping her children safe. And, all well-behaved daughters always remember to thank their Mother's for petitions granted. Daughters of Yemaya, this is very important, always, always remember to Thank Yemaya for what she does for you.

Yemaya has many other names. Known as the Star of The Sea in Brazil, In Macumba, she is known as Ocean Goddess of the Crescent Moon. In Haiti, she is Agwe. New Orleans women worship her as La Balianne. And, in Cuba she has three names, depending on which part of her personality you wish to speak with: Yemaya Ataramagwa, The Wealthy Queen Of The Sea, this is her stern persona. Yemaya Achabba, violent, and, The overpowering, Yemaya Olokun who is said to only be seen in dreams.(1) To me, she is Yemaya, Mother Goddess and Star Of The Sea.

Image by Sandra M. Stanton
Yemaya's favorite colors are blue, silver, and white, like her beloved waters.

Her favorite stone is Blue Chalcedony, and she loves sea shells. The star is one of her symbols. Yemaya also loves watermelon! She will bless you if you make offerings of copper to her as well. She loves new, shiny pennies. If you make a candle offering to her, place 3 shiny pennies with the candle to give the work extra energy. Yemaya also adores pearls.

Any work done for Yemaya will be extra strong if performed during the full-moon. The full moon of July is her favorite moon!
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by Lady Felina Sunfox ~ The Enchantress
To request something be brought into your life.

On a full-moon
Body of Salt Water preferably, but any running stream to the ocean will work.

3 Candles-silver, blue, white
Wooden Matches

Slice the watermelon in half the long way. Share the meat of the watermelon with those you love leaving a hollow rind. While you are eating, keep in mind that which you would like to bring into your life with the help of Yemaya. Remember that eating the watermelon is a Sacred Act.
When you are finished with the watermelon, take half the rind and place the candles inside of it.

Light the silver candle and say:
Great Mother, it is your daughter _________

Light the white candle and recite:
It is my spirit mixed with You
that sends me here to make things new

Light the blue candle:
Mother Yemaya, your waters carry my heart
I ask that you bring__________ to me so that I may have a fresh start.

Thank you Mother, your blessings abound, and I am very grateful!

After the candles are lit, walk out into the water, or, if you are on a boat, lean over and gently lower the watermelon boat into the water. (Be careful! You may need someone to assist you if the boat is high before the water). As the watermelon floats out into the waters say:

Mother Yemaya!
Hear my plea
the water carries to you
what is in my heart.

Let this offering be the start
of that which I so desire!

These words spoken
never to be broken
As I have Said, It IS!
So Mote It Be
As Yemaya's water carry your watermelon to her depths, envision that of your hearts desire. See this request as already being carried out.

Here is an Essential Oil recipe that you may use to invoke and carry Yemaya's powerful spirit with you. Use sparingly with love on any or all chakra's. You may also break down into water base and spray in home or vehicle.

This Oil can be used for protection. It can also be used during love-making to conceive a child, if this is your intention. Oil of Yemaya may also be used by Mother's to protect their children. One small drop at the back of the child's neck will do the trick.
by Lady Felina SunFox ~ The Enchantress
You will need the following:

Pick One:
Blue Chalcedony
Blue Celestite
Aqua Aura

Almond Carrier Oil
8 drops of Ylang
5 drops of Vanilla
5 drops of Sandalwood

Wide Glass Container
Cheese Cloth
small EO bottle
EO bottle Labels
Image from Yoruba Pantheon
Put the stone that you have chosen into the wide mouth, glass container. Pour the carrier oil over the top of it. Then add the essential oils listed in the order that they are listed. Place the cheese cloth over the top and set it out during the moons apex. The next morning, bring in the container. Remove the stone. Place funnel over the EO bottle and carefully pour in the contents of the glass container.
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1) Church of the Seven African Powers