Whispers from the Ocean and Sand
(Yemoya's mantra & prayer for the Goddesses)

- I of divine power and light accept the fate and responsibility to live as a Goddess
- I acknowledge all those who have come before me and those that travel along with me
- I live in the white light of honest being
- I give of myself to the betterment of the female essence
- I stand strong within myself; mind, body and soul as well as amongst my sisters
- I can create anything that, I as a goddess, put my energy into
- I hold myself and my sisters with warm light, warm embraces, and strength to overcome all.
- I stand among all my fellow goddesses, as we all stand as one

Peace be with each and everyone who journeys with me along the path of the Goddess.. her empowerment, understanding, and growth!

Peace be with you
Strength is you
Fret not the little things
Pray with strength
Stand with conviction
And I shall be there for you.
So begins the journey to the heart of Yemoya, also known as YEMONJA, Goddess of salt and sweet water, and YEMANJA or IAMANJE in central and South America. But no matter how you spell her name, once you are under the ever watchful eye of Yemoya you must never turn your back on her for to do is foolhardy in the extreme.
Her waves will wash you over and pull you in, far into the undertow. Never turn your back on the ocean. The word Yemoya is an elision of the Yoruba 'Oriki' (a praise name) "Yeye mo oya" which means 'Mother of the Fish'.

Yemoya/ Olokun is the name of two Spiritual Forces in West African tradition called 'Ifa'. Both of these words are the names given to describe a particular set of Forces that are key elements in the 'Ifa' concept of fertility. In the Spirit realm the spiritual Forces that form the foundation of Yemoya/Olokun relate to the relationship between water and birth. Not just birth of a new life by virtue of giving birth to a baby, but new lives in all forms.

"Ifa" is found in the African land of the Yoruba nation near the southwestern region of Nigeria. Yoruba culture spreads far and wide throughout Africa and beyond. Brazil and her people are favored children of Yemoya.

Women with the gift of the Goddess Yemoya are strong, wise and an endless river, an endless ocean if you will, of strength. These creatures of rare and unfathomable depths will not have an easy life but if they allow themselves to go with the flow instead of struggling against it, they will do well in their lives. One cannot fight the flow of the ocean, one cannot fight the riptides. One's only choice is to swim WITH the riptides and not against them, for all those whom are familiar with this Force know you can be lost at sea while fighting the tides.

Yemoya assures us such is the way for our lives.

The next time you are at the ocean, stop for a moment and ponder the waves as they go in and out, back and forth. Look to your lives and feel deep within the waves of your subconscious to see if everything flows as it should. Call upon Yemoya to free you should you need to be freed with her Mantra, sing a seal's song to her. If you stand by the ocean's side and Yemoya favors you with a gift from the belly that is the ocean, whisper and thank her. Honor her and never turn your back on the promises She shall ask you to make for and to Her. Allow Her soothing waters to wash away your deepest pain and become as a new child would. Breathe deeply in and out like the ocean waves that you stand as part of.

Now you are a child of Yemoya!
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