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Level IV Information
High Priestess Training for Public Ministry

This course is open to graduates who have completed all three levels of White Moon Teachings, either through an online school or face to face with a High Priestess of The Order of The White Moon. (See our Practitoners Directory.) If you are interested in becoming an ordained minister, joining the Order's leadership council, and opening your own public ministry, this course is for you.

During this course, you will personalize, plan, and prepare for your public ministry. Ordained ministers of the Order are empowered to pass on White Moon Teachings, although this is not required. You will be designing your own ministry. We strongly recommend that you have some idea of the shape you want your ministry to take before you sign up for this course.

In order to apply for this Level, you must swear to uphold the Order's Traditions without reservation, not only in your own ministry but also in guiding any students you take on. Please read these carefully before applying.

The Level IV curriculum will guide you through ethical issues, spiritual leadership dilemmas, refining your own beliefs, financial planning, structuring your ministry, and making your ministry available to the public. You will read two texts, complete practical lessons, and share your questions and ideas with our current High Priestesses. While most people interested in this course plan to teach and/or to lead circles, your own ministry may cover one or more of the following areas: divination, healing, prayer, leading public rituals (such as weddings), and/or crafting spiritual products.

At the end of the course, by consensus of the Ordaining Council, you will receive a green High Priestess cord and will receive ordination in The Order of The White Moon, enabling you to legally minister to the public. You will also be welcome to list your ministry as part of the Order on this website.

If you are interested in applying, you will need a letter of authorization from your High Priestess certifying that you have completed all three levels of the White Moon Teachings. You may then apply online and pay the course fee of $90.

Read more about the aspects of training involved in Level IV.