Order of the White Moon, an eclectic international order of women dedicated to the Goddess

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Order of the White Moon

The Order of The White Moon is an eclectic international order of women dedicated to The Goddess. The purpose of the Order is twofold: to help restore spiritual balance on earth by restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful place, and to assist female seekers in their personal and spiritual development. It is the position of the Order that all spiritual paths and belief systems can benefit by incorporating the Divine Feminine.

The Order offers personal empowerment and priestess training to women aged 18 or older, via our online schools or through a local teacher. Men and transgendered people are welcome to receive training in affiliated schools.

Women who complete Level I studies become permanent members of the Order, which now includes over 100 initiates and students. We are a religious nonprofit with 501(c)3 tax‐exempt status in the United States, and offer ordination to members who complete Level IV. These High Priestesses may then open their own branch schools to offer White Moon Teachings. Our Order operates local groups in New England, Virginia, Tennessee, and California. We also have active members in Germany, Canada, England, and Australia. We hold an annual Gathering in the United States and offer regional Gatherings throughout the summer and fall. The Order's members share our Weekly Tarot Zodiac readings and quarterly online magazine, Seasons of the Moon, filled with Goddess wisdom and inspiration. Our Prayer Ministry also accepts prayer requests. We also present our studies of many individual goddesses in our Goddess Gallery, including a wide variety of original art and rituals. For more information, please explore our site or contact the Order.