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About OWM

Traditions and History

Please see the Order of the White Moon's Traditions and history.

Order of the White Moon Online Group

All registered students of the order's branch schools are expected to join, and participate in, the Order of the White Moon chat group. The OWM Chat groups offer a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another better and share thoughts and experiences and information. The OWM chat group is a sacred woman space that consists of sisters of all levels of learning from all of the branch schools.

High Priestesses and Board of Directors

The Order of the White Moon's High Priestess council consists of sisters who have completed their studies and been ordained as ministers by the OWM. They offer spiritual support to the order with their wisdom and experience. They also offer guidance to the working board of the OWM. Many of the sisters on the HP Council teach in branch schools endorsed by the OWM.

The Board of Directors is the leadership of the Order of the White Moon and conducts legal business on a separate list. Not all members of the High Priestess Council are members of the OWM Board; the Board often seeks out out the High Priestesses' prayerful guidance and opinions on spiritual, legal and mundane matters.

View the current membership of the Board of Directors online. You may contact the Board and the High Priestesses at order@orderwhitemoon.org.


Weekly Tarot Zodiac

Sisters volunteer their insight, wisdom and tarot talent to join in and volunteer for writing the WTZ. It is our deepest hope that all who visit return often to enjoy our offerings; as we are pleased to be of service in this way.

Prayer Ministry

The purpose of the Order of the White Moon prayer ministry is to actively encourage prayer and foster trust in Goddess within the lives of those who seek and know Her. By being open and responsive to the workings of Goddess, we pray that Goddesses' love, guidance and healing power be gifted for the positive benefit of all who submit a request for prayers.

Our Order of the White Moon Sisters who take part in the order's prayer ministry are well versed in prayer and follow the Order of the White Moon's long standing traditions. Sisters will pray immediately for each request, for praying is a joy and responsibility.

Seasons of the Moon

Seasons of the Moon is a quarterly online magazine published by students and members of The Order of The White Moon. All contributions are original material submitted by our students and members.

Sisterhood Activities

Annual Gathering
The Order of the White Moon Annual Gathering is where sisters from all affiliated schools get together. The location for this event varies each year based upon the location of those interested in attending the gathering.

Ruby DeLuna Care Fund
Ruby DeLuna was a beloved member of our Order who passed away of cancer. We have established the Ruby DeLuna Care Fund to send gifts and cards to members who experience a loss or a birth.

Gemstone Exchange
This tradition carries over from the first school of White Moon teaching. Each summer there is an announcement sent to the OWM online group to invite sisters' participation. Gems are cleansed, imbued with intent, and packaged and exchanged between many sisters. The number of the gemstones one sends out and received in exchange are based upon the number of sisters participating.

Yuletide Gift Exchange
Our annual Yuletide gift exchange between sisters, students, and members is our way of sharing with one another the holiday season. Watch for announcements about this activity on the OWM online group.