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Further Information for Level IV

Application process

Potential Level IV candidates should ask their High Priestess to submit a letter and then apply online. When your application has been received and accepted, your payment for this course will be processed. New Level IV candidates are accepted quarterly after the Board has finished its regular meeting.


The curriculum calls for two texts, The Spiral Dance, by Starhawk (any edition), and Spiritual Mentoring, by Judy Harrow. You will be sent a link to the first lesson by your mentor or a member of the Ordination Council. In Level IV, you will join the High Priestess group and will respond to these lessons by posting directly to the group so that all current High Priestesses and members of the Ordination Council will get to know you better. You may be asked clarifying questions about your lessons and it is expected that you respond to the best of your ability. Once you have posted your lesson to the HP group, you will be sent the link to your next lesson in a timely manner by a member of the Ordination Council.


Upon your acceptance in Level IV you shall receive a mentor. This mentor will be a member of the High Priestess Council. Your mentor's primary duty is to assist you in making the transition into the HP portion of our online community. The purpose of this temporary mentorship is to help you navigate through the HPOWM group, which is quite filled with past, present, and future possibilities, and to find a way to make the Order of the White Moon community as useful as possible to you. Communication is essential in our community, and especially on the groups as it lends to your involvement with some helpful aspect of the Order.

High Priestesses of the Order of the White Moon group

Upon joining the HPOWM group, you will be privy to the inner workings of the Order of the White Moon. This is a private group of ordained ministers and often the material posted in here is of a sensitive nature; we ask for your commitment in keeping such information private. Even though at this point you are a student of Level IV, your input is invaluable. We highly encourage your participation in discussions.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the leadership of the Order of the White Moon and conducts legal business on a separate list. Not all members of the High Priestess Council are members of the OWM Board; often there will be cross-posts in order to seek out the High Priestesses' prayerful guidance and opinions on spiritual, legal and mundane matters. You may be invited to join the Board group as part of your training. It is to your benefit and the Order's that you become familiar with the Board's operations. You can view the current members of the Board online.

Ordination Council

The Ordination Council is part of the Board and is comprised of the President, the President Emerita, the Vice President for Ordinations, and assistant Vice Presidents for Ordinations. The Ordination Council shall be reading all Level IV student lessons and making an effort to get to know each new ministerial candidate personally. They will carefully examine the character and the qualifications of each candidate before any ordination is issued. It is the OWM Ordination Council that will vote on whether to recommend to the Board that you be ordained.